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S03.E05: #nothingpersonal

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I have a lot more to say but I'm so irritated that they used Emily this way.  I finally get Aaron and Emily and it's in the worst way.  Cheating.

This damn show.

Worst part is that if Isabella had been there since day one, I might have liked her and Aaron.  But she wasn't.  And then they just forced her on me.  

But Adnan manages to have chemistry with every woman he shares screentime with.  

I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but just irritated that this show isn't what I fell in love with.

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I don't understand why they introduced Dontae's boyfriend earlier just to have Dontae start a whirlwind romance later on with the Secret Service guy. Everybody in Washington is cheating on everybody else, and as long as the other person doesn't fine out, it doesn't matter.

That sex scene with Mars and wife, I don't think any man (especially his age) would be able to get it up that fast, especially without any foreplay.

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I can’t stand Aaron’s girlfriend so I hope they are done. But to finally get some payoff of him and Emily and it is while he is still with Isabella? Ugh.

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I have to wonder if the lead writer was having an affair while writing this episode, because nearly everyone on screen is either cheating or otherwise betraying a lover, but none of that is as truly unforgivable as Lorraine  planting the smear campaign—regardless of motive. When Kirkman finds out, she will be immediately toast.

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On ‎6‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 2:27 AM, phoenics said:

I have a lot more to say but I'm so irritated that they used Emily this way.  I finally get Aaron and Emily and it's in the worst way.  Cheating.

Yes, the circumstances were understandable, at least in Emily's case. It was just those situations you just want to forget all the stress and worry for a moment and Aaron happened to be there. He, though, was living with Isabel and a quarrel was no excuse.  

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I'm so completely bored by that social media kid, the black gay one.  Dante I think was his name?  His entire personal arc seems wedged in to play some hamfisted message about HIV and homosexuals and stuff.  I shouldn't complain about political messages in a political show, but there's just no subtlety.

And what was the reason behind Kirkman swallowing political poison to pardon an elderly man who was months away from completing his sentence?  Why was Isabella so passionate about this?  Even if you agree that the guy was railroaded by the justice system, it's too late.  The damage is done.  It made no story sense except to tell some clumsy moral about racial politics in America.

I liked the reveal of Lorraine being behind the conspiracy theory site.  But really it was a huge gamble that had poor odds of working.  What if Moss had swiftly condemned the story?  Then her whole plan would have done nothing.  Why didn't Moss condemn the site?  Wouldn't his campaign staff have known how important that would be?

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Look I could forgive Aaron if he had come back to Washington and broken up with Isabel.  On the other hand, he knew Emily was particularly vulnerable because of what her mother asked her to do earlier that day. That was a crappy thing to do to a friend. 

As to Dante... I’m sorry undetectable doesn’t mean you get to withhold your condition from a sexual partner.  Doesn’t matter how safe he thinks it is. 

this entire episode was about people being dishonest and unethical.  

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