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  1. So with Rick's departure, what happened to Sanctuary?
  2. I think he got it from Dylan's room, if Dylan knew I don't know?
  3. Her bio: What's your reason for being on Survivor? Survivor is the ultimate challenge of grit, savviness, and strategy. As a naturally competitive person, I want to test myself, my abilities and my limits. As a military spouse, I believe we are most of the strongest and most adaptable people. <eye roll>
  4. Yes, 6 to 5, I laughed when they cheered after Peach read John, the vote steal will be a huge advantage, the other advantage, I don't know, it will be hard to guess who has the HII and if he/she will use it, Dan was 1000% idiot for using that idol.
  5. Too much time wasted on Jace, limit his screen time or kill him, if I am Andy, I am sure don't want to be rescued and be returned to my irritating mom, I can handle myself, I can disintegrate anything. :> Blink, Polaris, Thunderbird, Erg, Dreamer, Fenris, Reeva, Cuckoos were in the comics, the rest (Eclipse, Andy, Lauren, Reed) were invented on this show. Rebecca is "Twist", do we know if Andy & Lauren have a monicker?
  6. Are Maggie and Rick going to kill each other accidentally? while Maggie is trying to kill Negan.
  7. Nancy and Mel was 2nd after they did the Mercado task, the Mercado drained so much of their energy to run towards the mat plus cab problems. If they did the painting, the couple might have been eliminated. I hope they get eliminated next.
  8. There were contestants on TAR that conquered their fear of heights, she didn't conquer her fear, what if this was the finals?
  9. Yes, I am not sorry to see the cheerleaders go, pls tell me again why they are heroes?
  10. piequinn35

    S05.E10: Cold War

    Meh. I would have liked it if Britt won.
  11. Bring on the dance challenges, the cops love them lol! :))
  12. Kane, Jaha, Miller, Jackson, Cooper and MURPHY (yup, still the best) ;) So my prediction - Eligius III crew and children and grandchildren has been living in the new planet for years, I don't see any conflict if Eligius IV wants to live there too, perhaps in a different continent if they don't trust them.
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