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  1. Well, good for them, they look really excited. Best wishes to them for a healthy and happy baby.
  2. If Wendy's mother had been on life support for some time and was taken off over the weekend or, as NowVoyager mentioned, she had been in a coma, it would make sense for Wendy to say she's been gone for weeks and her brother to say she just passed. It's all perspective.
  3. Maybe he shouldn't be giving discounts on that coffee, those tin-foil hats can be expensive. Seriously, though, the fact that there are still people who believe this is a scam is just mind boggling.
  4. Just like in real life, there's always at least one self-absorbed jerk with not one ounce of concern for anyone else.
  5. I thought Cody was upset with Enzo because he was under the impression that the two of them would work together in the HOH comp to make sure that Christmas didn't win. After that, whoever wins, wins. Instead, Enzo went off on his own, leaving Cody to try and get Christmas out by himself and leaving open the possibility of Christmas not being boxed in and eliminated. Now, maybe Enzo's main goal wasn't getting Christmas out, but Cody didn't seem to be aware of that going in. I understand why he'd be upset.
  6. Right now, what she wants aligns with what Cody and Enzo want. So, from Enzo's perspective, he might think she's doing his dirty work. From her perspective, she's doing her own. I see it as her doing what she wants.
  7. I think she's actually doing her own dirty work. It just happens to be what the other two want as well.
  8. I think that when you're in a situation, you might not be aware of how it could be perceived by those looking at it from the outside. I doubt she thinks she's done anything scandalous. As for the rumors, she's in sequester and wouldn't have heard any of them.
  9. I thought OTEV's current persona had more to do with the new Bill & Ted movie than anything else. 🤷‍♀️
  10. https://therealdeal.com/2020/09/15/ryan-serhant-launches-his-own-brokerage-leaving-team-in-the-lurch/ Ryan has left Nest Seekers to start his own firm for all new business. I mistakenly thought that Nest Seekers was Ryan's firm.
  11. Targeting pairs is not new. It's common practice in BB to nominate them if they're not in your alliance. That's why it's a thing for players go out of their way to not be seen as a duo. Although the HOH may have targeted one of them specifically, splitting them up is almost as important as getting the preferred one out. That's why it's critical that both members of the pair are on the block together to make sure one of them goes home. Why in the heck would Christmas ruin the whole thing by taking Da'Vonne down??
  12. I really hope that people play the game based on what's best for them, not what the optics are. But, based on the comment about not thinking Christmas would "be so bold" as to nominate them both, I think Bayleigh was counting on the optics deterrent.
  13. I took the show off of season record after Hannah's last episode. Although there were certainly times she seemed over it, I think a lot of that was Sandy. The one who was all in her business, unless Hannah needed help from her captain, and then it was "work it out yourself." For me, this was Hannah's show. I have no desire to tune in to see the AMAZING CAPTAIN SANDY show.
  14. Typical cheating POS. It's all her fault.
  15. So they make sure they're casting at least a couple of BSC people.
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