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  1. Right! Haha! I am LOST!!!! But anyway I enjoy this show though half the time I've got no clue whats happening or who some of the characters are. But I do know who Delores is and Maeve and Bernard. I like all three and am interested in all their stories. Is it bad I don't want Maeve and Delores to fight against one another? I want them to ultimately join forces and destroy all of mankind! Bwaaa!!!
  2. C'mon! It was basically written in the very first ep-- Mere will end up with Alzheimer's --she will end up in the same home as her mother -- unable to remember her own name. What an actor thinks and says about a show (in which they are the star) is different than the character they portray.
  3. I have no ethical or moral issues with Izzy using her own embryos -- Alex signed away all rights -- they were hers to use or not. and she did. Deep down Alex didn't really change. I contend that none of them have really changed. I always felt the show did a good job of showing us that while Alex loved Jo (enough to marry her) and like he said -- at the time he meant it -- that he was never IN LOVE with Jo -- if that makes sense? Plus the letter to Mere made it sound like the moment he laid eyes on his children -- he fell deeply madly in love with them -- enough to give up everything for them. Knowing way too many dead-beat dads -- I was OK with this as well. Sorry that Jo is the one who gets dumped. There was no way to write this without someone getting hurt. I am OK with that character being Jo. The actor is gone -- that is a fact -- and the writers had to do something to explain the characters departure. Personally, I liked their choice of giving Alex a happily ever after scenario.
  4. Alex says specifically in his letter to Mere that he signed all his rights to the embryos away to Izzy -- in other words she could do as she pleased with them-- which she did. As I posted earlier-- I liked this ending for Alex. He gets a happily ever after scenario.
  5. Right! I didn't even take into account that my mixed race would make me less than a person. I just think of the little things-- like having your period. Makes that saying -- being on the rag - quite literal. And gross. You had to rinse them out and reuse them. No tampons. No pads. No corner convenient store to pick up some ibuprofen for cramps. No. Thank. You.
  6. Ahhh. I'm just going to say -- all the feels. God it was so nice seeing the fab 5 again! MAGIC indeed! I personally thought that was a lovely way to say goodbye to Alex! Very well done! Now I can picture him happy with Izzy and his children living the dream.
  7. Well I freakin' loved it! This season has really made me love this Doctor and I actually like all the companions (after a slow warm-up) The Doctor is the original timeless child? Or is She/He? Cuz the Master is an unreliable narrator so we really can't believe a word out of His/Her mouth. Either way I am down with it! Oh and I'm just going to add that I thought having to Doctor locked up in prison (probs cuz the universe thinks she is the one that blew up Gallifrey when we--- the audience---- know it was the old Dumbledore dude!) Irony! How will she escape! Tune in next season!!!!!
  8. ALSO THIS ONE! https://www.gofugyourself.com
  9. I personally think Claire is absolutely insane to chose to live in the past for some dude. Think of all the knowledge and expertise she is missing out on in her own time. The advances in medicine! The advances in technology! (In her own time it is the precipice of the technological revolution) Brianna won't be alone with Rodger-- she will have that boy/girl child too - they are a family as Rodger said. That should be her priority -- the well being and safety of her child.
  10. I'm actually with Rodger on this (Yes I purposely spelled his name with a G) cuz he and Brianna and that kid (What the hell did they name it? Jemmy? Is it a girl? I thought it was a boy child?) Need to get the hell outta Dodge! Like Claire said -- the time they are in is dangerous! Disease! Accidents! War is a coming! Get the hell outta Dodge! I am interested to see whatshername and Claire working together. That might be fun. Steven Bonnett is alive and looking for his baby mama! haha! I just love what a piece of shit he is! He is mad, bad and dangerous to know! (Right<<< anyone get the reference?? anyone?)
  11. Exactly! and as I said before -- Claire's voice over said "seasons' had passed -- but that was NOT reflected in the age of the baby. Jem or whatever it's name is looked to be about 9 months -- not 2 or 3 years old. But Fergus's kid looked to be about 3- 4 years old and last time we saw it was when they were rescuing Murtagh from prison (Brianna was greatly preggers and had the kid soon after) and he looked then to be about 9 months to 1 year old. So... they aged progressed one kid and kept the other a baby?
  12. Happy Birthday! I Dream Of Jeannie premiered in 1965 -- I was old enough to appreciate the chemistry between the two actors (They were the first couple I ever shipped) so that ought to tell you what an old lady I am! Don't get me wrong -- I like Claire and Jaime -- I really do.
  13. Oh child! You are young! Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman! ( Jeannie and Tony) <<< they were so smoking hot they had the TV censers in an uproar most of the time! Anthony Geary and Genie Francis!!! (Luke and Laura!) <<< College campuses came to a standstill on the day they were married! (November 16, 1981; the event was watched by 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history) ^^^ and that's just off the top of my head. I like Jaime and Claire well enough but chemistry is subjective to say the least. I have seen hotter couples in my time is all I am saying.
  14. Agree. I turned it off when he came on.
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