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  1. I hear you! It has always ticked me off that they say that size doesn't matter as long as they fit into the uniform. And I'm like, isn't that an oxymoron?
  2. I remember that one episode where K/J called Olivia over to speak with her and told her to follow her Group Leader which was Sydney. Right there, that told me, what an amazing and gifted dancer she was because Sydney was off and it made her look bad as a veteran and Group Leader. I always thought Sydney was a mediocre dancer at best. There's a YouTube somewhere that shows her at a hockey performance where she actually misses a kick in the kickline.
  3. I think you are on to something! I was thinking that Vivian likes to relive the (un)Glory Days!
  4. Completely agree! I go to her Instagram occasionally and though I am all for body positivity, the girl has gone overboard! She is constantly posting about how she used to feel and how she was bullied when she was on DCC:MTT and how they laughed at her because of her weight. She even went on a podcast to chastise K/J. I think you are right, it completely futzed with her.
  5. Same here! I never saw anything appealing or great about her.
  6. No, you are correct. That season just ticked me off. They took Stephanie but cut Liz Reuter, whom I thought was a WAY better dancer than Stephanie. But she was bestie's with Brooke.
  7. Gosh that photo is not a photo! It is so photo shopped! I can't stand the eyelashes as well! Has anyone noticed how big they made her sleeve to make her look skinny? It's like they took the bottom half of a thinner DCC and put her top on top of it!! STAAAPPPP it TPTB! Please! Enough with VK already!
  8. 2. My thoughts exactly! I think this whole relationship thing is a farce and Chase will dump her after he's had his 15 minutes of fame. 4. Thank god I am not the only one that noticed this! No wonder she doesn't lose weight (besides from her eating)! And I think you nailed the head on this one! I am just bummed I missed the whole cake eating thing! (Cue roll of eyes) When is she not shoving food in her face?
  9. I am also just curious as to why, someone who has plantar fasciitis, was walking around Paris with itty bitty sandals with NO support when she could barely finish a 5k in Hawaii. Did I miss something here? Because in Hawaii she was apparently in so much pain even with tennis on. And I still can't get over her and her tatas just bouncing everywhere on that bicycle! That is an image I wish they hadn't included and a scene I wish I had never seen!
  10. O.M.G. She is ridiculous! Why does she even have a show anymore? I was all for it when she first started, but now, this show is absolutely ridiculous! Her constant screaming and complaining and whining, I have had just about enough. Ugh!
  11. IICRC, she was in a car accident that messed up her back and she didn't finish the season . . . can someone add to that?
  12. Ugh! Her and her damn leggings and sports bra! In public! Yuck!
  13. Looks like she has been hitting the milkshakes again . . .
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