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S04.E09: Finale

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22 minutes ago, JudyObscure said:

That Wells!  I think he is a good guy.  I even thought the puppets were probably the producers idea and that he was using them to ridicule the gossips not Scallop Fingers herself. 

Bringing up her boob job multiple times in his puppet show was his own doing; it wasn't meta-ridicule. He's not a bad guy but he's no angel.

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1 hour ago, JudyObscure said:

Why am I fighting for Wells when he's not fighting for me?

He's just stringing you along, in case Danielle M doesn't return. You're his back up plan.

Still, I'd rather be Wells' backup plan than Deans. At least Wells is amusing at times.

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5 hours ago, JudyObscure said:

Oh yeah, right. I forgot about the boob job jokes. [sigh] Why am I fighting for Wells when he's not fighting for me?

You are amazing, JudyObscure. You are one of the coolest, badass chicks in the world, and you don't deserve it.

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