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  1. They also had Serena for insisting Fred rape June when she was nine months pregnant.
  2. Hathaway


    I'm so bummed that this is such a short season AND that there isn't a forum! I'm adoring this show, and while it is hard to say exactly why at times? I think it's mostly watching sharp competent woman solve things , almost always in a way I didn't think of. Just found it and it's already over. I did not see that final scene coming. Of course after that final scene? I do envision a long hospital recovery that eventually clears her system of drugs. That's fine, whatever gets her back to the firm.
  3. Was Elizabeth Moss pregnant? She wore a coat in nearly every scene, and looked pretty puffy. She's back to looking normal now.
  4. Something to look forward to! Serena justice up next! Loved the acting all around in this one. Special mention to Emily, and bitchy bossy Serena, as well as skeevy Fred, June, wimp Luke, and the ever surprising Joseph. I know! I kept thinking I knew what would happen, especially since I've never missed a spoiler, but? They did it!
  5. Emotional perfection. The women finally had a particulation they wanted. "I'm a man! I deserve justice!" Well dude? You got it. So did a bunch of former Handmaid's.
  6. Oops! Thanks. He was creepily similar and sinister.
  7. It's so strange watching Bradley Whitman on Flack. Commander Lawrence as a kiddie porn dude.
  8. The finale title is bugging me. I'm going to guess June kills Fred, and so must flee to the Wilderness and hide. Back to Gilead, or just somewhere in Canada, perhaps hidden by sympathizers, or Canadian Mayday? I can't find any concrete spoilers yet.
  9. Back in season one, June said that even if a woman could get pregnant, very rare, only one in five had a healthy child. Odds are against her.
  10. Well he wasn't there, in that car anyway, when Fred and two others made up the whole ceremony/handmaid scrap, but I agree with everything else!
  11. Nick is in charge #1 guy of all the Gilead forces around Chicago. He doesn't have to explain anything to anyone there. Just get in a van and drive. The only real question is how the CIA gave him the heads up to come. Again, not difficult, I am sure the CIA has agents embedded. Lawrence is the question mark. I don't know what is up be with him.
  12. From what we saw in earlier episodes the world, at least in Europe, wants to know about Gilead too, so I would guess yes. They'd stop the trial. They are smart enough to know it was all about getting Fred to talk anyway. Shared goals.
  13. I need June to stop wearing so much red. WTF? Try green or black or yellow polka dots! Isn't she sick of red by now? Why is costume design doing this? We aren't likely to forget she was a Handmaid's.
  14. Well the friendlies are in Colorado, so I don't think they know about ,Chicago. Big wig's ordered that, not Nick. I'm sure he, like everyone, is being watched, but being a former Eye, he probably knows all the tricks.
  15. So, it seems like Nick is still Mayday, "We have friendlies there." He's also a Commander in Gilead, AND and at least friendly with the CIA, and/or Canada? Nah, he could have told them as much as Fred if that were true. Sounds like June should be very grateful to Tuello for letting her visit a terrorist the Swiss won't even talk to.
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