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  1. I also said in my opinion. Liking or disliking certain characters is subjective. Spike was my favorite from the moment he appeared. Good bad or ugly I was in all the way. He continued to endear himself to me until the end (on Angel no less--I only faithfully watched the final season because of Spike)
  2. I do not look for redeeming qualities in my fictional characters. I take 'em how I see 'em. Flawed! Besides at this point in time in the series-- Spike is still in denial. The truth will set him free -- and eventually ...
  3. I am just going to pop in and say -- one of ,my all time favorite episodes! But I always loved Spike from the first moment he was introduced -- School Hard-- the way he watched Buffy dance in slo-mo-- hawt! hawt! hawt! I love that he (Spike) is cruel and kind and evil and complicated. But I never doubted his love for Buffy. Angel only loved her when he had a soul. Otherwise Angel was a real asshole. Spike never pretended to be anything but a piece of shit -- but hey! a love sick piece of shit at that. All only my opinion of course. Carry on.
  4. I'm at work and can't listen - when is this damn show returning? or is it? I know nuthin'! Droughtlander indeed
  5. Yes. And weird. I didn't stop to think about Richard officiating at the wedding. It's Grey's Anatomy - everyone is everything when they need them to be...I mean world renown surgeons do the grunt work like shave heads and put in IV's etc...
  6. Hey! The TV remote now sticks (magnetically!) to my chest -- I'm never gonna lose that bitch again! Thank you Moderna!
  7. Like good television children everywhere -- they "disappear upstairs" until their existence is required for a scene.
  8. That is soap opera 101. A simple conversation could solve all the misunderstandings/issues - but of course = no covo leads to BIG DRAMA! and there must always be drama.
  9. And Amalia was still very much in Stripe mode-- it came across to me that she did what she felt she had to do to survive. Period.
  10. Oh, They did! They picked 'all of them'
  11. Succinct and to the point. Yup. That's all I got too.
  12. I have never watched Farscape nor have I ever heard of Claudia Black -- but it only took a second and I am in love with her! wow! she made an instant impression. I will go back and binge watch the entire season because I find it makes more sense back to back than week separation between eps
  13. I swear since Q Tarantino started doing that backward storytelling shit -- everyone in Hollywood/movies started doing it. Personally I like a linear story -- but I am not in control! Anyway- I watched twice cuz the first time I am always a bit confused. The creators of Sci-Fi have a concept/idea and sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out their vision. So True was Stripe. I loved her! Without taking anything from the actress who plays Amalia -- dayam! I wish (kinda) that she was the lead actress. Also-- I still don't have an inkling what the Galanthi is/are. They seemed as
  14. Maladie dressed as reporter lady (Effie Boyle/Doyle) saved Harriet from being trampled to death. She also seemed to notice that Penance/the touched were trying to rescue her.
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