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  1. I am soooooo excited about this show based on the three male leads alone. Donald Glover goes without saying but I'm so stoked for anything that showcases both Keith Stanfield AND Brian Tyree Henry ... For anyone who saw the woefully unrecognized film Short Term 12, Stanfield played Marcus and stole the show. And Henry and a small but, to me, anyway, memorable role in Boardwalk Empire where he played Oscar Bonneau (Louis Gossett)'s nephew Winston.
  2. I love love love this show and it has the most "laugh out loud" moments for me of any show on TV right now (the whole scene with Big Head and Gavin being most memorable) ... But the scene between Belson and Gregory at the restaurant, knowing now that it was Christopher Evan Welch's last show shot before he died, is SO ironic and touching ... it made me wonder if they knew he was ill when they wrote the script/shot it (I mean, he had been ill but was in remission, from what I read, and then had a very sudden relapse after shooting that episode). I don't think he had a single scene in w
  3. Shapeshifter, fantastic observation! I wonder if ... overthinking perhaps even more than the writers did ... if Jacob is only "recognizing" the current batch of returnees as being "like him."
  4. BTW, if it helps at all ... I took the test in late June and got the call in late January, so I think ... seven months? (Math class is hard, said Teen Barbie ... words, sadly, I uttered on air as well and the damned close-captioner caught it). I taped in February 2002 and it aired in June 2002. A really high-scoring second place (24,600) but second is second. I pooched the math trying to do it in my head when I got the final Daily Double with the last clue on the board in a topic I was NOT confident on ... got it right, but didn't bet enough to be in a winning position heading into FJ. I
  5. To respond to the question about whether this is sticking to the book ... VERY loosely (there is a spoiler thread on here about the book) ... IIRC the Langstons, Bellamy and Fred are in the book (oh, and the Pastor) and IIRC that's where the resemblance ends (small spoiler, in the book, Barbara does NOT return and Fred's bitter and angry that other people's loved ones returned and his didn't -- plus, he's not Henry's brother in the book but I can't recall the relationship, and he's evil right from the get-go -- and towards the end, Jacob tells him that he knew Barbara on the other side and how
  6. I feel like an idiot that I had not noticed that the big bald guy had been talking to someone in his house and buying a lot of food. I would have figured that plot twist out SO much more quickly! Also, great theory on the thing Jacob and Rachel were doing with their hands. I did notice it but didn't know what to make of it ... the idea that he was picking up her energy and her fear but couldn't define it, so to speak, is excellent. I also figured out Jenny was returned immediately, based on her clothes. Seeing her with her parents, and taking a guess the outfits were from the 50s, make
  7. ManicMoxy


    Is it terrible that I bingewatched all of Freaks and Geeks in three days just so I could start playing that category on QuizUp? And hubby and I are, like, four episodes away from finishing our first time through Sopranos. Then I can try that as well (though with, six -- arguably seven -- seasons and a lot of people sleeping with the fishes, I don't expect to do very well on that one.
  8. Just got caught up on the first two episodes (FF'd through all that Sean stuff) ... so am I the only person who keeps thinking that Clare is actually Julie from "Burning Love"? I'm also embarrassed to admit that there are actually two b'ettes I LIKE ... Renee and Sharleen. Which means they're both toast. Oh, and yes, I could ID all three Marlins in that "what Juan Pablo does in real life" montage. Does this "job" of his mean that if I were to go work for the Marlins, I could meet Juan Paaaaaaablo? And finally, bummed but not surprised at the hasty departure of Chantel, "the first Bachelor
  9. I never took online test so not sure whether it's representative of the "in person" one. Took that twice -- first time while in LA for work, with tiny little monitors flashing the "answers" that made me realize I needed new glasses -- I simply couldn't read the screen and by Question 10 or so I was one or two behind and that was all she wrote. Second time, with new glasses, in Washington DC at one of the "on the road" test events. The monitors were bigger and I made sure I got a front row seat to be safe. And I got lucky because I think about 10,000 people applied to get into the DC tests tha
  10. ManicMoxy


    Thanks! I was able to switch over to Yellow Submarine from Orphan Annie. Yay. It's fun to try to figure out what they'll use for titles (I assume people who are "The Game" are Wire people -- I wonder what level you have to get to to become Omar). Oh, hey, feel free to challenge me on 60's Music. Having fun kicking my husband's professional jazz musician butt on that one. I think I can probably venture into 70's music (though my knowledge of the "classic rock" part of it ain't great) and then I am massive fail from 80s on.
  11. ManicMoxy


    I hate you all. I really had lots of plans to be productive this weekend. I started pretty easy with Musicals to get my "buzzer thumb" working, so to speak. Been playing my daughter in The Beatles (much harder questions than with Musicals). Tried two rounds of The Wire, somewhere between the two in terms of difficulty so far. I couldn't figure out, since I had JUST told her about this last night, why she had the title of "Goblin" and I was just plain old "beginner." Apparently she was busy with Harry Potter for awhile. I'd been hoping for Reno Sweeney or something when I got t
  12. -- ITA with Tara's comment about Maron being hit or miss, based on the guest. I am sure he's a perfectly nice guy but I can only take REALLY small doses of him. -- I don't think anyone's mentioned "Filmspotting," which is a big household favorite (though I miss Matty Baseball as a host). If any of you listen to it, my husband is the genius who coined the term "Brick." -- Another vote here for "The Moth" which I tend to pile up so I can listen to it in a marathon if I want to ... but since the episodes are usually short, it is a great car-cast for shorter jaunts. Here's a link to my favorit
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