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S09.E06: Cry It Out

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6 hours ago, toodywoody said:

Mr Mustache Unvaccinated Kid Creator

This hooker probably doesn't even know her kids favorite foods.


And good point about Jenelle not even knowing her kids favorite foods...I’m sure she doesn’t know and she cares even less to find out. 

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7 hours ago, toodywoody said:

Jenelle, I don't give a flying fuck about your favorite food. This hooker probably doesn't even know her kids favorite foods.

Sadly, her kids probably haven't experienced enough food to HAVE a favorite food. (Save Jace, who is her kid in genetics only.) They alternate between lukewarm hotdogs and take out pizza. 

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2 hours ago, SlutAssBitchAssHor said:

@toodywoody why did you call that child Mowgli? 😅😂🤣

Poor kid looks like he is being raised by animals. I know he is a toddler but half the time he needs his long ass hair brushed and never wearing anything but a diaper. It is like her other 2 boys have their hair cut, clothes on and vaccinated and poor 'Stache, is just looking all unkempt

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On 2/20/2019 at 3:21 PM, kicksave said:

Kailyn has become the most unlikable person on this show. Her attitude towards Lauren and not wanting to talk to her or meet her is so immature and nasty. I could see that attitude if Javi had been cheating on her with Lauren and had impregnated her while they were still married...oh wait! that's what Kailyn did to Javi! Put your big girl panties on and be an adult woman and go over and introduce yourself...geez...does she always have to be so mean spirited and bitchy? Lauren is a part of Lincoln's life, whether you like it or not, it would be best for Lincoln to show him that you are making an attempt to be civil and inclusive in the co parenting. She did the same thing with Isaac when Joe became seriously involved with Vee and they moved to Delaware. Not a fan of Javi, I think he's an attention whore and is poor marriage material but he's still Lincoln's dad and Lincoln now has a another half brother...it would behoove Kailyn to make it comfortable for Lincoln to be with Javi and his new brother and that means being a grown up and being a decent person to Lauren. She doesn't have to be BFF's with her but at least be cordial. Quit being an asshole.

Yeah, it's actually embarrassingly immature for her to refuse to even acknowledge Lauren, but Kail obviously doesn't get that. She thinks it makes her seem like a Boss Bitch (or something). And isn't her reason for hating Lauren (Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sure Kail doesn't hate Lauren because you'd have to acknowledge someone's existence to hate her and Kail doesn't even have that much regard for her.) that she read texts from Lauren that referred to Kail as "your whacko ex" or something? I can't remember what the adjective was (it wasn't "whacko"), but I remember it was something that I didn't think was even that bad (in context) because, obviously, Javi had told Lauren whatever stories about Kail that led her to see Kail that way. It doesn't seem like such an unforgivable sin to me to refer to your bf's ex the way he describes her in a private communication that the ex would never see if she didn't go through his phone. Not to mention that Lauren could, and probably did, see innumerable examples of Kail acting like a bitch/nutjob/whatever on the show. Was she supposed to have this immense respect for Kail and tell Javi that she wouldn't listen to him say a word against her? Why? Kail isn't respectful to anyone.

Also, didn't Kail say that she couldn't forgive Lauren because she should have had more respect for the mother of Javi's child? Yet, when Lauren became the mother of Javi's (unborn) child (Lincoln's brother), she didn't deserve any respect for that? Because only Kail deserves respect, regardless of the circumstances.

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That is the thing about Kail, double standards on everything. Bitches at Jo for cutting Isaac's hair into a way she didn't approve of (can't remember her exact words) but now lets the unvaccinated one roam around without his hair cut ever. Bitches at Jo for being in sweats but now all she wears is ripped fucking labia jeans and looks like she just rolled out of bed in public. Bitches about both Jo and Javi wanting 50/50 but doesn't bat an eye when Chris wants it. 

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On 2/19/2019 at 10:55 AM, heatherchandler said:

My dad worked a LOT - he had his own business, and was at the office every day except for Sunday and he never made it to my school plays, and certainly didn't take me to Walmart.  That being said, I honestly didn't even notice because my mom wasn't like, "ohhhh nooo do you miss your dad??  are you so SAD he's not here?"  

