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  1. I wonder if Tom is being pursue for Jeopardy? Trebek was firm that he wanted the show to continue. Would Tom be good at it? I think he's maybe too humorous. Derek dancing solo and clearly evoking both Kelly and Astaire threw me right back into my Derek hating days. I actually didn't enjoy the routine that much and felt that Derek was defo dancing with his favourite partner. He was lucky to get World of Dance as it changed his status forever and taught him a lot about reality show dance shows that he wouldn't have got from watching the 3 nincompoops I just say again, Battle of the Blades (figure skaters and hockey players) did the lack of live audience SO MUCH BETTER than DWTS. The screens along the audience walls with viewing groups cheering for their favourite and getting callouts from Ron Mclean was extremely imaginative and super successful. I believe they still did canned audience reaction but it doesn't seem like they're doing it because you can see the people on the screens cheering and it must have made the contestants happy to know their support group was "there". I believe that the most I watched of an episode of DWTS this season was the finale, because I basically watched about 2 dances and Derek's as opposed to just two dances. It's such a "little" show with Tyra's amateurish ass hanging out for everyone to see. This may be it for me - I didn't care in the slightest who won or didn't, and I've liked ARtem since his sytycd days.
  2. I do like how they're dealing with the lack of live audience. It makes listening to the pretend cheering and gasps seem less icky. I miss Marie-France.
  3. Interesting to note that Battle of the Blades which is sfaik the only Canadian equiv to DWTS, has done something very clever with the absent-due-toCovid audience. On BOTB, their 'dance' teams are a professional hockey player paired with a figure skater and the prizes are money that go to each contestant's favourite charity On the first night, I actually said out loud, "Oh they've copied DWTS" because they didn't have an audience but I could had a cheering section. BUT, as the show has gone on (not sure I've seen it every week), they have put up screens where the live audience usually is (in the stands) and they televise AND give shout outs to watching clubs who inhabit the screens with their homemade signs and are jumping up and down and yelling. Some of the watching club are friends and families of the contestants, but other fan clubs have applied and I think tonight they had reps from one of the charities. It's good on many levels, but it's especially nice to see real live people jumping up and down for the person they support (big white screens on a very black background so everybody wears super-colourful clothes and waves super-colourful signs) and they feature one or two screens as they go to commercial break and stuff like that - say who they're rooting for, who they are (like friends or fans or whatever) and where they're from. It's quite clever really. Maybe other shows are doing it too but I'm not a big watcher of any competitive reality that don't involve dancing, and I really think it's well done in a pinch.
  4. I like the side by side dancing bit. I'm down to watching about 10-12 minutes an episode (shakes fist, curse you and your interestingness, Johnny Weir!)
  5. I don't know Nelly at all, but I was impressed by his arm work on this night. Also, he's super cute with glasses on.
  6. Wow, I was unaware of Maks' incarnation as an influencer - lo, how the mighty have fallen? Incredibly odd to watch for subtext too (watching the Val one, where Val points out, none too subtly, that Maks gives great feedback which "they're all learning from" backstage). I want the tell-all book about DWTS NOW!
  7. Loved the interview with Johnny and Brit. They're a great team and I like their energy in this interview a lot.
  8. Val really looked like Maks in that mullet. I consider it a harbinger of the complete death of this show that I seem to be the first person to say this.
  9. I don't watch the judges on DWTS but I expect a lot of that's to do with the experience and gravitas from _World of Dance_. He's treated well there and he's been trained well there. I think JLo did a good job and set expectations high - it's really interesting to see the real gravitas which they create (even though they are still very schtick-y), especially when you've been steeped in the fake gravitas that DWTS lathers on their judges (even Len). I found Jenna unrecognizable (face work? hair colour/style change? starving herself?)and missed the intro to her dance - I was completely bewildered about who I was watching. Tyra was boring.
  10. I was less than impressed with the promo I saw wherein the central image was of Tyra wearing a black bodysuit<?> and a single ginormous pigtail to one side. The whole thing was awkward and unappealing I felt Tyra herself didn't believe in the image she was projecting. I often don't know anybody on the cast. Tom would keep me coming back until I got involved with a couple of contestants. Judging by this promo, Tyra will not be able to hold my attention long enough (through the secondhand embarrassment) till I get interested in a contestant.
  11. The part of me that loathes Disney and ABC hopes that their firing of Tom was what they clearly did to Sharna. She was punished for speaking out and Tom has been punished for speaking out. I hope when it all goes pear-shaped that they ask him back and he refuses. Note, in general, this is not the part of me who watches DWTS (although I most certainly will NOT miss let-us-manipulate-your-feeble-brains Disney night).
  12. Oops, haven't watched in a long time and what with Twitch guest judging this week, I gave it another try. I loathe its OLD host (Jenna Dewan). New host seems fine, although I'd have to see the show more often to know if that's true.
  13. As soon as I heard the Tyra thing (really don't know much about her), I thought, they are trying to make the show more like WOD. WOD is so empty of content but super super glitzy. I hate it, especially the scripts, but a lot of people really love it
  14. I miss the show SYTYCD BUT when I think of how great it was and how not-great it is, it's hard to get particularly upset about the current style show being gone. I certainly can't even tolerate WOD which is pretty much ALL about the judges and very little about the dancers. I loathe its host; I loathe its set; I loathe its pace; I loathe its scripted crap.
  15. Gotta say that even if it is defo cancelled, I'm not as disappointed as I would have been back when the show hadn't messed itself up into a corner of so-much-less-interesting-because-we-want-you-to-believe-the-judges are-what's-interesting-about-the-show (just so long of course as they are judges we picked for non-controversialness and ability to stick to our "reality" script and their talent for hollering and crying). This was once the greatest reality show. Now? pppppp.
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