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  1. serenitynow

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Shouldn’t Angela be older? That distracted me the entire episode.
  2. serenitynow

    S08.E17: Better Latex Than Never

    Boy George and Culture Club are scheduled to perform at our State Fair this summer! I and all my forty-something friends are pretty excited.
  3. serenitynow

    S08.E15: Dames, Dogs and Danke

    Why would anyone pay $70.24 in shipping for a swimsuit? That’s ridiculous.
  4. serenitynow

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    That was grown up Tess as the social worker. I am emotionally drained.
  5. serenitynow

    S03.E02: Dessert and Cookie Week

    Well boo. I wondered why only one episode recorded. I thught Paul was supposed to be the sleazy one.
  6. Thanks-I hadn’t finished the episode yet when I posted so I didn’t read that thread because I didn’t want to be spoiled. I’ll check it out.
  7. Did people call Kentucky Fried Chicken “KFC” in the 80s? We didn’t.
  8. serenitynow

    S35.E01: I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

    No way do urologists refer to themselves as "sex doctors."
  9. serenitynow

    Time: The Kalief Browder Story

    I am 2 episodes behind because I had to take a break from watching. It makes me cry even thinking about it. The prosecutors who lied about being in contact with the witness and constantly delaying his trial need to be disbarred. Or arrested and sent to Rikers. Bastards.
  10. serenitynow

    Time: The Kalief Browder Story

    How brave was this kid that he refused to take a plea? I hope some real reforms happen in the criminal justice system. I work in the legal field and the more exposure I have to stories like this, the more I feel led to volunteer with the Innocence Project.
  11. serenitynow

    Time: The Kalief Browder Story

    Is anyone watching this? It's heartbreaking and horrifying.
  12. serenitynow

    S01.E01: The Internet Never Forgets

    I thought the calender thing was stupid too. Mr. SN thought maybe it was fake addresses but nope. And who withdraws money at the BUS station? Dummies. We were in Nashville last summer and saw a web series called "The Runner" being filmed. I thought maybe this was a repackaging of that but nope.
  13. I thought the woman who confronted the cameramen at the end of the latest episode was the spokeswoman? I might be misremembering though. That lawyer chick was a mess.
  14. Old Abby would have been smug and bitchy and crazy. The new one actually is able to convey her as being in a fragile state of mind. Plus I don't want to punch her in the face so that's a plus.
  15. serenitynow

    S01.E05: Golden Era

    In Illinois, religious organizations (and charitable and schools, etc.) can file for exemptions from property tax. If Florida has similar laws, it's possible they aren't paying any property tax on buildings and properties that they own.