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  1. I have read that. An insider said that she is a studio hopper because she only wants praise, no constructive criticism.
  2. I would love to see her solo this year so we can see a repeat of her struggling to get her leg lifts up and her pained facial expressions that feature her huge teeth and nostril flare! 🙄
  3. One word: Cop-out. They need to justify why they cut her to the public that doesn't follow/know about this board since we don't drink the DCC Kool-aid. They lost me last season with Veruca and I won't watch again until she is G-O-N-E!
  4. Rumor had it, she had/sent/got hacked of nude photos of herself and were leaked somewhere . . . similar to what happened to Holly Arielle when she was on the team.
  5. What gets me, is that they would NEVER extend this to anyone else auditioning. Why her? Why do they think she is so special?
  6. Thank you for pointing that out! She looks like she would get winded so easily. She does look like she is getting thicker, but I doubt Auntie Kelli will pull her or cut her for any reason. I am just sick and tired of having her showcased like she is the best DCC that they have ever had! Ugh! 🙄
  7. From what the insiders have said, is that Gina had a case she wanted and she took it. She knows she can make any and every mistake and will never be called out on it publicly now that she is on the team.
  8. VK stole the phone case from Gina. From what some insiders have said, don't know if it has changed, VK is very much a tattle tale and not trusted/loved by many of the vets. Most of her group from last season have been cut.
  9. It's probably because they are punishing her as well for the whole rumored/confirmed stolen phone case by VK.
  10. Can anyone share the gif of Veruca falling out of her turn? I want to show a friend of mine. Thanks in advance!
  11. Agreed! They should have swapped VK with Jalyn. I think they did this on purpose because of her reaction to Show Group last year and probably because she has tried to give advice to VK on her technique and this is the result. I wouldn't be surprised if this was Jalyn's last year with DCC.
  12. Probably because she gave VK tips on how to spin without falling out of it.
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