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S01.E05: Signaling Risk

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Erlich taps a graffiti artist to design Pied Piper's logo, with predictably controversial results. Meanwhile, Richard learns he doesn't have much time to prepare for a live demonstration at TechCrunch Disrupt; Gavin Belson and Peter Gregory have an unexpected encounter; and Jared works on the company's efficiency.


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So Ehrlich is back to being useless. Worse than useless, a waste of 5% (!) of their seed money. Who hires a graffiti artist to design a logo for website? And at this point, there are higher priority tasks, like getting the product to market.


Richard needs to grow a thicker skin. He's been given a great opportunity, but he throws a hissy fit because Peter Gregory's motivation was less than pure? Please.


Even though I'm glad they're finally getting shit done, the Scrum story line fell flat for me. First, every software developer these days knows Scrum/agile development and understands how it works - no way would Dinesh and Gilfoyle be unfamiliar with it. And secondly, the process is about sustainable pace, accurate estimation, and continuos improvement, not a competition about who can get a feature to production faster. I did love Jared with his sticky notes and burn-down chart though.

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My favorite scene of this episode was the Gavin/Big Head talk a la technology. They hit the right notes about it to the point that I cackled at the end of it. I love this show. It's gotten better with each episode.

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I was glad to show them actually making some progress on the software. Towards the end of last week I was getting a bit restless that nobody seemed to be working on the actual product. I appreciated the early stages of setting up the business aspects but it felt like things hadn't really moved forward in 3 weeks. This episode started down the same path when Dinesh and Guilfoyle out looking for Chuy with Erlich. But at least had Jared address some of that head on, but it still felt a little tedious. At any rate I'm glad to see their making progress. 


Regardless of that pacing critique the jokes are still landing across the board so I'm happy.

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My favorite scene of this episode was the Gavin/Big Head talk a la technology. They hit the right notes about it to the point that I cackled at the end of it. I love this show. It's gotten better with each episode.

Heh. In particular, I liked when IT Support stuck his head into the picture.  And of course, "We had fucking audio a hundred years ago!" followed soon after with big head on the cell phone "I'm sorry, you're breaking up..."


As for actual character development, I liked pitting Gilfoyle and Dinesh up against each other, especially since it better defines them.  They BOTH KNOW Jared was playing them against each other, but Gilfoyle can't stop being a dick if it involves also proving how great he is, and Dinesh can't just let him get away with it, even just to step outside for 5 minutes to look at the door.


Also, it looks like we made the first move on Monica becoming an ally or frenemy, or whatever it is she will eventually become.


And to offset those two developments, it was just another week of Richard not doing a hell of a lot of anything.

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I love this show! A laughed so hard.

The technology not working was hilarious.

The meltdown to Monica was adorable. if I were 25 I'd date a sweetie like that in a minute.

I'm not a software engineer so scrum was new to me... I don't mind a little dumbing down to be accessible to folks like me.

There was nothing about this show I didn't love, even Jared's quiet little tantrum. Will be watching again.

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I love love love this show and it has the most "laugh out loud" moments for me of any show on TV right now (the whole scene with Big Head and Gavin being most memorable) ...


But the scene between Belson and Gregory at the restaurant, knowing now that it was Christopher Evan Welch's last show shot before he died, is SO ironic and touching ... it made me wonder if they knew he was ill when they wrote the script/shot it (I mean, he had been ill but was in remission, from what I read, and then had a very sudden relapse after shooting that episode). 


I don't think he had a single scene in which he was not brilliant. RIP.


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