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S21.E12: Dame Judi Dench, Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Jamie Foxx, Haim

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Graham is joined by Dame Judi Dench, who plays Queen Victoria in new film Victoria and Abdul; Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig, together in Despicable Me 3; and Jamie Foxx, who stars in musical caper Baby Driver. With music from Haim, who perform Want You Back.

Damn Judi!

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Baby Driver is a "musical caper"?!?  What?

That should be an interesting couch.  All of them have had good appearances in the past but I feel like those were also co-guest supported, if you will.  It will be interesting to see them together.

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47 minutes ago, dusang said:

Baby Driver is a "musical caper"?!?  What?

Hee. Wiki describes it as a "jukebox musical action crime comedy film," so... The driver needs music to do his best. 

I suspect the title means the movie will have an uphill battle for viewers.

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Too many among my acquaintance are unfamiliar with the Simon & Garfunkel song "Baby Driver." Why don't they know it's the B side of "The Boxer"?!? Sheesh. Maybe they are just younger than I am?

Good couch! Judi was Dench AF, Jamie was funny, Kristen was predictably shy (it's weird, considering all the outrageous characters she manages), Steve is getting foxier every day. Haim distracted me by only intermittently pretending to play their instruments. 

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"Judi Dench, you lie like a rug!" was one of my all-time favorite moments on the show, so I'm always glad to see her return. Jamie Foxx gets on my last nerve though, and always has.

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6 hours ago, Bruinsfan said:

Jamie Foxx gets on my last nerve though, and always has.

After his first way too long, drawn out story, I ff'd the rest of them. Boy, does that guy lovvve the sound of his own voice. He ruined the couch for me.

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This has been sitting on my DVR for weeks and I finally bit the bullet and slogged through it.  What a shame that a show with Judi Dench would get waylayed by Jamie Foxx, with his oh-so-endearing stories about driving a Rolls Royce and hitting up young girls at clubs (the Kanye story was admittedly interesting but it was All About Jamie.) Not ordinarily a fan of Carrell or Wiig but would have gladly heard more from them. (Kristen was channeling Julie your cruise director from Love Boat season 1 with the bubble hair.)

I just don't get Haim. They sound like Wilson Phillips. Blah.

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