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  1. I think people do things like this for the same reason people drive stupidly expensive showy cars and wear stupidly expensive designer clothes, shoes and bags. "Look at me and be impressed!" For some people, their self worth seems to be dependent on believing other people are envious of them. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I don't think it's unpopular at all. We all tuned in to see the idiotic escapades of a bunch of nitwits, not baby central with all the tired and oh so not funny baby hijinks.
  3. We made it maybe 10 minutes into the episode before we canned it. James' personality is ugly and not fun to watch. It's painfully tedious to watch Raquel try to make her thoughts talk. Tom & Tom try way too hard. That's about as far as we got. It just isn't fun trash tv anymore.
  4. I wonder if Suzanne's husband still works there. You'd think that they wouldn't want both of their incomes to be dependent on Wendy's show, especially the way it's been going for the last couple of years.
  5. "James has been sober for two years now, but smokes pot every day" I don't think they quite get it.
  6. Sandy Schwartz and go beachy?
  7. It's been a while since I've watched The Mentalist, but I remember thinking that Simon Baker was over the show a couple of seasons before it ended. I thought the same about Jonny Lee Miller and Elementary. Both shows hung on longer than they probably should have.
  8. He comes across a bit cold to me. Maybe he's uncomfortable with the cameras.
  9. I didn't say they were getting a pass from everyone, I said "from most people". I think the majority of people seem to be fine with what the cookout is doing. I don't read Reddit or Twitter. On those, are the people complaining about the cookout the majority, or the minority? I have seen others on here who aren't thrilled with the mindset of the cookout, but it seems to be the minority. Have I missed a bunch of posts that would make that view the majority? If so, I will correct my post with my apologies for not paying enough attention. Also, as for everyone being up in arms, I don't think anyo
  10. I don't get why this season's majority alliance gets a pass (from most people) on this behavior. In the past, when there's an alliance of people who are white, anytime a person of color is evicted, there are generally very ugly labels thrown on the alliance. These labels are applied whether or not any race specific bigotry has reared its ugly head. It seems that the bigotry is assumed. However, this season, when the majority alliance specifically states they are targeting all people who don't share the same skin color, not so much on the recriminations. I guess if you have a "good reason" this
  11. It seemed from the show that DerekX and Claire are starting to put things together. Maybe they'll clue SB in to the fact that the three of them plus Alyssa are going to be picked off because they're not the right color. If so, she might hear Kyland's (assumed) nominee manipulation in a different way. It's about time for somebody to wake up to what's going on and make the game at least somewhat more interesting than the uninterrupted roll it's on now. Come on SB, shake this snooze fest up!
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