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  1. My two cents: 1. Heather is being victim shamed, but they didn't do that to Whitney when a Halloween photo of her as Lil Wayne was "leaked" to the public and in fact became a group leader, went to Pro Bowl while preggers, and was Point 2. Glad to hear that Christina is retiring, I use to be a fan and hoped she make it, but she has no power compared to others, even roookies and some of those that have met her have mentioned her attitude problem. 3. The video upthread with the DCCs dancing with Neal McCoy was so cringe worthy. I was looking a video when Nicole Hamilton was doing a booty-pop and she and the other DCCs at that time made it look awesome. The recent one just reminded me of a sad high school girls copy cat of DCC dances. Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. Thanks! K! Bye! 😊
  2. Every time she lifts her dress in this video and the other video (Not that I can stomach watching the entire thing), it reminds me of Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls . . .
  3. I was on her side the first season she made it as a TCC and the second year, she just came across as vapid. Now, with that long drawn out response to K/J snarks, she should just truly move on and should not have responded at all (IMO). An another subject, as a full figured woman now, she looks so different . . .
  4. rl27rl

    S14.E13: Game Day

    In the video, you can see that the uniform, IMO, is not flattering on her. She is so straight with barely any curve in her body. But as mentioned, if K likes you, you are basically on the team.
  5. Meredith still seems like she is slow to speak and react like she was last year during Finals at Interviews. It makes me wonder a few things . . . or if that is who she just really is . . . And even though I haven't watched this season . . . the clips are interesting . . . I raised my eyebrows with Julia and her podcast response and her words after . . .
  6. Nope. It's from a video that the DCC posted on their FB after the Cowboy's win this past Sunday.
  7. This was yesterday, September 22nd after the Cowboys win. She clearly has gotten thick in the middle.
  8. I have not watched this season, and I won't until Veruca is gone. I am so put out from what is happening with her and the other DCCs and who is paying for not kissing her ass. It absolutely disgusts me.
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