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On Becoming a God in Central Florida Anticipation

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A water park employee infiltrates a multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme based company: Founders American Merchandise (FAM)where she exercises revenge after they scammed her family.

Premiers August 25 on Showtime.  Apparently the pilot is available for streaming.

Variety has a positive review, probably more to come next week.

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I know they're playing all of the pyramid scheme stuff as funny, but I find the cult like atmosphere with the weird acronyms/vocabulary, the insistence that people devote themselves to the system, the excessive financial commitment, etc to be SO FUCKING CREEPY. I hate that it preys on people like Travis who are desperate enough to believe that this is what will make their dreams come true.

It's clear that people like Cody are true believers (his excitement at seeing Obie in person was ridiculous), but it's sad to see someone like Travis spend so much of his time and money trying to make this happen, especially at the expense of his health. When you are doing things like not paying your insurance premiums because you need to buy more tapes and seminars, you are not making good choices. Expenses like this should be optional things AFTER you pay your bills. Paying $300 for another cult event when you should be using that money to pay your credit card bills is a terrible idea.

I also hated how Cody and Travis were pressuring Krystal to get her boss to carry Fam products at the water park. They're lucky that Ernie is such a nice guy. Stan's reaction was totally appropriate.

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No surprise that Buzz is a skeevy jerk who uses his business to get hand jobs from local girls. And OF COURSE he's a vindictive asshole.

I love that Rhonda the repo lady came back to bring Krystal some condolence booze. I already liked her in the previous episode when she at least tried to give the appearance that she was buying stuff at the garage sale instead of repossessing it.

Man, Travis was in even deeper than we were shown in the first episode. He took out TWO mortgages on the house and then didn't make the payments for several months? Seriously, what kind of fucked up priorities do you have when you're risking your house being foreclosed so that you can attend seminars?

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