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S07.E01: Hiraeth

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Jeff Pierre is a solid actor, who shared a surprising amount of chemistry with Cameron Monaghan, but because this show is supremely antiblack and inexplicably beholden to the toxic ass Milkovich family; Pierre, like Nichole Bloom, Luca Oriel, Victor Onuigbo, and eventually


Jaylen Barron and Fiona's upcoming parade of multiracial fuckbuddies

only exist to service the needs of the white characters & be unceremoniously ditched so the writers can pair the Gallaghers with more "suitable" (read: white) romantic/scene partners.

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So because Veronica is a main character Shameless can't be supremely antiblack?

For all of Shanola's vaunted status as a main cast member, Veronica has been increasingly marginalized over the years, despite the show never failing to find story for Kevin.

Kev and Vee's season five story amounted to Vee being a hypersexual stereotype in between being repeatedly shamed by her mother and supposed best friend. And for all the characters alleged "popularity," the fans turned on Veronica en masse for not immediately taking to motherhood and blamed her (along with the show) for Kevin's numerous infidelities.

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On ‎9‎/‎24‎/‎2016 at 9:31 PM, preeya said:

I've watched every episode of Shameless since its inception, and will stick with it until it ends. That said, I've had it with Frank's SCHITCK. It has become so overbearing that it detracts from the show and the rest of the cast. Frank (WHM) needs to take a long vacation and leave the show to the rest of his brood. Seeing him meander around in a wheelchair stealing and conning is no longer funny. Take a sabbatical Macy.

Best line of the episode was by Ian's female partner:   "But that doesn't mean he's not out there gobbling stray dick."

I agree, that was the best line. She looked familiar but I couldn't place her until I saw Alicia Coppola in the credits. I remember her being on Another World back in the day. It looks like her character Sue is going to be on more episodes this season.

Seeing Wm H Macy as Frank at the beginning just made me cringe, and that opening sequence made me feel like I was holding my breath the whole time. Is it too much to ask that we have episodes with absolutely no references to or thoughts of Frank's penis?

Well, we saw quite a bit of Liam, too bad he couldn't speak. Is he now mute?

Debbie's smugness is grating. I don't remember the boy's name who got Debbie pregnant, but wasn't he Hispanic? Frannie doesn't look like she has anything but Gallagher in her.

When the kids found Frank in front of the open refrigerator I just wanted to scream at someone to shut the door. The food is going to go bad, don't they know how much groceries cost?

Between the poopy diapers Fiona handled, Carl's smelly dick, and Frank wandering around in the wedding tux he was wearing when he was thrown in the lake a month prior (someone's not gonna get that deposit back) my TV may as well have had smell-o-vision.

Steve Howie was already looking fine when he had clothes on at the Alibi, and then he showed up to the family meeting wearing only his fuzzy pink friend. *drool*

Are they ever going to change the opening?

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On 07/10/2016 at 11:34 PM, dangwoodchucks said:

Debbie's smugness is grating. I don't remember the boy's name who got Debbie pregnant, but wasn't he Hispanic? Frannie doesn't look like she has anything but Gallagher in her.

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On 10/3/2016 at 10:02 PM, WhosThatGirl said:

I think Frank should have died when he had cancer. My personal opinion. But.. like the poster above me said WHM loves being on the show, he gets paid, he likes everyone he works with, etc and it's obvious the powers that be like him too. He's going to be there until the end of this series I believe. Although I think he could probably find a better character to play. 

(Responding to an old post, but I just binged the series and I'm up to this episode.)

When did Frank have cancer? I must have missed it, or I misunderstood what he was dying from. I admittedly FF'd through a lot of his endless, endless deathbed scenes.

Episode thoughts:

Sick of Frank, but I guess I was from the beginning. Once in a while he gets in a good Dr-House piece of snarkery,  but not often enough. He's mostly just rambling like a ... rambling drunk.

Debbie ... sigh. She was such a good character when she was a kid. I hate the teen mom arc so hard.

I kind of like the KVS throupple, but they're making Svetlana too good at everything.

Also sad that Lip wasn't able to make it in college. 

It wasn't as immediately apparent on binge, but I guess this is one of those shows that's been on too long.

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The Lip story is actually sad. 

I question if he actually went to rehab for 30 days.  We never saw him inside.  We saw him outside day one and outside day 30. He just repeated some clichés about "what he learned".  I guess the professor would know based on him paying for it and said nothing, but I still question it. 

really though he is in denial about his problem and his "rules" were surprisingly like Frank's after he had his transplant and was trying to "limit" his alcohol intake.  I have never been a fan of lip, but at this point I am more empathetic to him and his alcoholism than most other characters on the show.

Why is Fiona still working at the restaurant and didn't just find another job at another diner or as a waitress?  Is she doing her ex a favor by sticking around?  \

Frank should have just told them his real name when he found out about the hospital bill.  I am sure he had medicare/Medicaid coverage, or both, and once he tells them this at the hospital with his real indentity the hospital will get reimbursed. 

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