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  1. JFM&J! What is wrong with these people that they thought LAG was a better judge than Dom?! she sucks the air outta the room. I can't bear her. And it's all so stupid pretending that all that shite isn't scripted anyhow. Deep frustrated sigh.
  2. I guess I'm glad. I don't actually remember anybody at all from last season except the judging panel. I could do without the return of Laurieann Gibson and I've never been all that happy with Dom, although he didn't do a terrible job.
  3. I liked the British host (as he from the British show?) WAY better than JDT who spends way too much of my life gushing and cute-ing and taking credit for the matchmaking. I've seen clips of the British show and it seems to have a much more solid feeling to it, but I can't really say whether that's just the good clips that end up on youtube. Anybody seen a whole epi of the British show? I'm wondering if maybe they have better, more real, casting? I thought the Indian girl and Indian guy were an extremely attractive pairing and that the guy she picked was trouble brewing (aren't they the ones who stopped dating after the first time? I would really want to go back to the other person if that happened to me.. I really hoped Khairi would pick the girl he didn't too. So both of those were disappointments.
  4. That first girl who shook her head? They HAD to have asked her why. It certainly was offputting and possibly rude.
  5. I'm not sure that I believe in the spontaneity of that kiss. There is just something "off" about the show and I can't identify it. Or maybe I just dislike anybody associated with World of Dance so much that I can't get beyond JDT.
  6. I understand your point, but in the instance of this song, I disagree. I'm ten years younger than Ted (he said he was 68 and I don't believe either woman's age was revealed), so Bobby Darin's version was hot a year before I was born, but that doesn't matter. It is such a HUGE classic song, that I have enjoyed every iteration of it since (look it up, there have been tons) and it is one of the songs I sing to my dog all the time (with different words). I would far rather dance to it than to "Can't Hurry Love" which is also a great song that has been done famously by some other people. "Beyond the Sea" is such a classic and the French version "Le Mer" is even more romantic. If I was dancing ballroom, I would love to dance to this song, which has lilt and beat and soft thrilling feelings and is super dancey. I also think that the woman who danced to it was thrilled with it. Anna on the other hand. She looked uncomfortable with both men to me. Spectacularly uncomfortable with the first guy, somuchso that I hit the ff button. She was the first story that just didn't work for me on any level. I'm also glad to know that the show is going to be upfront about things not working out. I wonder if she wanted to meet the other guy after that, but I guess it would be hard to know you were the second choice.
  7. I wouldn't mind them doing the same dance with both people. But the American viewing public seems to need novelty all the time, even though it usually leads to boredom because of lack of substance for me. I guess it would be hard to settle who dances first, but a coin toss would satisfy me.
  8. Resurgent in what measurable way? I'd like to know. All last season did was caused me again to question my own intelligence in choosing to watch a show that is obviously mostly appealing to idiots (this also happened during the Bristol Palin seasons).
  9. Wow that last paragraph! What a colossally stupid remark.
  10. Some at the beginning of the date, I knew that Chen's date was not going to turn out well and in fact, going out on a limb here, think he is going to turn out to be the serialkiller's side story. I like being partially or fully right on things like this when the writing is clever, but iin this instance, not really enjoying the story. I'd like to be more interested in Harold Perrineau's character, probably just because he played one of the best Mercutios I've ever seen, but I really really am not. This show is hella inconsistent - I don't remember ever watching a show where I really like one epi, then not the next, then I like the next, then I don't like the next. I'm not sure how they're able to achieve such a discrepancy over and over. Nice not to see Nolan's new g.f. for a change.
  11. The show needs the rabid voting blocs in order to set their advertising rates, I would bet. They've manipulated and lied and made up stories so long that anybody who was voting 25 seasons ago is thoroughly fed up (or Canadian, so disenfranchised and re-enfranchised at the show's whims). If they don't pick someone current, they don't get the same numbers. And lord knows, their viewership numbers are falling, but if they can prove that people are still super invested with their voting numbers....
  12. I haven't watched the last 4 episodes at least and I won't be watching the finale. I value my life too highly (and really, my standards aren't all that high, given I've been watching this damn show for 26 seasons) to waste it watching this dramatization of a reality show anymore. I'll come here to read what you all thought and then get on with my life. I'm so sad that it's come to this.
  13. Well guys, I'll probably read this board till the end of this season, but after 26 seasons (not the 1st season and not the junior season), I'm done with this crap and have erased the last 4 shows from my dvr without watching. I have really enjoyed being part of this community throughout all its evolutions, but having read what went down tonight now that the horrible person is gone, it's just not tenable to keep watching.
  14. I'm not familiar with the actor who plays Grey, but so far I really really like him. I think they're moving too fast with taming the new actress - although she and Grey were super interesting to watch together, so thumbs up to that. So far, I still liked Talia's character better.
  15. At first I was just annoyed by the casting stunt, but then I thought it was entertaining how many Wash-like lines they gave Alan to deliver, but because he was playing Ellroy as some sort of autism spectrum disorder <?> person, he delivered them flat instead of sarcastic like Wash would. Unfortunately, since Firefly, Nathan has learned a really cutesy un-Captainy straight guy face - I flinched the couple of times he pulled it with Tudyk. No matter how stupid it was, everything about this episode was 500x less stupid than the last episode, so thankful for that. The writers' rush to get Grace and Nolan together is indecent and has been since her first appearance. Why? I am not at all looking forward to it.
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