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  1. Meh. This one did nothing for me. No feels. No nada. I guess I've never really liked Addison and I just couldn't relate to her COVID lockdown drama. Amelia likewise is not a favorite of mine. I guess I just don't care. Same with Owen. and his sister. Actually I forgot the character is supposed to be Owen's sister. They sure had a lot of make-up smeared on that actresses face though - that's all I could see. I didn't care about anything she said. The only thing that stood out to me was the operating room saga. OMG! Say it ain't so! That kind of shit doesn't really happen at a ho
  2. Interesting! Nine is my favorite doctor (well after Four < but he is classic so...) I loved Nine and Rose! and Nine and Rose and Jack! and well -- just Nine by himself!
  3. I like Ray. He is one of my favorite characters on this show. So? Is he a sex addict? and is he the daddy of Renea's baby? Or is it Frankie's? I'm not sure what the timeline is supposed to be? And I know we (the audience) is supposed to root for Jackie to be sober - but man! last seasons best ep (IMO) was Jackie's fall from grace so to speak - the one where she fell off the wagon and drank and snorted coke and went on some really crazy tangents and even though it turned out like shit and that chick ended up getting her face bashed in - still - the actress who plays Jackie did a great job!
  4. Right! it's always been a soap opera but when you read it laid out like you did? Oh yeah! It is glaring!
  5. dear god that reads like a soap opera!
  6. Don't get me started! How bout Linc and Teddy intending to "fix" the electrical grid or whatever they were attempting to do. I mean - seriously. That scene was so ridiculous my eyes practically rolled right of my head. I know! I know! They have world class surgeons meeting ambulances in the ambulance bay! Hell I think over the years I have seen them draw blood/shave a patients head/ mop the floors! << World. Class. Surgeons! doing the grunt work!
  7. Right! That is another story line I am not really understanding. Why is it marriage or nothing? The whole set up comes across as weird and makes Linc look like a demanding dick.
  8. Friends of mine have a son with Spina Bifida -- he has had many health issues and yes- he is wheelchair bound. I figure Grey's gave Zola Spina Bifida in the beginning because DRAMA! and didn't Derek operate on her and obviously preform a miracle surgery that "cured" her? Cuz ever since she has been a perfectly normal child. I was never a huge Addison fan when she was on the show and I never watched that other show she was on. I did enjoy Mere and Addie in the elevator and later at Mere's casa. I even laughed at the throwaway line about Ellis upstairs -- she's moody like her mother. H
  9. I have said this for so long it has become my mantra. I have never understood why the character was ever made a mother? To be honest - like Meredith I forget the children even exist. Unless they are on screen. Then I am like -- what? kids? 3 of them? say what? Anyway I feel like I was distracted during the ep and may have missed some stuff. How long has glasses been on the show? cuz whoa! He is almost unwatchable.
  10. I have been looking for it but so far... nada. I practicality subscribe to every damn thing now -- I really don't want to add anymore. EPIX is bound to air it... sometime??? right?
  11. Oh! I thought the actress was looking preggers!
  12. I dunno? I took it completely opposite. Ellen says it was a great experience -- and since it is she who is recalling the incident -- I'm gonna believe her.
  13. Who was the dude who met up with Meredith? Was he once upon a time a patient? I don't remember but he is cute and they had more chemistry in their little cute meet than she has with that doctor back in Seattle (I can NOT remember his name!) the one whose kid hates Meredith. So? Jo has a baby? That happened last season right? and let me get this straight - she sat in the car all day with a tiny baby -- who looked like it spent the day strapped into it's car seat? Um? What? My first impression was that Jo lived her her car but I believe at the beginning of the ep she was shown in an apartme
  14. Actually I wouldn't mind that. Take a look at Boudica and her daughters and their history. I would not wish that on anyone. Cait and Divis are my two favorite characters and I want them to LIVE damnit!
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