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  1. iluvobx

    S15. E14. Crane Wreck

    Cable went out during the show, what happened to Sig's wife?
  2. iluvobx

    Live PD

    I would like to see them go back to just 6 departments. Excited to see a new department but really will miss Warwick. They seemed to have the "fun" ones.
  3. iluvobx

    S15. E07. Winter is Here

    It was.
  4. iluvobx

    S15. E05. Triple Jeopardy

    I dvr this show just so I can fast forward through all of Josh's bullshit. That horse is dead and truthfully, many people are sick to death of this nonsense with Josh and being heir apparent. He is NOT! He is there only because the cameras are there. I don't mind Casey but in order to watch him, I am subjected to the constant talk from Josh. Just go away, Josh, just go away!
  5. iluvobx

    S15. E04. Failure to Launch

    I thought that Josh and Casey had to sell their shares a few years back. Maybe they have been able to buy some back recently.
  6. iluvobx

    Live PD

    You're welcome. The watch party was on Sat. April 13 with the 200th episode being on the 19. Sticks was in town for the watch party. Sticks mentioned on over this past weekend.
  7. iluvobx

    Live PD

    The Palmetto Inn aka the Blue Door Motel hasn't been featured on LivePd in a long time. Sticks went by there when he was in town and took that picture. As for the Obama station that was always featured is no longer the Obama station. The owner is in jail and the station has been renamed. As for the party melee, that happened in a different part of the county. Too many kids without enough supervision, even with security being hired for the event. It is sad that it happened as that is a yearly party that has been going on for years without any kind of trouble.
  8. iluvobx

    Alyssa and John: Lunch with Lurch

    I know they were there for the procedure but I wouldn't want them to stay and help. They probably went back to Tenn when they knew she was ok. Also, don't see Kelli taking on 3 young children and helping her daughter.
  9. iluvobx

    Alyssa and John: Lunch with Lurch

    It could be that Alyssa didn't want her parents there to help. I wouldn't want Kelli around to help me get over a procedure and help with my small children. Better to have Katie who would be the biggest help to Alyssa than Kelli.
  10. iluvobx

    Live PD

    Because those two are still the fan's favorites. I loved seeing them on patrol again. Loved how K-Law kept calling Mastrianni Deputy and then correcting to Inv. I know that Danny Brown was still at the watch party till almost the end. It was a fun time. The communities they served when on the CAT team really miss them. They were great and the neighbors knew them and they knew the neighborhoods. Sticks should have gone to Obama station for a picture.
  11. iluvobx

    S15. E01. Battle of Kings

    I don't think they are being screwed because of Edgar. The NW is still fishing and they are still getting their cut. Maybe they are getting more of a cut from DC because Edgar is no longer shown. In the end, the NW is a business and one that Edgar is a major player in. It would be easy to film around him, send him to the engine room. Look at all the years that Norman managed not to be shown on the boat when he was there. Another way to look at it with Edgar, as long as he is out fishing, he can't get into trouble.
  12. iluvobx

    Live PD

    RCSD is having a watch party this Sat. in Columbia, SC for the 200th episode. Mastrianni, K-law and Sticks will be there. They had to move it to the State Fairgrounds because last heard, over 6900 planned to attend. They will have games, food trucks, RCSD cars, drone, robot, and K9s. Do you think that Live PD will show it some or highlight RCSD? They are the only dept that has been with LivePD since the very first episode.
  13. iluvobx

    S15.E00 Unfinished Business April 2, 2019

    Keith is being a complete and total son of a bitch to Monte. Keith is the one that should apologize to Monte, not the other way around. Keith just had his panties in a wad because Monte did a GREAT job. Better than what Keith could have done in that time frame. Monte will be better off on another boat and Keith and the Wizard will suffer with his loss. Sad part is, it is family and Keith treated Monte dike someone he picked up off the street. Keith has become the biggest bully. As for Wild Bill, you could tell that he really wanted to knock some sense into Keith's head. Wild Bill is finally understanding "family" and what it really means. Hope Wild Bill can get some kind of a decent relationship with Zack. As for the CM, I still fast forwarded through them. Such utter nonsense from them. Can wait for the new boat and capt.
  14. iluvobx

    Season 8 Discussion

    This news actually makes me very sad. I think that more pressure will be put on Michael then what she needs. Imagine what they would say to her? Which would make her even sadder. They all claim that anything/everything is God's will. If that is the case, then they should accept the fact that for whatever reason, God's plan does not include Michael and Brandon to be parents at this time but that doesn't mean that it is God's plan for Michael to take care of all her younger siblings, niece, and nephews.
  15. iluvobx

    Season 8 Discussion

    Got it now :)