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S15.E07: Winter is Here

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In the winter season premiere temperatures not seen in more than a decade threaten to crush hulls and freeze the sea. Monte needs to rush to fill his tanks and return to his ailing father, while a shocking mishap leaves a Hansen grasping for life.

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Poor Norm.  Even though he fortunately doesn't have a brain bleed, he could still have problems for a while.  Your brain takes a while to recover from a bruising like that.   I appreciated how Sig and the rest of the Northwestern folks responded.  Norm is more important to them than a few days at sea.   Now that they know he'll be ok, I wonder if they'll go out with He Who Shall Not Be Seen, Heard, or Named as the engineer (aka Edgar).

Cornelia Marie was meh again.  Josh spouts inane comments.  Casey runs things.  

I wish on the Saga that they'd tell that one deckhand not to put his hand up like that or stand so close to the coiler.  He's running through his nine lives pretty quickly.

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I seem to recall (perhaps from Sig's book?) that the Northwestern has a pretty good crew safety record.  In fact, I think the most serious "injury" they have had was SIg's heart attack, and that came as they were coming into the harbor. 

A bang on the head with loss of consciousness AND seizures?  Straight to hospital.  There is also the possibility that a slip and fall is really a fall that looks like a slip.

I liked Dr. Matt confirming that there is, indeed, a brain in there.  That's how you quickly know things aren't dire.

And on the Cornelia Marie, I was impressed that Casey was sufficiently impressed with those successive port and starboard waves to basically f it and head into port.  Yeah, they were light, but most of that string is still out there soaking, and they seemed to be on good grounds.  This year the CM isn't quite so jokey.  So far.

Jake has a competent crew.   Let's see how long he keeps their respect.

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Two things went unmentioned after Disco made a federal case of them:  1)  Sig's crane.  He was stuck in port extra days.  Did it arrive?  If so, why didn;t he install it?  2)  Climate change.  Endless talk the past few years about the warmth, which was in no way unprecedented.  Now, reversion back to an early Winter, but not one word about "climate change."  Disco agendae for the win!

Jake's bluster about accepting nothing less than 600s reveals the worst part of him.  He finally got one right at the start of the season.  Cool.  Instead of overwhelming gratitude, we get preening and grandstanding.  The ongoing draaaaama about his equity position ?  I thought that was going to be decided during Reds.  Early during reds, as a matter of fact.   

If the CM had such a tight window to offload at the cannery, why did they not start earlier?  The weather was a known - it was coming up and coming up fast.  If they were not facing a deadline, why didn't they just stay out an extra day or two as it blew over?  

Sad to see the Hansen arc and no Edgar mentions or sightings.  Does anyone know if he fished bairdi?

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