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  1. Anna-Stina Nykänen's column in Helsingin Sanomat today: "Elizabeth praised the pride of the people, Carl Gustav understood the individualists - there were differences in the coronavirus speeches of the royals" https://www.hs.fi/sunnuntai/art-2000006466805.html
  2. Yes, but Queen Louise was the second wife of King Gustaf VI Adolf and they had no children. His first wife was Margaret was also British, the daughter of Prince Arthur and the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She died young and was movingly eulologized for her charity work by the author Selma Lagerlöf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Margaret_of_Connaught
  3. I am not sure of this. In the unbalanced war the guerillas have no need to win, it's enough that they continue to hold their ground. Eventually their seemingly stronger opponent will get tired, realizes that it can't win and leaves.
  4. That's what spycraft (and international politics) is: enemies and allies change all the time. It's not about personal feelings but what is useful to the national interest just now. Is the US so old-fashioned that POTUS has only male advisors? Maybe it's only "only a spy can understand other spy". Anyways, Yevgeni is so cute.
  5. How about Carrie? For all her famous skills and hunch, she utterly lost in S1, S2 and S4. And when she won, something terribly happened those dear to her (to Brody S3, to S5 and S6 to Quinn) and lastly herself in S7.
  6. That's how things change if one is willing to do a peace treaty.
  7. Then Tasneem beat Carrie 6-0. She has an advantage: she uses coolly her head and has don't have realtionship to disturb her judgments.
  8. Oleg is such a good character: so good-looking and so sinister.
  9. Historyextra's articles are open for some time: https://www.historyextra.com/period/20th-century/prince-charles-camilla-history-relationship-young-why-marry-diana-crown-netflix/
  10. Quinn didn't die for Carrie, he died to save his president, as is the duty of every soldier. I don't especially like Carrie, either, especially when she manipulatates foreigners for US interests and then leaves them in stick. But she did right when she chose to offer Quinn and save Berlin. As a general principle: instead of revenging for personal reasons, Carrie, Saul and other spies should be able to cooperate with former enemies in order to reach great political goals.
  11. Yes, the female Pakistani spymaster has good reason not to trust in the Americans. When the CIA chief had to choose whether to save Americans in the embassy or to reveal Afghan sources who had worked for the CIA, he chose American lives over a huge political defeat. Also, when Saul was a prisoner, the Americans could be blackmailed to free prisoners.
  12. The Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat wrote in the beginning of Homeland's (in Finnish Isänmaan puolesta = For Fatherland) last season: https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000006444349.html
  13. "Old school" methods doesn't mean that those methods don't work any more. In some cases they do. Saul, if anybody, is an "old school" spy. To him technology is a servant, not a master. We have seen that he thinks that turning one of the enemy's top persons and making a deal is better than constant war. On the other hand, in other cases new methods must be invented.
  14. Well, as spies do repugnant things, how could they be moral people? Of course Quinn was an interesting case: an assassin who had more morality than Carrie and all others together.
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