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  1. taanja

    The Chi

    They oughta do the ole soap 101 thing-- character is presumed dead and comes back with an altered face (you know -- plastic surgery = new actor!) I would have no problem with that! I promise will suspend my belief! But according to the show runner -- they are not going to replace actor with a new one. Too bad. The character was cool.
  2. taanja

    The Chi

    THANK YOU! I thought I was seeing things! I was like -- wait! what? who?
  3. taanja

    The Chi

    I only just discovered this thread yesterday. I didn't know. So... no way the show is "faking" Brandon's death to get that Ottis Perry guy (that's his name - right?) in some kind of sting operation? Thanks! I'll have to take the time to read all about it. Otherwise I re-watched the ep last night and I'm really worried about Keisha. I hope they don't kill her. Edited: Ok I just read about several incidences. Yeah. I liked the character-- didn't know a thing about the actor. Not cool dude. Not cool.
  4. taanja

    The Chi

    Wait! What happened to the actor who plays Brandon? I re watched season 2 to get ready for the premier-- and at the end Brandon is sitting in a van watching that bad dude (can't remember his name) and the detectives are telling him about the mob etc and then wham! season 3 starts and Brandon is dead-- no explanation! No nuthin'! Brandon was like my favorite character! I was thinking -- oh the show is "faking his death" and he will come back with evidence against that bad dude (once again I can't remember his name but I think they said he is running for mayor?) anyway-- did Keisha get kidnapped at the end? is that what I saw?
  5. taanja


    hey that's how I roll. Don't like it? Don't look. So the series is over? Just like that? It seems like so much story left to tell. I am glad Johnnie and Lyn are going to try to make a go of things. The actors had/have some great chemistry. Emma has the right to be a cold (Ice Queen) bitch. She learned early and quite well to hide who she really is inside. She was my favorite character.
  6. taanja

    S01.E07: Trick

    I liked it! Very ambiguous! It made me question if this show was just a one shot six episode kind of thing? Will it come back for a second season? All I know is--- it is HBO -- so it will go away for like -- ever! and I will forget all about it and may or may not watch if and when it ever comes back. That was great though. I wasn't sure what Ruby was going to decide. After the video she just saw -- she made the best decision. How can she trust Billy?
  7. taanja

    S01.E06: Tell

    I didn't see or hear any conclusions made between Billy and Ruby -- only that they want to continue to the destination. The 'journey" is only supposed to be a week? Then they would decide where to go from there. But everything changed when Fiona bit the dust!
  8. taanja

    S01.E06: Tell

    I guess I'm watching a different show cuz I really liked this. Billy's not sure if he 'pushed" Fiona or if she "fell" or if he "just let go" hahaha! Ruby leaving her phone behind (I saw it happen when she set the phone on the porch to fill the bucket to wash away Billy's puke) So I knew that was coming back to haunt them. I am completely unspoiled and have no clue where they are going with this show-- half the time I can NOT predict what might happen so I am being entertained- which is a good thing I guess I have no morality cuz I don't care if Ruby left her kids (and whinny husband) behind. and I don't care if Billy killed Fiona or if it was an "accident" I want to see how this all plays out. I kind of hope that make it !! I am rooting for Ruby and Billy! Oh I totally do! want them to get away with it!
  9. taanja

    S01.E01: Run

    I seriously just discovered this show so i got to watch several eps in a row. Really liking the premise. Really liking the characters. It most def gets better as it goes on. I actually like the way it is unfolding and each ep we find out a little more about Billy and Ruby and what motivates them.
  10. Initially it was the time travel aspect of this show that made me want to watch. It annoys me when the show makes it a big deal to travel through the stones (Hell! we even had a new character that said he was from 1968!!!) but then skims over or does a complete fake out with Roger and Bree.
  11. How would I know that since the show didn't "show" that? No character on the show ever mentioned that out loud either. That is even lamer that I initially thought.
  12. Yup. I thought immediately that was an after sex scene -- with Claire "reclaiming" the one thing she likes most (especially with Jaime) and when he said she was a "brave wee thing" or whatever he said that kind of clinched it for me. The flashback scenes in that cool as hell tract house were the highlight for me. I know it was Claire's way of dealing with the reality she was going through at the time -- but it made me wish they could all go through the stones and live there. They all looked so damn good! The cloths! the hair! Do Roger and Bree die in a car accident in the future? Is that what that was supposed to be? Speaking of Roger and Bree-- so? what? wait? WTF? they just...came right back? didn't go anywhere? What? that was lame as shit.
  13. Yeah. I went ahead a freaking purchased the sports crap (I don't watch any sports ever-- they are forbidden on my television) but I need Turner Classic Movies in my life. So... well worth it. Oh and the actress from Sweetbitter is Mariah (or Maria) Grey-- I knew I recognized her from something! I don't hate any of the characters. They all have something to offer.
  14. At first my American ears thought they were saying -- Saphira << or something -- it took me several eps to realize they are saying Sophia! Duh! Anyway-- customs and old timey manners? I am in!
  15. Popping in to say I liked it too. I was a little leary of the finale-- like I was kind of dreading the chick fight trope but was actually pleasantly surprised. Adios Dolores. or is it...???
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