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  1. little hermit

    "The View": Week Of 3/25/2019

    I know this is mean but when I see MM I think she is headed for a slot in an episode of (I think it's called) MY 600 lb Life.
  2. little hermit

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    As I was getting up I heard Mika taking credit for Mayor Pete's rise in the polls; Why do I watch this???
  3. little hermit

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

  4. little hermit

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I thought RBG.
  5. little hermit

    Alaskan Bush People

    What is that on Noah's face in the picture of Realityobservers recap link?????
  6. little hermit

    Alaskan Bush People

    Either that or they've discovered Just for Men.
  7. little hermit

    Alaskan Bush People

    ??????? VALUABLE????? Anyone besides me notice that Bam's hair has a lot of grey in it at times ; then at others I do not notice the grey.
  8. little hermit

    Alaskan Bush People

    Where is everybody?
  9. little hermit

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    That really, really helped. So he's a you tube guy that makes fun of commercials. To bad that the commercial/ad people don't pay attention to him and this forum; maybe they wouldn't torture us with this horrible commercials. I wonder if they make prisoners, like in Gitmo, watch commercials on a loop all day and all nite (I like to spell it that way) and cranked up loud.
  10. little hermit

    Favorite Commercials

    When I see the part about the woman inviting a homeless man into her home I think of that movie with Sandra Bullock The Blindside; it's the commercial refering to that?
  11. little hermit

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    I caught a part of a 21 and me (or whatever it was; it's a DNA ad) and the lady was saying something about her SO and his urine, and asparagus, and somehow I think valentines day was in there. Has anybody seen this Ad? It was so weird her talking about urine and asparagus.
  12. little hermit

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Oh Lordy, does anybody have Charter/Spectrum? Their commercials are are the worst and they run them allllllllllllll the time. Their service is horrible. Why do they have to advertise working for them. If they're such a good company to work for why do they seem to have so many openings. They used to have these really awful commercials where they would have people in an office, or pirates, or young people beat boxing, singing, dancing around like fools etc. On one of my numerous calls about a problem with some aspect of their service, or lack there of, I complained about the commercials and the CSA said they get a lot of complaints about them. Now they don't have those. I like to think my 2 cents and others who complained got through. Now they have some evil characters that aren't so bad. Still they ad for business service with them and jobs and there is this smug dude (whose been hawking for them since I moved to this location 6 years ago) with big ass feet that just disgust me and a girl with dirty blood hair (put up) in a blue dress geeze, I can't stand them! I complained about them too but they're still around. I ask the CSA why did they run their ads so often if their so great wouldn't people use them especially if you have Charter/ Spectrum already. I have a friend (not in this area) he has dish and he never sees them. I don't have a choice in the area I live now plus I moved to an apartment and you can't have a satellite and they tell you when you move in they are serviced by Char/Spet. Never see a U-verse out here.
  13. little hermit

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I made an over easy sandwich once and when I bit into it the yolk went splattering and flying across the room (and some dribbled down on my face and cloths). Whenever I see that commercial I am reminded of that. I hope those ordering one know you have to bust the yolk first or there are going to be a lot of people sitting across from them with egg yoke all over there face and not to happy about it either!