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  1. Ugh Christy is a brat. It doesn’t matter if Jill doesn’t need the money or not. Pay her back as agreed
  2. I know, me too!! I wanted to let it come live at my house until it threw itself down the stairs
  3. This bitch is on vacation, again! Owes a ton of money, yet has no cares in the world. Unbelievable!
  4. That's where my parents live! Of course, they've got a ton of equity and their mortgage payment is less than $800/month. It's a great, family neighborhood Actually, it is a nice area. Some of the homes are older, but most are remodeled and aren't "cookie cutter" homes. The homes near the golf course are nicer, too.
  5. I agree. Amber's dresses were cute. Maci was dressed like she was doing yard work and Cate is always a fashion disaster. Buy a few sundresses or Maxi skirts, ladies!
  6. Pdxblonde


    No, she won't, because Maci is still hot for Ryan. He doesn't have any desire to be with her (from what I've observed) so he is cool with her having kids with another guy.
  7. Ok, I was just letting the OP know... isn't that what forums are for?
  8. Pdxblonde


    Did anyone keep tabs on how many times Farrah said "my three businesses?"
  9. On the show's Facebook page, her "fans" are saying that Roy led her on, he shouldn't have done that, and how much she deserves s great guy. Blech!
  10. I'd love it if showed both of their moms!
  11. I'm so sorry about your kitty!
  12. I'm laughing so hard right now!!
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