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  1. I'm divorced now, by my husband's mother was a replica of Phyllis. Everything, not just the smug condescending attitude but also the hair, the clothes, the home decor, even the exact clock in the kitchen area. This show has been chilling for me to watch, especially with the parallel of knowing "a real-life Phyllis" who was a part of the Stop ERA movement. I now see she modeled herself after Phyllis. Your description of her could not be more spot on - a very petty mean girl who gets her power by tearing down others. God, I'm so glad to be divorced now.... I'm sorry, I know that was my own personal tangent. I just felt the need to share.
  2. I find that wig very distracting, and what a shame- right? I am enjoying this series so much, but then comes Rose/Gloria wearing that damn wig and it takes me out of the moment. I really wish they perfected that better.
  3. Thank you for posting this. It's really great insight! And also just great to watch over so many key moments.
  4. I'm sorry, I just cannot get over how annoying I find Heidi with her fake chipper attitude. I want to drop kick her, but I'd probably throw out my back since I've gotten no exercise during the last 4 weeks. Tim has also lost his charm, which saddens me because I've always had a soft spot for him. The judges offer nothing of value, and Naomi looks ready to murder any judge who disagrees with her. I have given this show the ol' college try, but it's just plain boring. Now about this episode, I loved Megan's outfits, but she chose really bad photos. The model's foot was front & center in the one pic. It didn't look editorial, but just clumsy.
  5. Snewtsie

    S03.E01: Wartime

    It was blue food coloring. In season 1, Wendy told Marty that she was a rebellious teenager. She never did anything serious, but would break into people's homes and hang out for a while... drink a beer or two, put blue food coloring in their milk, turn some photos upside down, and leave. She was visiting that same behavior in this episode, presumably for a final time in her life.
  6. I'm no fan of Ed, but I gotta say... if I were dating someone who refused to talk about their past relationships, I would take it as a red flag, too. It's just not OK. What happened in their past will likely have a lot of bearing on how they handle current/future situations. And I personally wouldn't be willing to accept a clean STD test in place of open & honest communication.... Now I have the impression Rose may have suffered some horrible trauma- abuse, rape, betrayal? If true, that takes a long time to get over and a lot of patience from future partners. Ed wants an insta-wife, so I doubt he is willing to put in the time & effort to help support her recovery. I feel for her, I really do. I hope she walks away from Ed, because I don't think he has her best interests at heart.
  7. Ugh, Victoria’s hip-to-hip lap logo.
  8. The accessory wall changes to fit each competition, so that the sizes & styles are more in line with the current challenge & needs. But you are right it’s really hard to find adult looking shoes for such a tiny foot. I would imagine there were more options than bright white sneakers, though.
  9. Agree 100% everything you wrote. All night I thought about how he should have created a more sophisticated look for her. I absolutely hated that eyelet.
  10. We had those in the mid-70's, too. They were called Wrap-Around Pants. I think they were inspired by DVF wrap-around dress.
  11. Thank you! Watching now. It’s really good!
  12. Watching this season, you’d think everyone in real life was walking around wearing duo-length skirts & dresses.
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