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    S01.E15: Reunion 2018.06.25

    Angela Simmons was the host, not Vanessa.
  2. RedKoolAide


    Does Noah only experiment on boys?
  3. RedKoolAide


    Great character info, Paloma. Ulrich and Katharina's eldest son is named Magnus.
  4. RedKoolAide

    Xscape Still Kickin' It

    I think Kandi is more like her mother than she wants to admit. She cries to manipulate people to being on her side. Tiny caved when she was crying but I think she sees through Kandi's bullshit. And someone needs to tell Kandi that she can't sing. I prefer Tiny out of all of them. She seems sweet and down to earth but she has horrible taste in men. I hope one day she'll really leave TI because he is terrible.
  5. RedKoolAide

    Xscape Still Kickin' It

    Jermaine Dupri wrote the majority of their hits. I think Kandi really started writing music for other people when the group disbanded.
  6. RedKoolAide

    Teen Mum

    And what exactly does Manley do? Does he have a job or what? He has such a horrible attitude for someone who seems to be a loser.
  7. RedKoolAide

    S02.E05: Hella Shook

    You the real MVP.
  8. RedKoolAide

    All Episodes Talk: The Fixed

    That mom was an asshole. Then she gave the daughter, Preccious, to the side of the family that molested her? The fuck? I also have to say that I wasn't mad at Shay's reaction to her other sister(Marcia?) commenting on her hugging her mom. Marcia comes off as very passive-aggresive and then cries and acts like a victim when someone calls out her bullshit. She could've kept her mouth shut. It also says a lot that the youngest who is the jailbird has the closest relationship to the mom. She's probably following in mom's footsteps. My heart went out to Preccious. She is so broken. I also suspect Preccious, and possibly Shay, were molested by the same family member who abused their mom.
  9. Sister Act "She was a bad egg."
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 "I was born jaundiced. Once I sat on a toilet seat at a truck stop and caught hemorrhoids. And I've learned to live with this chicken bone that's been lodged in my throat for the past three years. So I knew Dad would be devastated when he learned of my latest affliction."
  11. RedKoolAide

    S09.E15: Lei It All On The Table

    Watermelon, thanks for reminding me. I either missed it because I fast-forward a lot of her scenes or just forgot. I'm still interested in their sibling relationship. I wonder if they had a lot of contact growing up?
  12. RedKoolAide

    S09.E15: Lei It All On The Table

    Kenya has a brother? I find this more interesting than anything else in the episode description and I don't even like Kenya.
  13. RedKoolAide

    Favorite Shows of Any Era!

    City Confidential was my introduction to true crime shows. I loved Paul Winfield's voice and the background they gave of the cities before discussing the crime. It was a great show and I was sorry to see it cancelled. Maybe someone will revive it now that Cold Case Files is getting a reboot. Here's my list: Poirot, Miss Marple, Lost, The Wire, Penny Dreadful, Quantum Leap, Golden Girls, Midsomer Murders, I'll Fly Away, Space: Above and Beyond, Game of Thrones, I Love Lucy, The Walking Dead, and Bates Motel.
  14. RedKoolAide

    RHoA in the Media

    Will we ever be rid of Peter?
  15. RedKoolAide

    S05.E06: Erica's Story

    I wonder how many times in the past she tried to lose weight and asked for her family's help and she went back to eating junk? I can understand her family being over her bullshit. She seems really juvenile and demanding. No one is going to give up their livelihood just to spend six months with her in Houston only to have her go back to eating lemon merigue pies for breakfast.
  16. RedKoolAide

