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S04.E01: Sliding Doors

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I loved the Sliding Doors concept of their "how we met" story. I know I shouldn't have laughed when the happy version of them got hit by a bus, but I did. I also watched the short behind the scenes interview afterward and I agree with Amy Poehler's advice not to do an origin story in S1. It wouldn't have had the same impact as it does now that we know the girls. Heh, loved the names of Ilana's NYU suitemates and their list of complaints. It was also seeing the first time Abbi met Bevers. And Ilana making out with Jaime in class!

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On 9/14/2017 at 5:48 AM, Autumn0516 said:

I loved it. I also loved how what I thought at first was the real story wasn't. And Abbi and Bevers! Shot herself in the foot there. 

There's plausible deniability there but I think he was manipulating his way into being a freeloading leech. (I guess technically Melanie's half of the rent might as well cover him living there since Melanie doesn't seem to actually be there, but that rent doesn't cover his eating Abbi's food.)

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I loved that no matter what "Sliding Door" situation they were in, Abbi and Ilana ended up being friends. I also loved the little pieces they dropped in for us, like Abbi getting Ilana a catering job (which is the suit Ilana ends up wearing in the S1 wedding episode).

I was damn near in tears when Ilana agreed to take $20 from the dancers on the subway after she found out they all went to NYU.

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Haha! I loved it! 

"The Obama's are such a power couple! We are only moving forward from now on!" 

Cue bus with picture of drumpfie and "You're fired!" Dude! LOL

My broads are back! Oh and Ilana with straight hair! priceless! 

Edited to add: Jamie asking Ilana--- did a street dancer kick you in the face again? haha!

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Did they do something funky with the Bevers scene? Like was his head photoshopped onto another "fitter" body? cause he looked so different, but I was dying laughing the entire time, especially since Abbi had Bed Bath and Beyond bags and we all know what happened with the coupons! Illana called it in one of those versions. Bevers is a POS! 

It was funny. I really was so happy to see the show back. I've needed a good laugh with my "girls". 

Of course, she called them the "Madisons". When I saw them I thought sure I can see that, but guffawed when it turns out their names aren't even Madison! Her wall of aggressive porn! Illana never change, and we know you won't. Illana messing up Nicole's first day in NYC...get ready honey, she's not done with you yet! Straight haired Illana is as messy as curly headed Illana. 

I did enjoy the part about the Obamas but yeah...sad, sad, SAD face cause we didn't get a "woman". 

The guy yelling Trump will be President in the scene rewind was funny....I thought it was ludicrous when the Simpsons did an episode where he was president...so is real life ludicrous right now (answer: yes)? Should I switch from wine to weed (answer: I already should have)? 

Aren't we glad they became friends! Welcome back girls!

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On 9/14/2017 at 0:13 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I also watched the short behind the scenes interview afterward and I agree with Amy Poehler's advice not to do an origin story in S1.

I said the same thing as I was watching. You just can't do a lot of the background jokes because we don't know the show well enough. 

I didn't realize they died. I had to stop and figure out why the bus stopped because I was laughing at the Trump ad. 

I was confused because Abbi got the Oprah tattoo in the other reality, but I thought she had it in the 'real' show?

I was disappointed that there wasn't a Lincoln cameo, but I don't see how they could fit him in.

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