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  1. Ironically, as I have been anti-Nolan and Grace from the overly obviously telegraphed arrival of Grace and was glad she looked like she was moving on in the last epi, I thought she was at least clearly giving off chemistry at HIM in this episode particularly their last scene. I hate to describe my Captain this way, but Nathan Fillion looks the same kind of worried about everything and it's not a good look when directed at Ali Larter.
  2. Please let Grace and Nolan be over over over. They have less chemistry than Bradford and Rachel.
  3. Without spoilers, I can see some very uncomfortable ways they could get Rachel off scene in order to make room for Chen. It was amusing that her dad was exactly the same kind of jerk Bradford can be. You'd think as a social worker, she'd be able to see that and would run a mile.
  4. A particularly coincidentally timely title.
  5. I'm much better with Bradford and Kujo's romance than I will be with the seemingly inevitable Bradford and Chen romance. How the eff did they know that "Jangus" was going to show up at Nolan's apartment and threaten him. That was just all kinds of fantasy-land.
  6. Having big trouble believing that Nolan didn't reply, "HALF-brother cop..." but instead went with something mature and loving. Shows he doesn't really feel the relationship IMO. I don't want to see Nolan's love life. I don't like Grace although she's a better pick than whatsherface. I also don't want to see Lucy and Bradford. I just don't, no matter how cute they are together.
  7. They seem to be pushing a Chen Bradford romance into the spotlight. I hope not.
  8. I'm really glad it wasn't suicide and thanks for the post from Benaym which answers quite a lot of questions as well. I watch his samba with Lacey every once in a while because it just blows my mind every time -- guess I'll be crying next time. I wish he had got comfortable with being in the public eye and stayed there a little more than he did. It was so stupid that he didn't win that season.
  9. That is awful news. I couldn't find anything about it online, but it's interesting that I immediately assumed it was suicide. I always wished him well, but watching the little bits we could see of his life unfolding, I always felt that he was in a lifelong struggle. I hope that wasn't the cause of death.
  10. JFM&J! What is wrong with these people that they thought LAG was a better judge than Dom?! she sucks the air outta the room. I can't bear her. And it's all so stupid pretending that all that shite isn't scripted anyhow. Deep frustrated sigh.
  11. I guess I'm glad. I don't actually remember anybody at all from last season except the judging panel. I could do without the return of Laurieann Gibson and I've never been all that happy with Dom, although he didn't do a terrible job.
  12. I liked the British host (as he from the British show?) WAY better than JDT who spends way too much of my life gushing and cute-ing and taking credit for the matchmaking. I've seen clips of the British show and it seems to have a much more solid feeling to it, but I can't really say whether that's just the good clips that end up on youtube. Anybody seen a whole epi of the British show? I'm wondering if maybe they have better, more real, casting? I thought the Indian girl and Indian guy were an extremely attractive pairing and that the guy she picked was trouble brewing (aren't they the ones who stopped dating after the first time? I would really want to go back to the other person if that happened to me.. I really hoped Khairi would pick the girl he didn't too. So both of those were disappointments.
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