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I would be much more interested in a revival if it took place 10+ years later and had Jack Hotchner joining the BAU. His mother was murdered by a serial killer and he’s spent his formative years pretending to be someone else in witness protection. This gives him insight into catching bad guys for the A plot (COTW) and an acceptable level for brooding angst for the B plot. 

I can imagine Reid still being in the BAU but the others have moved on. Either JJ and Emily would be a higher up and be simultaneously proud of Jack and “Shit, what have you done again and what do I need to do to fix this???!!!” Garcia is replaced by a robot dressed in muted colours and doesn’t talk. Other members of the BAU can show up from time to time but I don’t necessarily want to see them back in the field, I’d roll my eyes so hard my SO would worry I was having a seizure.

What would you want to see in a revival? Who do you want to see coming back? 

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The 10-episode-season-covering-1-case concept intrigues yet terrifies me at the same time.   Part of me wonders if there won't actually be 2 (or more) sub-cases that turns into one big case overall.  Especially if they return a large cast of behavioral analysts like they had in the last few seasons of the original run, how could they (even just somewhat) believably space out 10 episodes to cover an individual case - if the case is similar to the first 15 seasons?

Messer and the writers had enough trouble keeping stories tight and problem-free when they were dealing with 1 case per episode, but now spreading one case out over 10 episodes?!   Yikes.

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Horrid, disturbing show that is utterly addicting!  No wonder "Gideon" quit!  Props to Mandy for that protest against rape of the week!  Wish I had his fortitude!  Damn this show is crack!

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