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  1. Can anyone tell me what I missed? Stevie owned the Hotel. Jonny offered to help her run it, Jonny had no money. Why was he the boss?
  2. Oxy was a godsend when it first came out. I had a good friend who was terminally ill and it improved his quality of life immeasurably. I remember though, shortly after this hit the market it became difficult to get. Folks quickly found out that they could crush and snort it and get their heroin like high. Pharmacies were robbed all of the time and eventually you had to notify the pharmacy and wait a day for the shipment to come in as the pharmacies would not longer keep it in stock due to all the robberies. I was encouraged to pull the labels off of the vials and destroy them as people we
  3. Only 8? Oh well. I admit I was not as riveted this season as I was last. I have a feeling that we won't be seeing this one next year. It's too bad as I really enjoyed the first season.
  4. When I lived in NYC during the early 80's I had a couple of methods of dealing with Subway pervs. I always carried a safety pin in my pocket. On a crowded subway there would be "leaners" who would get their jollies "leaning" against the woman as the train lurched. I would open the safety pin and hold it over the area they were leaning on. They moved quick! One time, as I stood, the guy sitting in front of me would turn the page of his newspaper and brush my crotch area. Ok, the train's crowded. I shifted a bit, as did he, and brushed it again. NYC Subways were always packed to capacity
  5. I knew she wasn't Kiernan, but I knew I knew her. I watch on my computer or iPad, so I can have IMBD open so I quickly find out these things!
  6. I just have no words, it held my interest, except through the torture. I fast forwarded through that, but it's starting to become a tad unbelievable given the story. And what happened to all those commanders and the Aunt who were poisoned? At first when I saw Joan and the guy who got shot in the head pulling up to a house, I thought they were pulling up to the whore house to take out all of the woman that were there. That confused me.
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    and then we are back...........
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    Wow. Just wow.......
  9. I thought they were the same kid? He got into BU, but would blow it if he didn't set up the DA as Jackie asked? This show. You could be right. But, why is it so convoluted? Although I'm usually the last one to dis a show, this second season is truly disappointing. I was riveted by season 1. I hated Jimmy and his clan, but could not turn away. This year, ehh. I'd say I hope it gets better, but there are other things to watch and I may be watching them.
  10. After thinking about it, that was quite a large brick of heroin Cathy had there. We know she only put two little bags in the balloon that she slipped in, and she only handed one balloon to the inmate she was visiting. She can't have gone back to the prison enough times to unload all of that, one balloon at a time, without raising suspicion. Hmmm. This will be interesting..
  11. I never liked Jimmy. He was such a whiny fuck up! I'm glad he's gone. I do admit though, this season isn't holding my interest like season 1 did. But, I'm going to hang in there. I'm hoping it will pick up.
  12. Well, it's over. It could have been better, but it also could have been worse. I got invested in the stories of this family years ago. There were episodes that were tough for me to get through from season 1. I started watching because I was intrigued that the girl who so beautifully played the innocent Christine in Phantom of the Opera was cast in the role of Fiona. I stayed watching because of the acting of Emmy Rossum and Bill Macy and all of the others. I wanted to see all of their stories play out. The stories were not as consistently brilliant as the series wore on, but, I will mis
  13. I followed this saga sporadically at the time. There was no internet back in the day, but I would hear new stories and read the newspapers. I didn't know what to believe at that time about Dylan. After watching this doc, I believe her. I just do. But, regarding that whack job Allen. He had an affair with a woman for over ten years but felt no compulsion to marry her or even live with her. "To each it's own". No. If you have a mature love affair with someone, you marry them, or live with them. You find a way to blend your lives. Strike one (on both of them. She put up with his shit).
  14. A love of cruises always baffled me. Got on my first boat at five years old. (Local shuttle boat heading from Boston to the South Shore). I looked up and there were these orange things strapped to the ceiling. I asked my Mother, who never sugar coated things, why they were there. "In case the ship starts to sink". What! That's a thing? This could sink? I thought I was going to Paragon Park, not risking death in the high seas of Boston Harbor. My heart was in my mouth the entire trip. I was never so happy to touch ground. Get on a cruise ship? Not on your life!
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