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S35: Jessica Johnston

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Here's an interview with Jessica.  Chrissy hasn't seem too well liked by some of the boots and castaways.  Ali liked her okay, but my impression from her interviews is she didn't know whether she was being fake or not.  So I was curious what Jessica would say about her.  This is her take:




Can you size up the competition for me, the people on the other side of the vote — the new players on your radar: Chrissy, Ryan and Devon?

I only really had one full day with these people, but I will say… I hate to say I'm an expert at women, but I feel like I am. Chrissy. I remember thinking she is not okay. She is not okay. She does not like competition from other women. I was very, very aware of it. I felt it. I saw it. In my opinion, I saw her give that aura. Doesn't want to go up against another woman, and if she feels another woman is causing her threat, she will do what she can to remove the threat. Again, good for her. Definitely pegged her as a threat. And I knew how close she was with Ben, so she was a personal threat to me, because I'm trying to be close with Ben. He can't have two women in his life, right? Definitely a big threat there.


And Jeff thinks Jessica should come back again?!



Speaking with Jeff Probst this week, he said: "I think [Jessica] will make a case to play again in a 'second chance' season and I think she'd be strongly considered." Do you have that case ready, Jessica? What's the pitch for a second shot at Survivor?

Oh, my god. Jeff Probst, get ready. Crazy blonde is coming out. I got two pieces of advice before I came out and played this game. Number one, don't hook up with the good looking guy. I was like, "No way! I've watched Survivor before. Showmances never work." And look what the freak I did. I did exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do. And I made best friends. I screwed myself! I made best friends, and I hooked up with an eight-pack. The next time I play? There will be no hooking up with an eight-pack. Maybe a twelve-pack, but not an eight-pack. And I'm not making any best friends! I might just be a villain next time! (Laughs.) You never know! 


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Here is another interview.   Egad



On what she would have done if she knew she was the target:
“I would have been a crazy person! That’s what stinks is that my craziness was not able to come to fruition. At that time, I knew Joe had an idol. I knew Mike had an idol because I found it for him. And what I feel like was not portrayed was the relationship with Joe that I had from the original Healers tribe, and the relationship I had built with Mike after we got split into Yawa. So those were two of my top two people. Had I known that my name was out there, I would have told them to play their idol for me. And I believe with my whole heart they would have, which would have been an easy save. So huge regrets on my end.”

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8 hours ago, wings707 said:

I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into that quote, but that is weird for someone who's whole persona was like 'oh, I kissed a boy on the cheek whatever am I doing I'm a VIRGIN.'

I'm not judging it as a strategy - Parvati is one of my top five players - but it seems weird here. 

Also were all her alliances - or attempted alliances - with men? Again, fine, but I sense maybe some projection there with her view of Chrissy.

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8 hours ago, KimberStormer said:

I don't think so?  She was very close with Lauren, according to the exit interviews, and Roark said she felt like the Healer women were going to work together, that Jessica would vote out Cole before her and Desi.

Oh ok. I feel like most of what we saw was her with guys but... editing. Fair enough. 

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Does anyone follow her on social media?  Did she ever scale Mount Cole?  And is there a ... ahhhhh.... status change?

I don't actually care, but we got so much mileage out of her virginity on S35 it seems we are owed some closure.

I had forgotten about her entirely until Ashley I. played the Hymen Card on Bachelor Winter Games

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