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  1. I loved Julie's "they convinced me to put Doug away" like she's not freaked out by his change of behavior and secretly glad he won't be able to hurt her again. I can't help it, I find Gabi and Jake charming together, and I liked their scenes today and I especially liked her giving him unconditional support while he told his enforcer story and then he was equally supportive while she quietly talked about killing Nick. Yes both stories were dark and the actors sold their anguish.
  2. Not just Allie but the chick playing Chanel as well--neither character is setting the screen on fire. So, I've taken a break from the show since before the Olympics started and I decided to tune back in when I heard that they were revisiting the possession storyline and I have to say, I'm enjoying John and Marlena's horrified reactions when they have to talk about it--very realistic. I did however have to laugh at Allie's calling John's performing an exorcism as romantic--what a goober--I did not laugh at Julie's hurt expression upon hearing that Doug called her a bitch--she has zero
  3. Ted King's a good actor but is he trying to give his character an Irish accent? There are times when his character is speaking normally and then out of nowhere, he'll start speaking with weirdly accented words. And what is up with him being afraid of Sheila's "blackmail"? Sure it would be a shock, but Finn's finding out that Jack is his bio-dad is not life-ending or career destroying news.
  4. I will love Anna to my dying days--I still think of her character as the bench mark for a true soap heroine--but even I was stunned that she compared her and Robert's epic love story/friendship/crime fighting partnership to Carly and Jason's toxic/co-dependent behavior. There was more chemistry to Anna and Dante's brief "Is this Drew's file?" convo then in any of the excruciatingly "cute" Sam/Dante scenes we've been subjected to and I don't care what the show says, Sam is not believable as a smart detective, particularly when she's sharing scenes with two very believable investigators.
  5. I agree with this--KM was good at spitting her anger out but when it came to any scene that required the least bit of nuance,? Epic fail. Marci Miller is able to show her anger and the pain and heartbreak that went right along with it. On today's show, I'm unexpectedly enjoying the Belle/Shawn/Jan conversations and I especially like Belle's worry and fear for Claire's safety--she knows Jan is crazy and will do anything to get Shawn's attention, maybe even hurt his daughter. I also truly enjoyed Lucas' telling off Brady and Phillip's yelling at and then trying to choke Kristen but t
  6. I loved John's "oh my GOD!" reaction to hearing about Belle and Shawn's plan to trap Jan, especially Belle's indignation that Jan tried to kiss Shawn. And of course Jan figures out their foolproof plan and is now holding a gun on Claire. I have no idea what to say about Gwen's being blackmailed into becoming a drug mule--so the shady doctor is crappy at his chosen profession and he's drug dealer? The Ben/Claire kissing seemed really strangely desperate and not at all romantic--was that how it was supposed to come across?
  7. I have really been enjoying MM's portrayal of Abigail--as annoying as the character can be, MM humanizes her and makes her sympathetic and I feel the same way about the women who play Gabi and Gwen. They have done horrible, villainous things, but you can still understand the reasons for their heinous actions--not agree with them, but understand why they did what they did. I liked the Gabi/Chad moment and I hope we get to see them interacting again, and I definitely hope there will be some Gabi/Gwen scenes too. The actors have chemistry to spare and there's so much delicious history betw
  8. I was actually kind of hoping Kristen would pull a runner when she met up with Lani and her stroller but instead we got Lani giving Kristen loads of sympathy for all of her criminal activities. Gabi and Jake make me smile, especially Jake's reminding Gabi that she and Kate were frenemies once upon a time. We all know Ariana would want her mom visiting her sick grandma's bedside. I also love Gabi's scenes with Phillip--I hope the show keeps them in each others orbits. So now Chanel has secret deep feelings for Allie--seriously, Chanel and Tripp can do so much better then one of th
  9. And you're going to tell me that Chloe and Kristen wouldn't be evenly matched in a fight yet Kristen easily overpowered her.and threw Chloe into the trunk of her car. At least the show isn't trying to pretend that Kristen's changed now--can't wait to see Lani's reaction to all of this mayhem her good friend perpetrated. I did like the Jake/Gabi/Kate scenes and Jake's compassion for Kate was lovely but what's going to happen now? Jake's clearly made his choice, is Kate just going to move onto another storyline?
  10. Seriously, how many days has this idiot been on? It feels like she's been in every episode for at least the past two weeks as either Kristen or Susan and it needs to stop. I don't care how rushed it seems, I'm loving my Jake and Gabi scenes--he was very sweet with her today and I'm glad the show has stepped back from Gabi's over the top villain moments.
  11. I think it's both--it does not help the crappy writing that the actress playing Allie isn't very talented. Man alive, I do like the Phillip/Gabi scenes--how funny was Gabi's face when she pulled out the Barbie size designer clothes--but I'm still enjoying the Gabi/Jake scenes, especially when he poured out his heart to her. I wouldn't mind a Phillip/Gabi/Jake triangle, especially if it was done right. Don't care one iota about Brady or Chloe or watching Kristen come unglued because of their schmoopy dumbasseness. It is the opposite of entertaining. I do however appreciate the year
  12. Definitely describes Kristen and also Chanel. It's not cute or charming and while I do think this new version of Claire is of an idiot, I do appreciate that she thinks she's helping her cousin by warning her against a scam artist. Allie isn't any more entertaining in her scenes with Chanel then in her scenes anyone else--to me, both actress are duds and need to be cut loose.
  13. Yet I find Gwen more sympathetic and I think it's because the actress plays her scenes with genuine heart-felt emotion. I completely believed that Gwen was devastated at the loss of her baby and that she saw her daughter as a way to redeem herself. I think she's a lot like Marci Miller in that she has Abby making questionable life choices yet we still feel badly for her when things go wrong. Kristen doesn't elicit that feeling, at least for me.
  14. Today's episode was classic soap opera: Gwen has a miscarriage, she shows up to tell Chad but finds Abigail instead, they get into an argument while standing on a super-dramatic staircase, and Gwen falls down the stairs, landing in a heap at the feet of Jack and Chad. DAMN!! Abs looked suitably horrified, so of course everyone is going to think she pushed Gwen and the miscarriage will be blamed on her too--DAMN!! Good for Ben for apologizing to Claire but what was with her gazing at the flowers he gave her? The writers need to give Ben a little breathing space before they can even sta
  15. I'm enjoying the crap out of most of today's show, even Kristen's ridiculous ass. I especially liked the Gabi/Abigail scenes and how the actresses played them--they tell each other the ugly truth about their lives and underneath the layers of anger, there's still a tinge of their old friendship. They know each other too well to be anything less then honest. I also liked the Gwen/Jack scenes and Gwen's resolve to protect her child from feeling like he/she was unwanted was wonderfully heart-breaking.
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