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  1. If Dawn continued the conversation with Maddy after Nick had decided to ghost her, wouldn’t he continue to get message notifications on his phone from the app he decided to delete and thus open and read all the new “Dawn pretending to be him” bogus messages? and how could Dawn possibly continue with her catfishing as Nick since she doesn’t know the password to his account? Sure she has the password to his phone but that’s different than the password to his Smittten account. (If the account was friendship only on an app called smitten then the users want to use an app to cheat but stay in
  2. I really can’t stand Carmel. She’s been stressing me out from her very first scene and it’s just getting worse. I immediately thought she was someone I would go out of my way to avoid. I’m only sticking around for Frances because I love Melissa McCarthy. The show has failed to make me care about the plot or anyone else.
  3. I’m afraid that with all the messed up stuff Nicole Kidman has done to her face, these are the only roles she’ll be ok in. I don’t understand why anyone would sign up for something like this let alone stay, especially after they found out on day one that it’s not at all what they thought they were in for. Obviously shit’s just going to get more and more disturbing and I will continue to wonder why they go along with any of it as my empathy for any of them dissolves into contempt .
  4. The way her phone call to her mom went, I got the impression that Rachel has absolutely nobody to rely on in her life. So no talking to Belinda wasn’t the right move for several reasons but it was very telling.
  5. The way Shane talked about his “badass travel agent” filled me with disgust and loathing that will be with me for a while.
  6. I felt the most interest throughout for Quinn and Belinda and I will be thinking about their stories for a long time. Quinn found both purpose and a community. I think he could very well stay and be just fine. I thought it was all well and good to say that Belinda should have known better but all I saw was how she was basically never given a chance to say no to Tanya’s initial pushy demands. I really believe that it would have taken drastic steps for her to assert her boundaries and say no. Tanya also kept coming at her with the whole “I’m serious about this “ over and over. Tha
  7. Paula oozes contempt for the Mossbachers 24/7.
  8. I don’t know if it’s sloppy writing or if Paula is really stupid but she’s not going to alert Kai that the robbery she set up for him is about to be interrupted?! Forget texting him call while running to the hotel! Then the bracelets. I could swear that last week they were 75k total. Am I wrong? I’m guessing they’re supposed to be Cartier. So yeah not exactly under the radar when trying to sell them. And just because they cost 75k does not at all mean they’re “worth” 75k. I’m horrified watching the Tanya Belinda situation for the exact same reason as @chocolatine. It’s pla
  9. Shane did seem angry, like he lost at something big.
  10. I really think the only thing that would have been acceptable to Shane was for the German couple to get kicked out of “his” Pineapple Suite immediately. Nothing else would have placated him. I have a really bad feeling about the BLM a guy. I think he was faking the wrong door thing. The Tanya Belinda situation has me worried. It reminds me of all the times I’ve known someone like her. My theory is she ends up in the box either by fucking over Belinda or something happens with the BLM guy. I think Mike White’s deal is queering normie genres. You think you’re watching the Lov
  11. Still slips in and out
  12. So Hilaria is still doing the accent, huh? Ok.
  13. Come to think of it, he’s really been giving me a Fawlty Towers sort of vibe.
  14. Oh for sure and in his position I’ve had private chats with managers etc and it was fine. I also agree with those who think the manager here is being frustratingly weird about it all and it seems like as much as an excuse to conjure up scenes as the teenager sleeping on a cot ridiculousness does.
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