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  1. Snewtsie

    S03.E01: Wartime

    It was blue food coloring. In season 1, Wendy told Marty that she was a rebellious teenager. She never did anything serious, but would break into people's homes and hang out for a while... drink a beer or two, put blue food coloring in their milk, turn some photos upside down, and leave. She was visiting that same behavior in this episode, presumably for a final time in her life.
  2. I'm no fan of Ed, but I gotta say... if I were dating someone who refused to talk about their past relationships, I would take it as a red flag, too. It's just not OK. What happened in their past will likely have a lot of bearing on how they handle current/future situations. And I personally wouldn't be willing to accept a clean STD test in place of open & honest communication.... Now I have the impression Rose may have suffered some horrible trauma- abuse, rape, betrayal? If true, that takes a long time to get over and a lot of patience from future partners. Ed wants an insta-wife, so I doubt he is willing to put in the time & effort to help support her recovery. I feel for her, I really do. I hope she walks away from Ed, because I don't think he has her best interests at heart.
  3. Ugh, Victoria’s hip-to-hip lap logo.
  4. No, it was a different actress.
  5. The accessory wall changes to fit each competition, so that the sizes & styles are more in line with the current challenge & needs. But you are right it’s really hard to find adult looking shoes for such a tiny foot. I would imagine there were more options than bright white sneakers, though.
  6. Agree 100% everything you wrote. All night I thought about how he should have created a more sophisticated look for her. I absolutely hated that eyelet.
  7. We had those in the mid-70's, too. They were called Wrap-Around Pants. I think they were inspired by DVF wrap-around dress.
  8. Thank you! Watching now. It’s really good!
  9. Watching this season, you’d think everyone in real life was walking around wearing duo-length skirts & dresses.
  10. I am praying Victoria ignores the challenge again - third time - next week so the judges will finally auf her. You could see they're tired of her excuses and aren't buying her lies. This week it was her language barrier kept her from understanding sheer. Last week it was claiming she is sooooo inspired by Ashley Longshore's art and she stopped working on her garment hours in advance because it was already perfect. The week before it was the stupid song & dance about Moldovian women always being dressed up. She ignores Christian's advice and she's a blatant kiss ass to the judges & guest judges. And worst of all, her attitude sucks.
  11. The difference is Jemele was right. Kate was not making the guests feel special. Jemele just pointed out the obvious. And I agree I’d rather the crew never spoke ill of the chatter guests. I often think how embarrassing it must be for them to watch themselves on TV later.
  12. I hated that Kate referred to Jemele as a b*tch. It's Kate's job to make the guests feel welcome & special. Kate is great at a lot of things but she rarely acts enthused or positive. What's going on behind the scenes within the crew is no excuse for not making the guests feel as though serving them is anything less than an absolute pleasure. They were easy guests, it should not have been a difficult task. Jamele was feeling like Kate was annoyed & inconvenienced, and that's not acceptable. Kate needed to put it in perspective & shape up rather than take it as a personal assault.
  13. Sophie and Dani are just so wrong for each other, I can't imagine how they even found their way into a relationship. They seem to have nothing in common, and totally different expectations of each other. Enter Findley- who will surely be a fling for Sophie, which I predict will end with them mutually deciding they are better in the friend zone. And on a personal note-- Ewww, does Findley only shower when deodorant isn't enough to neutralize her BO? ...Gurl pleeeease- wash those pits & lady parts,
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