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  1. I know years ago that it was stated that the Wizard does fish 24/7 and has 2 crews on board. Maybe they are still doing that because didn't see Monte on the deck nor wheelhouse last night but he was on the boat a week or so ago (in the show).
  2. New season starts in early Sept. This year, it will be on Monday night.
  3. I feel like a lot of the between Monte and Jonathan was very scripted. Jonathan just happens to have a quart of pink paint on board? Plus, how did Monte not see the TB's lights if he was out there by himself? Just more bullshit from Discovery. It would have been great if Josh had fallen out of the chair when that wave hit. If the weather is that bad, then you need to keep your eyes out for those waves and your crew. But NOOOO, your sorry ass is sitting there with your feet propped up sideways looking at probably your social media account on your damn cell phone. Discovery, please do
  4. The doctors that did the surgery did a good job in explaining how Roger fell through the cracks with the doctors. How if he went to this type of Dr., it would not fall under their specialty, etc. They also address what they would be doing to stop the bleeding. They were using a specialized cauterizing machine that was actually doing the cutting and cauterizing at the same time. Those doctors are special as they were willing to do the surgery and even managed to have their foundation pay for it all. I am glad that Dr. Lee was able to find someone that could help Roger, he deserved th
  5. I find it so interesting that the Bates, Duggars, etc push their belief in the Bible but don't always practice it and really ignore major parts of it. The Bible clearly states that the women leaves her family and cleaves to her husband. The Book of Ruth. Guess they like to ignore that part of the Bible. All of those girls should be living where their husbands are from not vice versa. When Mr. iluv and I married, he lived 2 states away, guess who moved. It certainly wasn't him.
  6. Remember how Kelly just hounded him about marrying Micheala? She hounded that poor guy to death. Kelly needs to stay OUT of that. She does nothing but push those poor guys that are dating her daughters. When my son married at 21 and I really wanted them to wait. They were both 21 and knew each other in high school. Thing is, I didn't hound him to get married but here we are 14 years, 3 children later and they are still going very strong.
  7. Edgar is still on the NW. Mandy has posted pictures of him working. Discovery does not show him nor is there any mention of him. I had heard that was part of the deal. Edgar really screwed up a lot of people's lives with his actions.
  8. I saw read the other day that Lawson and his dog are now in law enforcement. It also went on to say that Trace is also in law enforcement as a deputy. There were pictures of them in their uniforms. I don't know if they are working in the Sheriff's Dept or their local police force. Something was mentioned about Nathan's real job and I can't remember what it is but it was in aviation. If that is the case, Nathan can move anywhere he wishes too. So much is scripted, especially with the guys. Someone else who did a "reality" show similar to this has said that they usually try to c
  9. You did not count in all the stimulus money, unemployment and then the government unemployment amount. I work in retail and you would not believe the amount of jewelry and electronics we have sold. We have been so surprised at what people are buying. A lot chose to buy things and not pay bills with the extra money. So that is very possible that they would sell that many.
  10. Right but not on TLC till Weds night. A lot of viewers of Dr. Pimple Popper refused to get Discovery+ and Discovery would know that too.
  11. The 9 o'clock show was a new show for TLC. No rehash or any previously seen people or footage on TLC. Maybe Discovery is getting the message that there are shows that people are not willing to pay extra for. With less viewers, that impacts the amount of money they can charge for advertisement. Guess they are getting the message now.
  12. Didn't Mandy attended the Maritime Academy? I am sure they have talked about it and at one time, there was a picture of her in her uniform. I think that she would have her Captain's license. I know that she was barely a teenager when she was first shown on DC. She tendered during the summer. I may be remembering wrong., but when Edgar quit that year because of his back, Mandy was the one at the helm during tendering season.
  13. Because Jr knows Josh couldn't find his ass from a hole in the ground.
  14. According to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott yesterday, LivePD is coming back. It will be interesting to see exactly how and in what form.
  15. Never understood why Discovery was so hell bent on Josh. Don't they read any of the boards? As for that shit show, what did they expect? People saw through Josh's bullshit years ago. Hell, even Phil himself said Josh was only there for the cameras. I hope they are paying Casey enough money to have to put up with Josh and his bullshit. that other show has always been a shit show because Discovery has always had to back end it on DC to make sure dvr's taped it. So, they are done with king crab now and we never saw Wild Bill and crew? Actually, the episode was a shit show itself
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