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  1. Not that I don't blame Jessica for that mess, too, but I've always blamed Cody so much more for it. Anyway, now that they're away from fucking Paul Abrahamian, I hope they do very well. At the very least, they'll be in a much nicer, friendlier environment, and Cody can really put his military skills to use here.
  2. This was one of the most toxic seasons with one of the most toxic casts in the history of the show, and a lot of that toxicity came from Louie & Michael and Brent & Caite (especially Caite). So yeah, a lot of people don't like it. A lot of the more likable teams left first, which hurt the season even more.
  3. It's what Nathan told Maxie when he and Dante released her and Lulu yesterday.
  4. The editor of the Invader agreed not to press charges so long as Nathan and Maxie took a vacation on their dime. Probably for advertising purposes.
  5. I feel totally bad for anyone who likes him. Once someone's called out on playing personally, they aren't winning.
  6. Will was not "sacrificed." But whatever. Think what you want. Enjoy what you want. Wonder if you still will be if Will ends up with him?
  7. *Shrugs* I only came for the laughs. Sorry. If I want heart, I'll watch the dramas.
  8. So just as Joe only appeared in a confessional last week with no other appearance in the episode, Haley does the same this week. Also, no Alex, though at least we get a one-way phone call with her from Claire. The way she grabbed the professor when Manny confirmed it was from him was hilarious, as was Jay trying to get her off her. Wow. Mitchell was wrong about everything this week, wasn't he? Lily actually proved to be better with a baby than even she expected to be. I kind of liked that surprise. Was expecting Claire to crash the truck. Was very surprised when she
  9. Jennifer didn't choose it for her. The artists choose their own Instant Save songs. But I do think that Jennifer was done with her because she knew that she wouldn't win. The comments getting thrown at her for keeping Shi'Ann and sacrificing the much better Chris Weaver and Hannah Mrozak were very much a wakeup call to her. She knows by now that Noah is pretty much her only chance, at this point.
  10. For a short time, and then it's back to the same old, same old. Not seeing it, and never will.
  11. He's literally a male version of her, though! Hence why I fail to see what's all that likable about him!
  12. I feel bad for you, then, because he clearly is.
  13. Naked Rob, Andy, and Matt all being unimpressed by their first rap was even better. Small RLS! Right at the beginning with Adam and Barry. I'm pretty sure that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air didn't come out till the '90s. That music video was very reminiscent of the theme song. Looks like Erica is getting along with the other Erica now. When she brought up the "Girls Just Wanna Drink Rum" dance, the other Erica actually brightened and loved the idea. Isn't Geoff part of the JTP? Why wasn't he with them in this episode? Did Sam Lerner being bumped up to regular status suddenly
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