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  1. That's what's going on! I thought it was a regular episode. Since I'm not a fan of the "gallavitch", I tuned out. Good to know....
  2. I remember when this happened. I thought they were whack jobs and dismissed the entire thing. A dear friend, who has since passed on, was obsessed with it. As fascinated as he was, I was repelled! Recently I've been down the NXIUM and Scientology wormholes so I gave this a look. I was right. They were whack jobs! I feel bad for those who they left behind. Children, and family who will miss them forever, but I don't feel bad for them. They bought into this bullshit and they got what they wanted. Who knows. Maybe they are smiling down on all of us from some distant planet.
  3. It's been said that when Keith began ESP/NXIVM, it was for the sole purpose of grooming these your women to be his slaves, the implication being that he started out knowing full well in the end he would be branding his own sex slaves. I think that kind of long term planning is not something Keith is smart enough to pull off. Yeah, I know IQ of 245. But, he's still sort of an idiot. I think he started this as a means to make money. When faced with the adulation of these mental deficits, he began to see himself as the "god" they thought he was. Since power corrupts, and it corrupts morons more quickly, wa la! Sex slaves!
  4. These people: "I'm wounded", "I'm processing", "I'm at cause", etc...... Shut the fuck up! Nobody "wounded" you. Just stop it! "do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you". That's all you need to know. Stop wining and crying! See. None of these people would ever be friends with me! LOL!
  5. No! That's too bad. I really enjoyed that show. Well, it was entertaining and well done. Perhaps someone else will pick it up? We can hope.
  6. Although this documentary still holds my interest, I realize that I don't like any of these people. I would never be friends with Sarah, Mark, or Bonnie. All that "I'm ok, you're ok, touchy-feely new age crap" bores the shit out of me! I'm sure I would convey that within seconds if I were to meet any of them. And that being said, I'm sure they would never want to be friends with me either!
  7. I find this all fascinating. What Keith is preaching is just common ("do unto others....") sense. I think the phrase "no one can make you feel inferior unless you let them" has been attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. My parents, who would never be accused of being evolved, often responded to my arguing sisters and me with the statement "she didn't "make" you mad, you let her make you mad". I was raised to believe that although I couldn't control situations, I could control my reaction to these situations. We didn't have "EMs" or use words like "cause" to describe any of that. It just was life. How sad that none of these folks learned that. They feel the need to join a group and to pay thousands of dollars to learn what I learned for free! I've never been a "joiner". Tried group therapy once, but it felt like an organized gossip session. If I need to diet, I diet. I don't need to go to meetings, be publicly weighed, and have each pound lost cheered. But how low does your self esteem need to be to fall for giving collateral? And to agree to have your flesh seared with a hot iron? Nope, nope, nope! I guess self esteem is not a given for some folks. It makes them perfect fodder for smarmy snake oil salesman like Keith.
  8. What "rumor". I've googled and found nothing current.
  9. I know this is mean, but I think he's kind of a male version of the "butt(his)er face". Only writing could make him a chick magnet.
  10. "Demons" is putting it mildly. He was totally debauched! He'd been on drugs (speed and heroin) on and off since the mid 50's. I don't blame anyone for cutting him loose. You can only help people so much, and then you need to remove yourself from a bad situation. Maisel is fiction, and therefore the portrayal of the "Lenny Bruce" character is fiction as well. The real guy broke the law in many other ways besides using drugs. He was kind of a low life.
  11. I have narrow shoulders and wide hips. Loved shoulder pads! They made my waist look tiny!
  12. And how is it that Tami's family just let Lip take home their grandson, nephew, the offspring of their beloved Tami, without an argument?
  13. The phrase “rode hard, put away wet” comes to mind.....
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