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  1. To me VK's dancing just looks over the top and spastic. It was so distracting and not in a good way. I kept waiting for her to fall on her turns like she usually does.
  2. Agreed! It's like going to see a movie and having someone sit directly in front of you that you spend several minutes trying to see around. Ugh! Annoying!
  3. I just threw up a little with the photo on the end on the right.🤢
  4. I just don't get it. For someone who obviously lacks (technique and taking criticism) friends on the squad, besides brown-noser Lisa, why be around people who don't like you? They tolerate you to keep their position. Sad, really.
  5. But that would mean getting constructive criticism and she has been told by Mommy Dearest and Auntie (Miss) Kelly that she is already the best dancer ever and the will be the best DCC ever!
  6. She is was 19 when she made the squad in 2009, which puts her at 30 at least.
  7. Oh I know!! But I think we have all gotten used to a certain look for the DCC all these years. And I agree if you cover the bottom half of her face, but then . . . yeah, I get it!! She is one step above a "Butterface," IMO.
  8. Jesus, all I see are horse teeth and a bird's nest for hair! Why can't TPTB teach her to do her hair, and makeup and send her to get her veneers to a size that is normal! SMH!
  9. For someone with long legs, she has zero core to lift it. She looks like she is struggling just to do the leg lift on this. She should really just stop.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Someone said it upthread, K/J have cut others for the same body form. There is no curve to her body to mold to the "DCC Look". They just want a bunch of Barbie's. I hope that K/J, seriously realize that Barbie is a freaking toy, not a reality.
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