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  1. Beside the fact the IMO Deluca looks a lot like Derek -- I fanwank that he's hung like a horse and good in bed---- plus Mere is an experienced woman who knows a few tricks to keep him happy enough that he's not looking around. It's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
  2. Yeah the jail time/community service is a little over the top. But it's Grey's so over the top is their MO. It's all about the DRAMA!!!!
  3. I'm right there with you. all the names you called those characters are what I call them in my head. And the sad part? I don't care enough about any of them to learn their names. Anyway I have No problem with Meredith having a fun fling with younger dude Deluca. I also have no problem with Mere getting "special treatment" or whatever -- some people (IRL) as well as fictional characters have 'charmed" lives <<See what I did there? Life itself treats them kindly. I am not jealous of that. So was third sister Shannon Doherty??? Haha! I was hoping the actress would make an appearance. Hm? Is Richard going to have an affair? Once a cheater always a cheater so I am fine with that scenario. I am personally surprised it hasn't happened before this. I laughed every time Koricik came into the room and Owen had to leave. Only makes me love the character even more. Linc and ... Amelia!!! (I can NEVER remember her name!) continue to be ok. At least her character has calmed down a little and she isn't so over the top insane. Bailey and Mere have always had their ups and downs so it seems in character this strife between them. They have a sort of love/hate/admiration/distrust thing going on. It has been their dynamic for years.
  4. oh crap! I just deleted an email /link from them (Pod Save America)! I didn't realize it was concerning Rachel Maddow.
  5. Of course -- but only Meredith should have consequences.
  6. ...And he probably never will. 16 years in I think that boat has sailed.
  7. What consequences are Richard and Alex facing?
  8. oh right! I've been watching this show for 100 years -- I forgot what happened so long ago!
  9. I swear in like the first season? second? maybe third? there is an ep dedicated to MAGIC taking their board exams. Meredith just sits there staring off into space because of something...?? probably something Derek did (Derek was always doing something shitty and fucking up Mere in the head) .... and George... fails? yes I believe George initially fails his boards.
  10. Maybe she will? I have no clue where this story line is headed but I'm interested so that's good. It's no secret that Meredith is my favorite character and the reason I am still watching this show 100 years later. Anyway I used to hate the sister-in-law -- Amelia but since they removed her tumor she's not as annoying as she used to be and I kind of like her with Linc. (Link) (sp?) So I suppose there's going to be something horribly wrong with the baby? or... it is somehow Owens? Not sure where the show is going with this but's it's something else that is fairly interesting to me. I have always loved Richard ... and Alex and seeing them working together is truly enjoyable. I have faith that they will turn that other hospital around! Bailey was eating a lot of donuts-- I was worried she was going to have a heart attack.
  11. Probably -- but she's my darling so I'm good with with that scenario!
  12. The show never made me care about Jo. She's just a wet noodle to me.
  13. For me-- Rachel Maddow is one of my go to shows. She rarely if ever annoys me. Plus I adore history and the way she connects the dots often times has me cheering.
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