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  1. Why is someone Lexi's age (Wiki says 28-29) wearing a wig? In the summer in the Mediterranean. She's got a ton of attitude for a bald chick.
  2. I feel completely filthy for having watched that. And Gary (loser Tarzan) is still walking away thinking he is God’s gift to women.
  3. Never thought I’d give up on RHONY but now that it’s The Leah Show I have little choice. I despise everything about her. Everything. Every. Thing.
  4. What the hell kind of jeep/truck/tank do Eugene and Toya drive? I have never seen anything so ridiculous outside of a war zone.
  5. Sorry, but this is the worst installment in the Below Deck franchise. Ever. Bar none. I'll chalk it up to lack of casting options in the age of COVID, because this crew is utterly unappealing in every possible way: low-rent, unattractive, foul drunks.
  6. Natasha is a first-class asshole with delusions of grandeur, but surely Daisy should know by now that if you want to get Natasha to do something, you don't start the sentence with "my only piece of constructive criticism would be..." If Daisy had half a brain, she would have said something like, "the guests were all overwhelmed with the amazing amount of food, so if you want to make it easier on yourself, feel free to make smaller portions..." It's called psychology, numbskull. No matter how "constructive" Natasha don't wanna hear no criticism from you Daisykins. That was evident fr
  7. For someone who cites blogging as her career, Anila's blog is pathetic. There is nothing posted since December 2019, and even before that she averaged only one idiotic post per month. And she writes like a 13-year-old. But I'll allow that she does deserve *some* kind of credit for achieving most-annoying status on a show that also includes Toya and Heavenly.
  8. As any Bravo watcher could have predicted, Heavenly’s party of medical professionals was like a case study in everything NOT to do to prevent COVID transmission. She couldn’t even wear a paper mask properly, something she has to do in the normal course of her work every day, even before COVID. And please with those meaningless shields, especially when worn like golf visors, Toya.
  9. This was such manipulative filmmaking, taking what should be a twenty-minute Dateline segment and stretching it out to four hours. Elisa’s erratic behavior at the hotel and tv show taping, and the abundant meds recovered from her room were all salient facts that the police knew from the beginning. And I’m sure the family told them upfront about her history of mental illness when they arrived in LA a few days later. All this makes the “infamous” elevator video a whole lot less mysterious. So what we have is a cautionary tale about web sleuths, and not a crime scene story at all, as the title i
  10. Lemme tell you that there no chance in hell any one of these tacky low-rent skanks would be allowed within one mile of The Met Gala. Although the Kardashians now attend so I guess there's hope.
  11. Why is Gillian Anderson playing Margaret Thatcher like a geriatric? Whatever you think of her politics, Thatcher was demonstrative in her presence and robust in her speaking style. Nothing at all like the crackling and halting manner of speech here, or the labored mannerisms (no pun, sorry). Give me Meryl any day.
  12. These housewives are the most low-rent tacky skanks I’ve seen in while. Rule #1: if you’re gonna get plastic surgery, you don’t get it IN UTAH.
  13. If this is gonna be a whole season of Brown Wind’s self-righteous recovery narrative, in which she’s projecting her anger about not drinking onto everyone else, I don’t know how I will last. Also, I think she is truly an idiot. Like clinical level moron.
  14. Valium or no Valium I wouldn’t want to rely on Hannah in an emergency. She can barely set a table.
  15. I have been reluctant to jump on the anti-Captain Sandy bandwagon, but what she did tonight was unfathomable. What competent manager informs an employee that they’re going to be fired but then expects them to stay and keep working?? I mean it’s like management 101, if not basic human decency. And made ten times worse by her endless pontificating about how excellently she runs her boat. Man, this was the worst.
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