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  1. I have the distinct feeling that Meeka has no idea why "her phone was exploding" ovah Mayor Pete. Doucheborough is turning into Elmer Gantry more and more on every show.
  2. True, but the Angels don't spend like the Yankees and Red Sox do who by doing so become more "national teams"....plus the Angels play second-fiddle to the Dodgers in the LA market. God, it's so painful that Joe thinks of himself as a Red Sox fan like myself.
  3. Caught some of the end and the take down of the Club for Growth dude. This highlighted how messed up this format was though. People yelling and screaming in all directions, 2 in their Florida bunker, the others around the panel etc.....I think Joe forgot who was on the panel at this stage too, misnaming someone to go first etc.....what a mess this show is right now lol
  4. I'm out of free WaPo articles and am already subscribed to enough other sites....what is the brief synopsis of this editorial by Doucheborough?
  5. Kind of a "guys movie" agreed....still, 'Wayne's World' is really part of the zeitgeist of American pop culture given the popularity of 'Bohemian's Rhapsody' (which WW spoofed) as well as being a long running SNL skit. To say you nevah saw the film was just Meeka being Meeka once again...pretending to be a hi-brow sophisticate.
  6. How could Mika nevah have seen 'Wayne's World?' Not that it is a cinematic masterpiece but the gaps in her cultural awareness are continually stunning.
  7. How many times did Fmr. Rep. Schock mention he was on the covah of 'Men's Health?' I lost count aftah 4....
  8. Given Joe's rather checkered history with people dying in district offices....surprised his pushing for them.
  9. I never knew there was a word "prebuttal"....origin from the 1990s according to the link above....learn something everyday, though usually not from the MJ show 🙂
  10. Too bad....although it was kind of hard to see where else this group could go without repeating story-lines (and I know, you could say this for a vast majority of shows)
  11. Just started watching, I thought both seasons were pretty funny....don't get all the hate for S1. Tremendous soundtrack for both seasons....the characters are a little younger than myself, but having gone to college in Massachusetts in the late 1980s and being close still with a fair amount of friends from school then, the show resonates.
  12. First time I've heard/listened to Pete Buttigieg....very impressed. I'm not sure the MJ dopes knew what to make of him.
  13. Me, or is Joe perpetually stuck in the early 1990s? When he was in Congress dammit!!! ☺️
  14. This is one of the worst SNLs I can remember so far.
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