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  1. Is that a baby jesus from a holiday nativity set in a Little House on the Prairie dress? Still better than a salami or a liter of soda.
  2. I was actually surprised that the wedding made it to the end. It was actually kind of a let down. All that drama for nothing. Well, there's still the reception. Maybe someone who chose the chicken will get the fish, or maybe someone will go face first into the wedding cake.
  3. They could at least go on ebay and get an old used doll, ya know, something that is at least shaped like a baby. Yes, he does. It was weird that Tessa just said she missed her, rather than being worried about how she's doing. Wasn't Noah kept in the loop by anybody about Mariah being a surrogate? Sharin, Nick, Faith, Nikki, Grampire, doesn't anyone in his family communicate with him? We heard Dummer's excuse, and we know she's too self absorbed to even care, but out of the rest of his Newman family someone should've said something. It's not like it was a secret.
  4. And you'd think that mop would at least have one fuck to give about her children being at her wedding.
  5. Because he found the hair that Kyle lost. He should have left it on the floor.
  6. I can't stand Theo so much I don't care enough to keep facts about him in my head. So Dina and Stuart were the parents of something they gave up for adoption and that something spawned Theo, is that it? I guess Theo didn't think he could milk anything out of any of the Brooks? But you would expect Aunt Jack to say something to Leslie, right? Ugh, just sweep it all under the rug.
  7. This one is my Leslie Brooks. That dark haired one always seemed like a drab drip after we had this dynamic, interesting one.
  8. When Buttbiscuit "lost" Jesse the Rat, I just figured Grampire's security goons caught him and imprisoned him in Grampire's workshop in the basement, because you know Grampire must have one in all of his dwellings to store his coffins and little piles of soil from his native land. I figured Jesse the Rat was strapped to a table while his rat-violi was being prepared. Nikki and Victor were not married to each other when mop was born. mop was born in 82 and Nikki and Victor were married in 84. Her hair was a mess. That line cracked me up. Did she just get the script minutes befor
  9. Boes, I was just reading some Grimm's Fairy Tales on Sunday and came across the word "drudge" used the same way you just did. I knew the word drudgery, but I don't recollect ever hearing the word drudge. And it stood out to me. Here it is again. Funny. What are the odds? The only part of this wedding I'm interested in is Sally getting her dress on mop. Even if it is a dull dress. I'm over the rest of it.
  10. Oh, Peaches, now I can't unsee that. I looked up a photo of the dress and it is pretty darn close! Now if only mop would do her hair that nice.
  11. What bugs me is how short he is. Nothing against short people, but if they were looking to cast someone to be in scenes with the Majestic Ass Biscuit why go for an actor who makes the two of them look like Mutt and Jeff? I believe she will be performing. As will Tessa. Also the Brooks family are friends with the Newmans.
  12. Deacon is back and he's teaming up with Sheila! Tempted to return? And there's a whole story line revolving around Eric's ED. Yeah the little blue pills didn't help. The show is a trip. That sounds nice. But in the previews for next week it looks like Sally snuck into mop's room and is just going to switch the dresses. Maybe mop will think Lauren came through with a better dress and won't know she's walking down the aisle, (or around the couch in that cluttered villa), in a Sally Spectra original?!!! Guerrilla fashion! So Jesse just happens to have his passport on him?
  13. Well, they are in Tuscany, so I would say she spills a domestic wine. But I'm thinking that Sally is somehow alone with the original dress and simply absconds with it, then - what a coincidence, she happens to have a wedding dress with her to save the day! Because, hey, wouldn't that be stupider?
  14. Things are getting stupider and stupider. And yet it seems they're going to get even stupider. At this point I am laughing at everything. (It's either that or cry at what has happened to our show.) BTW, Deacon's back on B&B. I floved his fling with Nikki. But, you know, the way Sally was carrying on about using the finest materials for mop's wedding dress... the more they describe or talk about something, the less likely they are to show us.
  15. As boring as that sounds it's probably more interesting that whatever final secret they reveal. I'm getting bored in self defense of the stupid path this story line has taken. I don't understand where the story line with promise went, where the hoarse whisperer's cancer went, and don't get me wrong - I'm glad they're gone - but where this feature character's ex and child went. Poof, it's all gone. Did everything change on a dime when Kyle's contract wasn't renewed? Was everything that was interesting originally tied to Tarahrahboomdiyay? Was the budget recently dramatically slashed so that sto
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