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    There was a scene in the beginning with Kirsten sitting on her bed and her labia were completely exposed. She didn't bother trying to cover up with a blanket or anything. I know they take showers to show how hard it is to wash a body that size, but I was completely disgusted with her for not even bothering to keep herself covered. I can only imagine how much Neiko has to avoid sharing a room with his mom. Poor kid. Kirsten was the biggest asshole I've seen on the show. She didn't take responsibility for anything. She was overweight long before the gang rape and the drug/alcohol abuse. She also admitted to being a troublemaker when she was young, but expected her parents to treat her the same as her brother who followed the rules. She's illogical. I think she'd be a whiny, selfish, ungrateful asshole if she wasn't overweight and an addict. I just think it's a part of her personality to be self-absorbed. The addiction is only enhancing how terrible she is. I know this is shallow but Kirsten couldn't spell to save her life. The daily affirmations that she taped to her wall had quite a few misspellings.
  17. RedKoolAide

    The Wheel

    Yeah, I knew she was gone when she called herself a "badass" the first episode. I don't think it's wise to be overly confident going into situations like this. Nature will humble you really quick. The former college wrestler Josh(I think) annoys me. I like the model, too. I can't remember all the names yet. She seems to think before she acts...unlike Josh. I would think a marine would have more survival skills. He seems to be floundering a bit, too, but I haven't finished episode two yet. Maybe he does better in the Mountain location.
  18. RedKoolAide

    S16.E06: Diana

    Is he a stepbrother or half-brother? Is Vaughn not Diana's biological father? I thought he was.
  19. RedKoolAide

    S05.E03: Cynthia's Story

    Ukiah definitely deserves to be a kid. I get so pissed when I see people who think boys don't have to do housework. They didn't do anything because Cynthia didn't make them. Ukiah was way more mature than her older brothers because she had to be. She had way too much responsibility for an 11 year old. It's really Cynthia's fault because if she wasn't so obese then poor Ukiah wouldn't have to cook for the entire household. Haven't we seen episodes where the obese person used a rolling chair to sit and cook? Why couldn't Cynthia do that?
  20. RedKoolAide

    S16.E06: Diana

    I think Diana was molested and I suspect the half-brother did it. I think the parents being so dismissive about it is them not wanting to admit they didn't have control over the situation. They also stated that Diana started wetting the bed after the brother left. Bedwetting can sometimes be a sign of a trauma. I think her parents sheltered her and spoiled her rotten after what happened to her to overcompensate for not realizing what was going on. I've seen a lot of alcoholics on this show, but Diana disturbed me. She was a mess. I think all three have major issues and I'm glad Diana is staying away from her parents. They'll never get help because they don't see their behavior as harmful.
  21. RedKoolAide

    S05.E01: Brandi and Kandi's Story

    The sharing of the bed was what disturbed me the most. Kandi and Brandi are really codependent. They need indepth therapy and they need to learn to live separate lives. I'm glad they're making progress in their weight loss. It was nice not to hear a lot of whining and excuses.
  22. RedKoolAide

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    What the fuck?! This dude has serious issues. Why are these arrests just now coming to light? Was this what Kenya was talking about when she said she could "bury" him?
  23. RedKoolAide

    S09.E06: Tastes Like Trouble

    Go away and mind your own business, Joyce! Kandi is doomed to have resting old lady bitch face like her mom and aunts. She's already in the early stages. I have never seen people as miserable as Joyce and her sisters. It's like they're mad they're still breathing. Did Porsha's mom get gastric bypass? She seems to have lost weight rapidly. It tickles me that Cynthia's divorce lawyer doesn't even bother to straighten up his office when he knows cameras are coming. I can't even be bothered with Kenya and Matt. ETA: Kenya and Matt are the couple that ruin group outings because they always have a stupid, juvenile argument.
  24. RedKoolAide

    Mariah's World

    My favorite album is Daydream. There were so many great songs on it: Underneath the Stars, Fantasy, Melt Away, and Always Be My Baby. I also love Emotions(loved the whistle register), Vision of Love, My All, Breakdown(I was a Bone Thugs 'n Harmony fan, lol), Dreamlover, We Belong Together, Honey, and Touch My Body. Also, because Christmas is just around the corner, I like to listen to All I Want For Christmas Is You. It really is hard trying to choose one song that's a favorite.