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  1. Although a lot of good things happened to me in my personal life this year, I have to say watching John Oliver explode a giant lit up 2016 and seeing so many people say fuck 2016 on his show last night gave me an immense sense of pleasure. I also like the idea of writing a note saying "this is not normal". The people saying give him a chance are pissing me off, so I enjoyed John's attitude about all of this.
  2. Yup, very far. I have heard so many women defend this using those exact phrases. They even applauded it because they are tired of "pc" culture.
  3. I don't have a car to get to protests, so I am donating to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Sierra Club. It may not be much, but it feels like it is something positive.
  4. It made me feel worse. Particularly #2. And #3. It is just rationalizing this. god, particularly the part about trump states legalizing marijuana. Hey, the KKK endorsed candidate won, but maybe at least those racists are ok with me getting high!
  5. You know, part of me is like fuck it. You guys can have your four years of the Donald, we can have our four years of Yeezy. Let's just give in to the shit show. Then maybe we'll have to compromise on a sane rational candidate in 2024. In other news, there's this https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/trump-picks-top-climate-skeptic-to-lead-epa-transition/?wt.mc=SA_Twitter-Share
  6. Yes. http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/10/17/kanye-west-president-2020/
  7. A reality show star won. Kanye's 2020 bid does not seem so farfetched anymore.
  8. I am clinging on to the fact that my state legalized marijuana. But if the SC leans right, could this be something that is potentially overruled?
  9. I'm sorry, but I can't agree. This campaign was very positive in the end. They want change in the sense that they are afraid of positive change. They want the good ole days back. I like Warren and Sanders more than HRC, but this would have happened with them too at this point of time. This is a backlash to change.
  10. Fuck, I feel awful about saying before that Gary Johnson would take Trump voters, not Hillary. I do wonder how many bitter Bernie bros sat out. As a vehemently pro choice woman, I am now terrified of the idea of back alley abortions becoming a huge thing. I am terrified for immigrants and minorities in this country being victims of hate and violence since fear against them has been validated by this election. I am terrified of LGBT friends losing their rights. I am terrified for my near retirement parents. I am terrified for my husband in the military now that this ass clown will ou
  11. I knew this would happen. I don't know what to say. Take care of yourselves, everyone. I won't be able to watch HRC's speech. Of all people to have to concede to.
  12. Once Florida (hopefully) gets called for Clinton, I will be good. I will get on Facebook and drink some Trumpster tears.
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