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The Librarians are coming to UP TV. They are advertising it for March 13 although I didn't see it in the guide.  It does show one episode being on Friday at five am but only on UPTV HD.

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Wish I had UP TV again so I could see this show. This will be on every Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM, and the episodes will be extended.

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The extended episode of And the Crown of King Arthur/And the Sword in the Stone was actually extended scenes. Many of them weren't that interesting. Longer scenes when they didn't really need to be. The two best ones was the scene between Flynn and Judson before everything happens where Judson hints that he'll be moving on. Flynn thinks he means he wants to but Judson says he doesn't but thinks the time is coming when he well. Then later before the Brotherhood attacks the Library Flynn tells Charlene about the scene who gets mad and heads off to go talk to Judson. 

For the Horns of Dilemma there was no extend scene but one of the writers and one of the producers talk about the episode. They don't really say much its a short clip of them talking about putting the characters in bad spots.

I do love all three episodes. I do hate losing Judson and Charlene. Flynn going off on his own. But loved gaining Baird, Stone and Jenkins. I always went back and forth on Ezekiel and Cassandra depending on the episode. I did like Ezekiel assuming it couldn't be a Minotaur because according to the myth he was killed in the myth. I loved Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra's reaction to seeing the room of skulls. Stone's snarky when on the phone with Baird a few minutes later when she's telling him about the ancient art she should and he's all "Hmm, that's interested we found a room full of human skulls." and his remark when asks what he means "How many ways can I mean human skulls?" Her plan to keep them save ending up putting them in danger. I love that she didn't buy the CEO's fake concern.   

I loved watching them figuring out clues to find the crown and then the stone and how much fun they were all having. Eve wondering why the Brotherhood had a helicopter and they didn't and Flynn answering "Cause we have Charlene and she only approved one rental car." Funny and so true to Charlene. I love that her last words were about the recites. Her excitement at meeting Baird. Jenkins just waiting for them on the side of the road. Ezekiel trying to steal the Dagger from Leverage's Rashomon episode. 

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Cool information about the Rule of Three! In the special edition episode it was interview with John Roger and Kate Rorick one of the writers. They mention that all of the science fair projects we see in the episode were real science projects! John says they came up with the idea and thought about their own science projects as kids and then weren't sure how to do it production wise. So they asked around Portland to people who did science fairs for ideas and were surprised when suggested bringing in real science projects and did just that. 

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The first two seasons were really good. Some episodes were so much fun like Fairytale one, Santa's Midnight Run, Apple of Discord, Image of Image and Happily Ever Afters. The City of Lights is saddest one but still ends with a little hope that maybe in the future they can do something. The Cost of Education with everyone at the college thinking all the weird stuff is completely normal like teachers and classmates disappearing in the middle of the night and warts that gives you screaming nightmares.

I love the call backs City of Lights has one from Horns of a Dilemma when Baird tells Jenkins after the bad training session loosing in battle despite good intel. The various magical artifacts that pop up later. Seeing the Tardis and DeLorean in the Final Curtain call, Roman and Greek God artifacts, Jones thinking he could scare Frankenstein with a lighter not realizing the book and movie were two different things. I love how many different things Cassandra, Stone, Jones and Baird supposedly did while under the spell in Happily Ever Afters and Jones getting up on the counter to chase the suspect and his "You've been watching too many cop shows" when Flynn points out that being an FBI agent is actually a lot of paperwork and stakeouts. Flynn using the lady's room as a door.

I like the slow reveal of who Jenkins is although I wish we got a little more from him. I love his friendship with Baird. Its really well done. They used him well. Him helping in Internal Conflict, him offering to help Dorian, and helping at the enclave when Jones messed up. I love season one about the King Arthur legend with other stories sprinkled in and season two about the Tempest. I always wondered if they planned to bring Morgan back at any point. I wondered if they ever planned to tell us what tree Flynn burned down in the Broken Staff when he faked out Prospero. 

I love how in season one the bad guy's henchwoman Lamia flirts with Stone, finds evil Flynn hot and worked with Cassandra in a different timeline. Season two we got the hot David S. Lee flirting with Baird and Cassandra fangirling over him. How helpful he was. I love how excited Flynn was when he thought he was Sherlock Holmes. I love Stone response to the Bouncer in Image of Image about American poet, then the two laughing later while unable to come up with a British poet or author who wasn't from Wales, Scotland, Ireland or elsewhere. Stone's frustration at everyone getting into the club but him. His comment about nothing about his outfit being country it made me think of Leverage and every time Eliot pointed out you can't fake country.       

Cassandra and Jones are the hardest ones to warm up too. It really depends on the episode. They erased all of Jones's character development from Point of Salvation. Cassandra's insisting on using magic always seems weird that she doesn't let go of the idea no matter how many times they see it go wrong. Maybe its more the writing of the characters. If they had her thinking that due to her tumor it would make more sense. But they never tie it back to that.  

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