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Season 11 Anticipation

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I was really excited that the season is here and that the taped auditioning shows begin next week...until...I read that Justin Bieber is going to be a part of this season.  I hope he will keep the drama that follows him out of the show.

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So they're undoing some of the changes from the last two seasons. I never liked any of the myriad changes that started in season 6, except in part the all stars.

unfortunately I won't be able to watch live or vote this season due to my work schedule. I'll be looking forward to Thursday mornings!

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I know everybody's down on Bieber these days, but I clearly remember being impressed as all hell with him when he did his stint on SNL.  The boy could act and had a wonderful sense of humour. 


The thing I find shameful is that our culture sets up these famous teens and then savages them.  My suspicion is that he'll eventually become an elder statesman of pop type, but I won't live to see it.

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The Bieber factor aside, I'm quite curious to see how they intend to integrate crews into the show -- it sounds like they're setting up a sort of side-competition throughout the audition episodes to showcase the crews.  Interesting approach -- personally, I frequently skip through the audition eps (at least until they get to Vegas) so this might be a super clever way to start audience voting (and upping the ratings) right from the getgo.

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Glad TPTB came to their senses and will be going back to one winner. It seemed so anti-climatic with two winners. Also like that once they have reached Top 10, it will be the viewers votes only to decided who moves on in the competition. Going back to the SYTYCD roots is a good thing. Nigel & Company listened to their viewers.Thanks.

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I'm afraid to go into the episode threads because I'm still a week behind, but I have to say that, 1.5 performance shows in, I'm extremely impressed with how much they've revamped the show for the better.  I think somewhere I was complaining about the prize package, but it's up to a quarter million and a part in a show - that's sounding pretty good!


Most of all, (aside from the dancer talent), I'm thrilled that Misty is judging, that the judges are giving constructive criticism and even calling some performances weaker than others (how many seasons has it been since they've done that?), that there are so many more choreographers, that Sonya has changed her style, that there is such a variety of dance styles that seem to be more randomly assigned, and on it goes.  Well done, so far, show!

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For lack of a better idea of a place, I thought I'd put a general S11 discussion point here.


I am finding that I don't miss the Dance for your Life segments at all.  I much prefer this method of evaluating the kids after they've danced a full routine.  The DFYL only ever used to be fun for me when it was hip hop.  


Any thoughts?

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I agree ToxicUnicorn, I don't miss the DFYL either. They were never that impressive, and realistically, how often did the judges really change their minds based on those, what, 30 seconds?

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On the other hand, we wouldn't have gotten Danny's solos. Or Jeanine's for that matter. I don't think the issue is DFYL, i think that apart from hip hop, there's not much inspired choreography in the rest. It is probably, a good thing for ballroom dancers though - not having to solo. 

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