My dad worked a lot when I was a kid, it was basically what we were taught that parents did.  They provide for their families.  In my case, it was my dad that worked and was the primary breadwinner, at times my mom worked, but, the majority of the money came from him and so things bent around being supportive of his job.  That's how my life is now, my husband far out earns me, and at times there are things I/we do to accommodate his job that I would maybe prefer not to, but, that's what works best for him to be successful, and so we adapt.  If he has to work on our anniversary or another holiday, it sucks, but it's not the end of the world, we just move the day and celebrate some other time.  As a child, did I wish my dad was able to be at more things I did? Sure.  Even now, I think it would have been nice for him to be there, but, as an adult, I can look back and see that he probably would have preferred to be there himself, however he also was making sure that we had health insurance and I had braces, and we had a place to live and food to eat, and I appreciate that he didn't always get to do what he'd rather do, but he did what he had to in order to make sure we had what we needed and wanted.

On 2/19/2019 at 12:42 PM, Scarlett45 said:

I agree with you though- I think Jeremy does want Addie provided for, and wants her to be healthy, happy and know who he and his family in an emotional sense but Jeremy has ZERO interest in the day to day caregiving regarding his child. I think Jeremy’s priorities are 1. Work, 2. What he wants to do, 3. What his GF of the moment wants to do, 4. Addie and quality time with her. He’s got no problem chatting with her or taking her on outings occasionally but she’s not the center of his world by any means. 

I am not saying this is right but I know a lot of parents like this, so I’m not surprised by his behavior. He may be more interested in Addie when she’s older and might share interests with him but maybe not. 

Again- I’m not saying this is ok! I don’t think Jeremy’s stance on parenting has changed at all since Addie was born and this was the kind of Dad he always aspired to be. If Addie grows up and wants a more in depth relationship with him that’s going to hurt. 

There are many, many couples where dad is pretty much just a figurehead, for lack of a better word.  He goes to work, comes home and then he does whatever he wants.  Maybe he coaches the kids in a sport, but, if he isn't into it, he's doing what he wants to do and it's on mom to handle the kids.  She's the one who makes sure they're fed, bathed, gotten to where they need to go and have the things they need for wherever they are.  It's where the whole "dad is babysitting today" trope comes from.  To me, it's bullshit, they're his kids too, but, I do know a lot of people who live their life that way, it really would be dad babysitting vs actually caring for their kids.  

If this is the case for Jeremy, why is he going to be called out for it just because they are divorced?  So many people who are together aren't called out for it,  Is it the way I'd want my partner to be?  Nope, I couldn't have kids with someone like that, but, I don't think its all that unusual.

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On 2/19/2019 at 12:34 PM, BitterApple said:

It's really pathetic that the extent of his reaction was "let me know what happens." If he couldn't afford to fly down, he could've at least sent some money for food, gas, a gift for Stella etc. 

I completely agree and think Louis is a ridiculous idiot, HOWEVER I always side-eye Brianb’s recaps of conversations with her various exs. I think it’s possible that’s all there was to the conversation. I also think it’s possible Brianna’s interpretation of “should I come? Is it serious? Let me know if I should come?” was “let me know what happens.” She’s just so shady.

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6 hours ago, FozzyBear said:

I completely agree and think Louis is a ridiculous idiot, HOWEVER I always side-eye Brianb’s recaps of conversations with her various exs. I think it’s possible that’s all there was to the conversation. I also think it’s possible Brianna’s interpretation of “should I come? Is it serious? Let me know if I should come?” was “let me know what happens.” She’s just so shady.

Yeah. I'm not here to stand up for Luis AT ALL, but Briana has proven herself to be a liar/exaggerator when it comes to reporting the involvement/assistance of her baby daddies. I could see a situation where Luis had to work in NY and was like, "I have to work, but if it's really serious, I'll ask for time off/quit..." and Briana told him he didn't need to come down, but then, to create a storyline, she claimed he blew her/Stella off when the reality was, their conversation was as outlined above, then she texted, "I feel so bad for Stellita. She's had 4 needles today." and he responded with a sad emoji face and that was the story she told. Just the fact that she was texting (versus calling) might indicate that it wasn't that serious to him.

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