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S35: Ponderosa

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Mike's Ponderosa.  He wants to be a Survivor legend, or at least hopes the Coconuts will be.  Not sure on either count.


And Devon's Ponderosa.  So he started the game at 194 lbs, but didn't want to go below 180 (he ended up weighing in at 175).  I think Devon's the first person disappointed that he lost weight.


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16 minutes ago, Special K said:

I regret that we didn't learn how much Ryan weighed before and after the game -- I'm interested in a morbid way, of course.

I wish that they showed the final 3 arriving at Ponderosa.  They did for Micronesia, and it was hilarious because they had a big party, and Erik got so wasted.  I think that's the only season that's shown the final 3 (or 2 in that case). 

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Mike should have kept the beard. 

Funny, I thought Devon was a goat and if he had won the fire challenge instead of Ben, Chrissy would have won the game.  But hearing how much everyone liked Devon, there is a good chance he would have won the jury.  Chrissy was screwed either way.  Sweet kid.  He and Ashley look good together.

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