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S04.E18: Girl Talk

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From Lifetime:


"Their moms have had the floor to air their feuds, frustrations and alliances; now, for the first time ever, it's the girls' turn to dish the dirt. With guest appearances from Asia Ray and Vivi, the dancers speak their mind on everything from Abby to their former teammates, the moms fighting, and everything in between... and there are no moms allowed!"



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This was actually a good episode. I loved not having to deal with Abby yelling at everyone or watching the moms freak out about things. It was great to see the girls look relaxed and happy and get the chance to see their real personalities instead of seeing them get beaten down all the time. It was also fun to see some of the dances from earlier seasons again, it really showed how much these girls have grown and improved. 


Mack's music video was cute, but the girl could really benefit from some voice lessons and less auto-tune. The song drove me crazy after only hearing it once. Kendall and Nia seemed like such normal girls. I loved Kendall's impression of Jill! Chloe was good host, it seems like she really takes what Abby says to heart. She does realize that Paige isn't dead, right? Maddie is such a perfectionist, I can relate to her a lot from when I was a kid. I hope she has/gets another hobby and realizes that it's ok if she's not perfect at dance or she's heading for a breakdown. It seems to me that she's under a lot of pressure and works too hard to exceed people's expectations. That sort of mentality can rub people the wrong way because it comes off as snobby, but I think she's really just dedicating herself to something she loves and trying to please her teacher and parents.


I don't remember much from Peyton and Asia except that Peyton rubbed me the wrong way and Asia's faces.


Vivi is so over this. She looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. Free Vivi!

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This one reminded me that, whenever neutral parties select for star power/something special amongst the girls, outcomes are very different (e.g., Kendall's cover shot, Chloe's video role). Even on replay, those moments offered a nice counterpoint to the message we have crammed down our throats every week.

I hate that I sound like I'm cheering against a young girl. More cheering FOR other talents that aren't appreciated in an environment that is supposed to be nurturing them.

I threw up a little in my mouth as I wrote that last sentence.

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I think I understand what you mean. The show spends so much time making Maddie to be the best dancer ever that its nice to see the other girls win something too. Although I feel like I can relate to Maddie I still find myself hoping that she'll lose so someone else can win for a change. It's not so much about Maddie herself as it is wanted the other talented girls to have the opportunity to shine also. Its too bad that Abby takes that away from them too by saying that something was wrong with the judging. Am I close?

Either way, I agree that it was nice to see the times the other girls succeeded as well.

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That's how I'm feeling: not begrudging Maddie any successes she has, but welcoming the positive feedback and opportunities that other girls are getting from impartial sources (while they're subjected to Abby's abuse in a place where they should be experiencing something far different).

I hope Abby chokes on every legitimate opportunity that one of her child victims gets, though.

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There's something very creepy about the producer guy.  He so smirky and sleazy (IMO).  He seems to get off on watching the girls' misery and the moms' weekly scream fests.  I wish they'd stop the reunion shows.  None of the adults will ever admit they are wrong or change their ways so its just a rehash of the Same Shit Different Day.


After seeing Asia back for this reunion I realized how glad I was she was gone.  I know it's awful to say about a child, but I do not like that kid.


Mackenzie looked adorable on this episode & in her video, but if she needs that much auto tune "enhancement", she needs to go for voice lessons to get better.

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Viewership this week:  2.280 M viewers and a .7 rating.


I'd rather watch the girls than their mothers, but Abby needs to be retired from public view before her head gets so big it explodes.

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Maddie was very unsportsmanlike when Chloe beat her.  Chloe was very gracious when she found out the scoring was "wrong".  Abby is just a dick.

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Maddie does need to learn how to lose graciously. You could tell that Chloe was hurt by the scoring error but she tried to put on a happy face for her friend, and she does so every time Maddie or someone else beats her. I don't know any of the girls, but I think (hope) that Maddie was trying to make a joke with Chloe about it being Chloe's only opportunity to beat her. If she was joking then it didn't come off well on television.


Serenitynow, Abby is a dick, you said it perfectly. She needs to be far far away from children.

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It's funny how Abby's loving Maddie makes grown people be so negative towards Maddie. Maddie has enormous talent.  Maddie dances beautifully, especially given her lack of technique classes and instead subjected to  "competition style classes."  Chloe gets cut a lot of slack because she has a dancers body and is therefore seen as "better."

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Maddie is very talented and has improved, lately it seems that she's learned to finish her moves which makes her dancing look smoother and less rushed. I do not dislike Maddie because she's Abby's favorite. I do not dislike her at all. I do wish that others could be offered the same opportunities that Maddie gets so they could improve as well.

Chloe is also a talented dancer. I think she looked better as a dancer because her dances looked smoother and I feel that she gets into her character better. It has nothing to do with her body type.

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I have stopped watching Dance Moms since the whole Kelly/Abby slap heard round the world.  I still read the blogs though.  I agree with many of you that Maddie needs to be humbled.  There is someone out there that will be smarter, prettier, more athletic, etc. and in Maddie's case, is the better dancer and has "the face".  Everytime, when I did watch, Maddie danced, she made the same face that she was constipated.  She could be great, and I would get respect for her again if she acted more humbled, or had a humbling experience.

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