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  1. There’s a Twitter Account - www.twitter.com/70s_party - that posts recipes and photos of “fancy” 1970s food, and some of Brendan’s bakes would have fit in there. I have no doubt Brendan’s bakes tasted great but by the final he had two formidable contenders and I can see why all things equal, his dated styling and decoration could make a difference. Especially when it kept coming up in the critiques.
  2. JC is always the worst of them jumping around waving, but maybe I just notice hin more.
  3. Yeah I agree with you wrt the latter especially, but like the rest of you I am putting the odds of that happening very low. She would have to *win* something and not just a "Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby" dress-alike contest. I remember Kevin getting berated for saying hi to Mark on his eviction week. What an ugly, mean season. So I've learned from you guys that Sam was "recruited" for the show by the producers. Which explains why she doesn't understand the game as evidenced from her mewy, tearful "I don't understand this game, I thought these people were my friends, why won't th
  4. Sam may be one of the most deluded people to have played this game. A few weeks ago she tried, with a straight face, to encourage the rest of them to let her win hacker. Tonight she agrees to approach Fessy about putting up his closest ally, and house gf, with complete confidence that she would pull it off. And, there was something so mean and cruel in her pitch to Fessy. What has Hayleigh ever done to her? I hate this veto comp because it’s all luck.
  5. Do we know this was the case? I’m asking seriously, was there some article or talking head bit where this was mentioned, that I missed? There are an awful lot of assumptions here being made about Ireland being repressed and homophobic and how hard it must have been for Brendan to grow up there. Maybe it was for him. But was being gay easy for anyone in any country, for any gay person of Brendan’s generation? Ireland was the first European country to legalize gay marriage by popular vote and has a gay prime minister - these things just didn’t happen out of nowhere, and they make Ireland c
  6. She came in last the first week, second to last the next three weeks. She came in first on week 5, fourth out of 7 on week 6, first on weeks 7 and 8, 4 out of 4, and first the final week. One person’s growth is another person’s inconsistency.
  7. But if memory serves, she came last or close to last on the ones she didn’t do well. That’s just my memory and it’s a few years old. ETA: I looked at the results, curiosity got the best of me. She came in last the first week, second to last the next three weeks. She came in first on week 5, fourth out of 7 on week 6, first on weeks 7 and 8, 4 out of 4, and first the final week. (Shrugs) I think if she had slowly gotten better every week, I would view it as growth. But this pattern, I view it as consistency. YMMV.
  8. So glad Maher came out for Alex Jones’s First Amendment rights. Maybe his theories are crackpot, but hoaxes have been known to happen (the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the U.S.S Maine) and we shouldn’t silence people just because they’re obnoxious weirdos. Maybe Bill is thinking of his own experience of losing Politically Incorrect for challenging the Bush official line.
  9. I do, and he has Kurt’s cheerful charm of his Disney movie days, before he became Snake from “Escape from New York.” I’m not sure this is going anywhere, but it has its charms.
  10. Argh. The glasses, the caftans....she's less Rock Star, more Auntie Mame. Manic Panic does not a rock star make.
  11. At this point I’m beginning to think she only started calling herself this dumb name when she auditioned for the show. She’s the least rock-starry person on TV. And if she’s stick of being on the block, she should start winning things, although I suspect *that* might be too late. And while Angela is horrible, Rockstar sniping that she got off by being feminine and flirty was off the mark. Unless I’m missing something from not watching feeds, Angela hasn’t flirted with Tyler.
  12. From her Instagram, it looks like Bitsy is going full-on Christian something-or-other and has a book coming out on her faith in the spring. I never understood the market for that kind of thing, given that faith is such a personal thing. But whatever, I'm not in that marketing group.
  13. Yeah I hadn't really noticed her but was gobsmacked at how beautiful her and Darius's lines were in the Mandy Moore routine. I'm rooting for them now.
  14. Agreed. The way I look at it, if your designs are already in ETSY (or in fashion, in Vogue) you're already too late. One thing I did appreciate this episode is that the judges' comments are more critical and pointed. I did laugh out loud at Simon's psyche-out ("Your spaceship looks like a leftover prop from a cheesy 1950s movie....and that's why I love it!") I can do without the host bits, didn't we have to endure a pun run on celebrity names already last week? The one thing I *do* appreciate about this show is that while the guy with his own YouTube show has a technical advanta
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