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  1. Holy crap! My husband and I just looked at each other and shuddered.
  2. Well, they almost lost me at blowing snot out of the nose. I could have done without that.
  3. Yeah, I looked at him and thought, what the hell happened to him? He looks like a plasticine version of himself.
  4. I don't find the service issues that weird. At my mother in laws ranch, you can't make a phone call from her house, but go outside and stand by a tree near the shop, and bang, you got service. And just randomly inside the house, you will get a text. Walk a half km up the driveway to my brother in laws house and bingo, you've got service again.
  5. My family hunted deer, and while my dad and all gutted the deer, it was never skinned until they'd brought it home and hung it in the shed. Also, I think that it was a cougar going by the woman's camp. They do have 5 toes on their front paws, and the drag mark is usually from their tail. They have very long tails. Although, I don't know if cougars are up that far north.
  6. It was from the woman from Echo Bay's intro video. She was talking about living off the land, and not being afraid of predators. I assumed that the cougar she was stroking was one she had killed.
  7. All I can think is that this winter was so cold, and parts of the prairies got into the -50's (Celcius), that I can't see them staying out terribly long.
  8. Nope, don't fiddle with someone's cooking, and don't wear your shoes in their house if they ask you not to. Or, don't wear shoes inside houses, that's gross. I really don't understand why people do that.
  9. Well, I figured it out last week after I watched the promo. It was pretty obvious.
  10. Dammit Randy. That shelter gave me all sorts of hope that he would go far. I was more skeptical of Larry , Sam and Dave's shelters, and figured they'd be gone before Randy. I guess that Britt is the one now. I'm kind of hoping that Larry gets eaten by a bear, just so he'll shut up.
  11. My husband and I both hated that Angie and Shade were so gullible about this stuff. This show completely ruined their characters. They are way more competent, and this show just made them seem so crappy at their jobs. They are way better judges of character than this. My husband and I were skeptical from the first time that the woman started her spiel. And then when the guy showed up about the puck, and wouldn't go to the police, I was even more skeptical. I am very unhappy with how they ended the season.
  12. I'm enjoying it. I was very disappointed about Carleigh having to leave, but overall, I like the season.
  13. I'm trying to watch this on cbs, as it doesn't seem to be on a Canadian channel tonight, and there is no sound. Anyone want to let me in on what this episode is about?
  14. April Wine! Don't know if it's been on TV before, but I thought it was a great song to use. Also, why did they have to smush her head? Wouldn't shooting her in the head do just as good a job? With less mess?
  15. I liked the singing a lot, wish we could have heard more. Although, we did get to hear it over the end credits. The blonde goat yoga woman is incredibly defensive and mean. The other one seems a bit weepy, but her "friend" is a bitch. I like the classical music guys, just because of their job. No one really stands out except the bitchy goat yoga woman. May need another show or two before I can remember who they all are, and who goes with who. But it was a good start to the season.
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