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S03.E06: Swimming Uphill

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Kyle changes his behavior; Carl and Paige go on a date in the city, but Paige still isn't sure if Carl is marriage material; Hannah confronts Lindsay about her backhanded compliments; the housemates head to a swanky St. Barth's party in the Hamptons.

Airs April 8, 2019.

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Lindsey is such a bitch. I wouldn't buy her dumb excuses about seeing herself in Hannah for one second. She was 100% insulting her. No way around it.

Oh, and no one bought you your first car? Poor fucking baby.

Carl is so in denial. He's pulling out the "she's just scared" card. It's getting embarrassing. 

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I don't know, I sorta feel it's karma for Carl with the way he treated Ashley (can't remember the correct Wirkus twin) the past couple seasons. He was a douche who clearly likes the chase and Paige isn't falling for his usual tricks. 

Lindsey is just a sneaky bitch.  She's acting like queen bee of the house 

Amanda - dump Kyle. You deserve better.

Danielle - blah, she's trying too hard.

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I am not shocked that Lindsay has such dated and stereotypical views about gender/femininity etc but I am sort of surprised that she continues to express it in such a hamfisted manner to a non receptive audience.

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Carl can't hold down a job. Surprise. 

Hannah is naturally pretty and plenty feminine. Who the heck does fake face Lindsey think she is? Oh, right, Hannah needs to bleach her hair, buy some boobs and teeth and pile on the makeup, then maybe Lindsey will approve. 

I guess it's only ok for Kyle to get shitfaced when Amanda wants to get shitfaced. Otherwise, no bueno, Kyle. 

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It was cringe worthy watching Carl fall all over himself for Paige. Quizzing her about what she and Lindsay talked about, does Paige like him, trying to coax Kyle and Amanda to double date, etc. I would be running in the other direction. It is so clear that Paige is not into him. And Carl losing another job. Ugh. He's 33. It looks like he has already had many short term jobs. He needs to get it together.

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So, Lindsay's dad told her that if she wanted a car at 16, she would have to pay for it and the insurance, and that equals her basically supporting herself since she was 14??  I knew she was a drama queen, but sheesh!

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Ugh. When did this become the Lindsay show?

I realize Bravo is going to keep its formula forever, but I wonder what the ratings would be for a show that just cast young (actually) good-looking people who just hung out and had fun with each other and didn’t act like five year olds when problems came up? I binge watched Love Island and those people fight but then genuinely apologize, see the other person’s perspective and actually move on and stay friends. And that show is super popular in the UK. I would think one station would see the value in showing people act like mature adults having fun. 

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