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Angie Tribeca Anticipation

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TV Guide sez:



Rashida Jones stars as a lone-wolf detective of the Really Heinous Crimes Unit who isn't happy when her boss (Jere Burns) makes her work with a partner (Hayes Macarthur). Deon Cole and Andree Vermeulen also star. Steve Carell, who directed the pilot, co-wrote the script and will executive-produce with his wife Nancy Carell. Guest stars include Lisa Kudrow, Alfred Molina, Gary Cole and Matthew Glave.


That is one hell of an over-thought character name.

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I'd say "producer, Steve Carell" might mean something... except Steve also produced that lame Riot show that's currently airing (just waiting to be canceled).


On the other hand, it's got both Jere Burns and Gary Cole in it, and those are both typically good things.  Alfred Molina being on that list is pretty encouraging too, actually.  That's three, count them, three actual really talented people.  Lisa Kudrow being on that cast list too doesn't seem too worrisome, because clearly this isn't her "project", and I'm okay with just a cameo.


Rashida's Daddy and Steve's wife both being on the extended credit list is a bit... offputting though.  I mean Quincy is awesome... but you know... doing his ACTUAL job.  Steve's wife is... er... very nice, I'm sure, and has apparently been in a lot of stuff, but I can't say I've ever really noticed before now.

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No matter how good it is, I am not going to stay up all night to watch the first 10 episodes. My DVR doesn't have time for this kind of stunt, either! I have been planning to watch, but the schedule makes it really hard. I am guessing this is an attempt to capture the binge watching populace, but unless they keep it available for streaming after they're done with the broadcast marathon, it's really not a convenient the way it is to binge on Netflix or another "when you want, not when we say" service.


I like that it's airing commercial-free, though. That's kind of blowing my mind.

More Sledge Hammer! or Police Squad! than Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this slapstick cop comedy comes from Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones, Hayes MacArthur, and Jere Burns star as members of the LAPD's elite Really Heinous Crimes Unit, while guests will include Bill Murray, Lisa Kudrow, Adam Scott, David Koechner, Amy Smart, and James Franco. All 10 episodes of the first season air back-to-back (and commercial free) tonight [January 17], and then repeated four additional times (airing for 25 straight hours all told). A second season of 10 episodes will then debut the following week (but rolling out in a more conventional weekly fashion) beginning January 25th.


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I read 10. Is that (5 hours) too much for a DVR to handle? If so, that was a bad calculation by the marketing folks.

I currently have over 50 hours of material stored on my DVR with plenty of room to spare. (But I don't record many programs in HD unless I know I'll delete them fast, as they really eat up space fast.)

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