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  1. Snewtsie

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    Bishme is an incredibly talented designer but I didn't love his dress or his t-shirt. There, I said it.
  2. Snewtsie

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    I’d love a challenge where the designers are barred from incorporating their signature looks- no corset for Garo, no puff for Jamall, no kitsch for Hester, no unfinished hems for Tessa, no top stitch for Sebastian, etc. I can't really think what Bishme & Venny's specialties are, but you get the idea. Make them break away from the one trademark element they continually fall back on. And while I am dreaming, I would love an entire season where the designers are banned from using black, but maybe have one challenge where they can use only black.
  3. Snewtsie

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    I'm embarrassed. All this time I thought a one-piece bathing suit was simply known as a one-piece bathing suit.
  4. Snewtsie

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    On the fabric choices in general... We can all criticize what the designers selected, but 30 minutes is not enough time at Mood for anyone to pick great fabric, let alone an entire team. I think most designers gravitate toward solids over prints because picking a good print is really difficult. Prints are very personal, and what works for a dress might not work well for sportswear. Then solid fabric has to be selected to support the print, and the right shade, weight, weave has to be considered. ...Now in this case it was just weird each team chose the same color palette, and it would have helped if the teams chose better prints to pull the colors together. Sebastian's stripe (pants) was the most successful. I think his team would have won if Tessa had chosen a print for her top (not the same as Sebastian's stripe because that would have been too matchy-matchy)- but I doubt time allowed for them to even consider it. I think her model looked like a big ball of coral & that hurt the team overall. I also think Lela's dress wasn't sexy enough for a night out in Rio. But I still think their team produced the best collection and Sebastian deserved the win.
  5. Snewtsie

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    I co-sign on both counts. While I felt Renee's looks tended to be too similar each week, I gotta admit her aesthetic had a cool factor for a grown woman that I could really appreciate. And yes, the 80's comment. That was me. Oy. (PS- I agree with everything else you wrote, too.)
  6. Snewtsie

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    My guess is no one else is hiring her to do modeling work, so she's always available for this show.
  7. Snewtsie

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Why did no one choose Neoprene?! Seemed like a no brainer, especially in a bright color. Once again, I LOVED Sebastian's outfit. He should have been in the top 3 instead of Hester.
  8. Snewtsie

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    “I want to dress like the farmer’s woman,” said no one ever.
  9. Snewtsie

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    +1. Hester designs for one customer: Herself.
  10. Snewtsie

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Let me get this straight... Rakan's fabric & design was based on a dress his grandmother would wear? ...In whose world should that ever be inspiration for how to dress a modern woman?
  11. Snewtsie

    American Beauty Star

    Thank you!!!! She freaks me out, too. But it’s not just how desperate she is to look young with those god awful blond hair extensions & the bright makeup colors... but there is just something off about her. The way she speaks- stilted, rehearsed speech through a creepy huge smile, and the way she sits- overly poised, like a mannequin balanced in place too carefully. Everything about her seems fake. She freaks me the f*ck out!! If she didn’t have 500 magazine covers, I would think she suffers from low self esteem (and hey, maybe she does in spite of it all, who knows?). I just keep thinking how much more attractive she would look with darker, shoulder length hair & soft, natural makeup. And a relaxed face that doesn’t have all her teeth showing all the time. ... I came into the forum wondering if she bothered anyone as much as she bothers me, and I am so happy to see your comment! Thanks!
  12. Snewtsie

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I'm coming to the party late, but I'm curious of everyone's 3 least favorite characters? Please pipe in. For me... 1. Rebecca. I seriously cringe whenever she comes on screen. The young Rebecca is in a constant state of starry-eyed wonderment & marvel, especially about herself. Ugh, it's so annoying. Then the old Rebecca is completely sullen & joyless. I get it - she lost the love of her life. Does that mean a person never smiles or acts lighthearted again? The old Rebecca always looks like she just sucked on a prune. 2. Kate. I'm sorry to any Kate fans, but she's annoys me almost as much as Rebecca. After 40 years she is still stumbling around with no direction. Now she's a mom, oy vey. Let's all sit back and see how she screws this up, too. 3. Jack. I really loved Jack at first. I found him charming & sweet. But now that were in the 3rd season, I've seen him as such asshole. I realize we are finally seeing his faults, but the writers have revealed so many this season that I can hardly remember those good feelings I once had for him. There. I vented. Thanks.
  13. Snewtsie

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    Oh, yes, Rami for sure! His designs were so lovely.
  14. Snewtsie

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I would love to know your cat's IG so I can follow him! 😄
  15. Snewtsie

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I was so surprised, too! I expected him to act like a little snob, and he was quite supportive & helpful. I'm really very happy about this! And I don't recall him using the word 'fierce' once, which was also a relief. 😄