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Eh....*shrug*: Movies That Didn't Live Up to the Hype

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Big Trouble in Little China is a joke in my house because it is guaranteed that I will fall asleep during it.

My husband is like that with all the Harry Potter movies.  He's tried watching them in the theatres and at home, but can't make it through a single one.


To stay on topic, "Burn after reading" I just don't see what's so awesome about this movie.  I was bored for most of it, and kind of disgusted at a few parts.

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Burn After Reading -- when I watched it, I was entertained with discovering the characters and how all their dots connected.  But at the end, it turned out that this horribly self-centered person wound up causing all kinds of dreadful things to happen and didn't even care, and I just can't watch it again.

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That first Hunger Games movie. Uh.... that was it? That was what all the fuss was about? The plot was dumb, the action was lacking, and none of the characters were memorable to me. I'll skip the next one, no thanks.


I didn't dislike the first one but I felt no compulsion to watch another. I had no curiosity about what happened to these characters once the credits came up. When the 2nd one came out, my husband was preparing to get us tickets and I was all "...oh. Uh, do you know anyone who actually WANTS to go? Like, in my place?" Thankfully, one of his friends was enthusiastic so they went. Hopefully that same friend will be available for the rest of them. :)


I feel like I've turned a corner. I no longer feel compelled to watch continuations of things if the original didn't interest me. It's been very freeing!

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I would probably feel the same way about The Hunger Games first movie, except that I saw Catching Fire on Netflix first. Then I read the books. Then I saw the first movie and was really disappointed by the real lack of danger created in it. Seriously, were they even in the arena a week? It was over 3 weeks in the book.

LOL, so yeah, I guess I was disappointed.

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On 6/11/2015 at 0:05 AM, Chrissytd said:

The Fault In Our Stars - It was a nice movie but I expected to be more touched by it. I almost got teary once or twice.

I'm going to admit, that was how I felt about Me Before You. I thought they soft-pedaled it just a little too much to make the ending more palatable. Still enjoyed it, but I expected to be gutted by it, and I wasn't. It might just be that I was at a different emotional place when the Fault in Our Stars came out (which DID gut me) than I was with this one, but Me Before You as a movie didn't stick with me the way the book did.

I haven't seen it yet but man, the comedown for Suicide Squad is sad. The trailer was so good! I'm still going to see it, but not as eagerly as I did before.

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