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  1. Between going to school, interning at the hospital, interning at ChanceCom, interning at Newman Enterprises, interning at Cerexorcists, make-up testing at Jabot, helping Faith with her homework and being an international chess champion, that kid doesn't even have time to fart. How he didn't know what an epipen was was unfathomable. Other than all that, he seems fine and I feel like I haven't even had a chance to get to know him yet. I have high hopes for Neil's son and want him to be a good addition to the show.
  2. That's hysterical. It would actually be more interesting than everything they have going on now. I'm just glad it wasn't another stinky airport candle and other duty free souvenirs - a bottle of Kahlua, a keychain that says Abby and a shower cap from a hotel..
  3. So would the Olsen twins or a bag of Mexican jumping beans. Thx! I can remember it being boring now. I do remember she was with Stitch. But so what, more Dullsville, man.
  4. Okay, I'm not remembering this guy at all. Would someone please refresh my memory?
  5. I forgot about Chelsea. I can't believe her boring-ass story is still lingering on. When Rey Rey went to see her I thought both of her arms were in casts. Haha. Those long white sleeves down to her fingers looked like casts! Very distracting. I kept wondering who broke her arms. I kinda felt bad that mop wasn't going to get her world rocked. Ya know what, Buttbiscuit, when you were commenting on your children's drawings you misspoke, I think what you meant to say was that you're all wieners. Speaking of wieners, (the other kind), would somebody please give Amanda a sandwich. Or
  6. It's not just you. The show is mostly excruciatingly boring and revolving around despicable characters that you can't bring yourself to root for. It's what I'm hoping, but I have so little faith in the MWT. Also, I don't believe that Assland only has six months to live. Thank you. I hate when they kill off any character, especially a legacy character, but I find myself hoping they'll get rid of Chance because this story sucks so fucking much. Nina is the only bright spot in this idiotic mess. Abby is intolerable. It's a crime that this, THIS, is what they are wasting Mariah on
  7. Okay, but if you know you won't have time to change, wouldn't you wear your airplane/travel clothes to work - Casual Friday or flat out jeans and a tee, in case you have to escape the plane on that giant slip 'n slide or climb out onto the wing to battle a monster?
  8. Because Dummer is just like Pterri from Pee Wee's Playhouse. And apparently Poodle-do is only aloted one baby, so Little Hassenpfeffer gets to be the baby.
  9. Yes, this is true. Even the actor, (our Lance Prentiss), has reffered to Eric as "dumb as a box of hair".
  10. Well, since she might be Jewish, maybe ShlockeStep?
  11. Thanx for sharing this picture. I'm glad to hear he's doing better.
  12. Brad killed a man - with his thighs!!! (He's now Dollar Bill on B&B. And he is fantastic in the role.)
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