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S10.E03: Darwin's Law

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Not bad, not overly suspenseful.  Nice to see Elliot handy with something more than a cell phone.  And nice to see Norman Hansen blowing off some steam.  I don't get why Wild Bill went from zero-to-asshole so fast on the greenhorn.  Is he that bipolar?  Discovery kept hyping this season as ultra-deadly, hmm.  Keith is in pretty good spirits,


And nice to see Andy lift a great (mixed) metaphor from Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp in "Tombstone."


Wyatt (to Ike Clanton):  "You tell 'em I'm comin'.  And hell's comin' with me, you hear?  Hell's comin' with me!"

Andy (to Jonathan):  "Hell's comin.'  And we're goin' into it."

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Keith sho nuf knows how to read those crab farts!


Didja notice Sig sneaking a cigarette during the shooting contest?  


Now we get to see the Wild Bill we first met.  That greenhorn had it coming.  Lousy numbers didn't help matters.


Elliott at least understands his mechanicals.


No Junior sightings????


Loved Jake's trick.  Really funny.


Maugatai is the perfect crabber.  My goodness he is strong and whip smart on a boat.  His lucky crab dance is a total hoot.  To me, if you can't fish with Freddie, you can't fish.

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I am with you completely on the cluttered up cluster fuck screen display.


Dear Disco: I pay for HD cable to see the full screen of what's happening on the show your sponsors and ratings bean-counters hope I choose to watch.  I do not want my visibility crowded by 1) Tweets - I don't need to see fanboy & fangirl "squee!" everytime a crab pot comes over the rail 2) the Disco logo - duh! I selected the channel/network to watch so I know who you are 3) the chyron for the show I am currently watching - see duh! above 4) an ad for what show is coming up next -  I am definitely NOT interested in yet another show about "wacky pioneer survivalist motorcycle building off the grid hunters livin' on the edge!!"

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this is why I mostly listen to tv these days.   I don't want to have to read all the stuff cluttering my screen.


Did have to laugh when Elliott talked about having to stay off the phone and focused.  Because not being focused can get people killed.   When did Captain Obvious take over the Saga?   Which is a bucket of rust.   Great ship you bought there Elliott.


Keith found the honey hole for sure.   Even he was surprised how fast his fishing went.   The shoot off between Edgar and Norman was hilarious.  Sig and his  "they haven't slept in a day and a half and now they are going to play with guns" also ranked up there on the laugh meter.   If he truly felt it was not safe, he would have stopped it.  


I have always had a soft spot for Jonathan (which was sorely tried during the DB years) ever since the TB rescued that man overboard and he cried about it.   Tonight he proved it again with his "I want everyone to do well and come home safe.   I just want to do better than everyone else."   Sure he is competitive as hell, but he really is a nice guy.   

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I still despise Elliot. For those that watched it, he is like Chompers from Swords idiot twin brother, right down to the rickety rust bucket sailing the ocean. I'll give him credit on his Macguyvering skills though.


I really think Keith has come a long way with how he treats his crew. I think watching himself on TV flipping out gave him some perspective on all of that.


Did I mention I still despise Elliot?

The guys of the DoucheBandit have redeemed themselves over the past few seasons. I hated them for a while there.  They're off my shit list. Elliot is the only one douchy enough to reside there these days. Even Keith, who I couldn't stand, is 3,000 times better than Elliot.


Nice to see Jake A a little happier again. And? A Norm sighting! It's a miracle!


I really wanted to like the greenhorn and his voodoo, but he is draining. I'm exhausted just watching him complain on a 1 hour TV show. I can't imagine being on a boat with him. Wild Bill is Wild Bill. And I have a love/hate relationship with him and his behaviors.

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The fuck!?  I specifically only watch the first showing of an episode so I can bypass all that assholish annoying tweeting and this episode there it is!!!  On the screen on the first showing!!!   All due respect to my fellow viewers, but I have no interest whatsoever in what you think of anything about what I'm seeing WHILE I'm seeing it for the first time.  None whatsoever.  I am beyond pissed off by this development.  I want to watch a clean show, not a show muddied up by inane viewer comments across a quarter of my screen.  Damn Disco., 

It annoyed me as well.  So much so that I turned it off and went to bed.  Fortunately the late night/early morning repeat that my DVR caught for me didn't have the stupid tweeting.  Hopefully that means that the 9pm showing was just an error in airing the wrong cut of the episode.

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I love the NW crew, and it's good to see them take a few minutes to actually enjoy themselves (and be reminded that Norman exists... and can talk), but it pissed me off to watch them literally throw trash in the ocean during their shooting contest.  Ugh!  I know it's *just* a couple of cans or paper plates, but it still pisses me off to no end to see that kind of disrepect for something that supports their entire livelihood.  /end rant.


With respect to Keith finishing in "record time"... he seems to have far less quota than he ususally has.  Isn't the Wizard usually much higher than the other boats on the crab count?  I've noticed they have not been at the top, so they must have had less to catch overall than in previous years (hence being able to finish the season so quickly).  Still, making $35k in 11 days sounds pretty sweet to me!


And I agree about the tweeting.  It is obnoxious and needs to go immediately, if not sooner!

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Man I hate the tweets. I watch on a computer and it takes up a third of the screen. There should be a choice whether you can see the tweets or not.

Crab dance!

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I could really do without the tweets. I don't do Twitter -- Facebook is about all the social media I can handle. 


That Kelly guy on Bill's boat just blew my mind. I just don't get it. There seems to be one of these meatheads on the show every season. I mean, we're into Season 10. I think it's safe to assume that anyone heading up there to get a job on a fishing boat has watched the show. Common sense should dictate that as hard as the job looks on TV, it's got to be at least 100 times harder in real life. And yet every season some clueless dunderhead shows up, thinking he's some sort of bad-ass that's going to breeze through the work. I know that almost all other reality shows stage stuff, and they do it on this show too. But I've always had a hard time believing that they would stage these types of dramatics when they could put people's lives in danger.


The only guy I ever really felt for was on the show in one of the early seasons. When the boat he was on got out into the open sea, he really freaked out and the captain ended up having to turn around and take him back to shore. The poor guy just felt awful -- he even told them not to bother giving him his paycheck since he didn't feel that he had earned it. I read something later that he'd been in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I could see how someone would find the Bering Sea to be traumatizing after going through something like that, and I've only ever seen the Bering Sea on TV. Although I did wonder why that guy went all the way to Alaska to work on a fishing boat, of all things.

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I liked how Matt on the Northwestern rescued the cod (?) from out of the pot and said something like "it's your lucky day, you're going back in, you're going to live." 


Kind of makes up for the one he punched a few years back  -- back in the days when he and Jake would fight like cats and dogs. 

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