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I saw part of the first episode and although it looks kind of slick, i was not that impressed with it. I have to watch it in its entirety and maybe watch the second episode before I decide. It  doesn't look like there is any interest on this forum at the moment.

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I gave the pilot a try but could not make it through. It is indeed very sleek and stylish and it certainly likes to take its time to tell its stories and allows scenes to breathe. That said there were some jarring elements - like the Tarantino inspired goons or the extended sex scenes (not a prude but those scenes added nothing to the plot). And none of the characters (except the daughter) came across as appealing or like-able. I had expected something more light-hearted with some funny heist-shenanigans but it looked much more noir - not bad just not what I was looking for.

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On 5/20/2019 at 10:00 PM, Kromm said:

How the heck does Carla Gugino only get HOTTER as she gets older?  She's 47!

mmmm Carla Gugino. I will watch anything with her in it. Liking the series so far, fills that banshee/quarry void.

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Halfway through the second episode. The writing in this is not good. Trying too hard to be edgy, bordering on unwatchable. Do better, Cinemax. It’s 2019, we’ll watch even without the boobs and rape.

I have this feeling that Carla Gugino signed onto this project before Haunting of Hill House raised her visibility. Then again, isn’t that the same kid playing her daughter as HHH?

ETA: ok, her collection of wigs is giving us young Moira Rose. 

ETA2: Show gets even worse in episode 3 when the prison flashbacks start. Ejecting. Save yourselves. 

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2 hours ago, MissLucas said:

Thanks for the warning! I was considering a return given the current dearth of entertaining shows.

I very briefly creeped on your show post history to try to figure out where our Venn diagrams overlap to see if I had any recommendatrions, but mostly was left with: how the heck did either of us end up trying to watch Jett in the first place? Heh. 

Maybe give HBO's Gentleman Jack a try? Basing this solely on your Call the Midwife participation. (Period/costume drama touching on modern social issues.) 

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10 hours ago, kieyra said:

 how the heck did either of us end up trying to watch Jett in the first place? Heh. 

Maybe give HBO's Gentleman Jack a try? Basing this solely on your Call the Midwife participation. (Period/costume drama touching on modern social issues.) 

Heh! indeed. I was lured into this show due to a blurb that made it sound as if it was light summer fare somewhere between 'Burn Notice' and 'Leverage'. Which it isn't. I'll give 'Gentleman Jack' a try, thanks.

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Im enjoying this show too! The third episode was the weakest in my opinion but the fourth one was really good!

Normally i hate kids in tv shows but this one i dont mind.. she can actually act from what ive seen so far. Also it must be strange for her parents with the character asking all these questions about blood and death.. having to talk to her about it before she pretends to talk about it.

Carla gugino can do no wrong.. i always try her new show when it comes out but sooo many have had one season and thats it.. this one is my favorite of her recent ones so hopefully it can go on for a while. Also the other actors are great as well.. took me a minute to realize where ive seen josie before (the cop).. then it hit me she was melantha in nightflyers!!!!

Banshee and quarry being over something needs to fill the void since season one of warrior has ended. Cinemax timed it out perfectly . Series premiere of this right away! Im waiting for the cinemax signature one shot scene before i call it one of my favorites but im enjoying so far. Hopefully strike back returns for its "final" season soon too.

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8 hours ago, BigBlueMastiff said:

I forget, was she that cop's CI, thus the pregnancy?

I don't know. I found the show confusing at times. I thought she got pregnant when they both chose to go to a hotel that night (or whatever that place was - I was a bit distracted at the time), rather than having him shoot her as she left the scene of a crime. 

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On 1/16/2020 at 2:28 PM, Unclejosh said:

Cinemax no longer making original programming.  They are trying to shop this show around but likely is done.  Hope I am wrong as I am big fan of CG and enjoyed this show.

That would be so sad, I enjoyed this show. I hope one of those streaming platforms can pick it up.

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