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S02.E08: Two Player

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Tandy and Evita must go to great lengths when Tyrone is put in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Adina looks to someone surprising for help.

Airing Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Well that's one way to get push out the third wheel love interest, have her marry a priest of the dead. Since they do seem to be going down the Ty/Tandy path. 

This show likes to be really visual, the game thing was interesting especially when they were doing the live action version of old 8bit video games, where you just punch a few times and the opponent is down. I also liked that Tandy was not just over what happened to her. Most of the time they make her push all her emotions away and power through it. I do like that this show doesn't follow the normal tropes. Tandy is the stoic tough one while Ty wears his heart on his sleeve.  

I wonder if they are going to show that one of Tandy's powers is being able to take away addiction and have her use that on her mom. 

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Nice that they stuck their actual origins in the video game portion.

Show still has a pacing problem, which is likely why this is the last season.

Not a fan of their not letting Tyrone make the decision to return to life. Having Evita removed felt like a cop out in more ways than one.

I figured Mayhem would eventually take over.

I figured Andre would kill his partner with nobody else to leech off.

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I love that they worked in Cloak and Daggers original comic book origin story in the video game of the dead. And Tandy poking holes in the video game logic was hilarious. "These guys are all dressed the same! Those guys I took out are gone now!"

Well we are going full throttle with voodoo mythology now, with Evita marrying a death loa, and Baron Samedi running around at the video game arcade of the dead, home of the video game of the dead. 

Glad that they are taking a moment to show how this has all affected Tandy, even someone as tough as her is going to need a minute after all of this. 

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I enjoyed it... Was her knee messed up.. I remember thinking last episode when she was running thru the motel that her gait was funny and this week with the ballerina outfit it looked like a leg sleeve or some kind of brace... Poor Evita.. Had she waited like one more minute I think Tandy would got Type outta there.. Ah well she's a married woman now... I sure hope this ain't the end... If so.. Hulu pick it up let's get that C&D X Runaways up and going 

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If anyone had any doubts about Ty and Tandy, I really think that should be erased after these last few episodes. I seriously thought they were going to kiss twice in this episode.

I don't understand why the voodoo stuff exists at all. There's no need for it. Obviously they were going to make it out of there without all that anyway.

Is the show going to be canceled or something? Why are people bringing that up?

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6 hours ago, UNOSEZ said:

Was her knee messed up.. I remember thinking last episode when she was running thru the motel that her gait was funny and this week with the ballerina outfit it looked like a leg sleeve or some kind of brace...

I noticed the same thing, it looked like they put on a leg warmer to cover her knee brace. That might explain why all the episodes seemed so light on the super hero action. 

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^^I wondered why they put Olivia in those spandex biker shorts, to be honest. It seemed like a strange outfit for her. In the final shot where she sinks down in the apartment, you could see her knee being bruised, which makes the choice of those shorts even more strange. If they wanted to hide it, why make her show her legs like that?

Given the fact that she had to do those crashing wall stunts back in the last episode with bare legs, it certainly is possible that she hurt herself in those scenes.

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The 8bit game looked fun. I would totally play a tie-in version ala Stranger Things if they wanted to go release one. It's nice how they captured the full 80sness of the comic book origin. 

So Evita's whole life gets screwed over? That seems deeply unfair. 

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