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S06.E01: Sink Or Swim

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Frank. I like him too and I worried that she's either going to screw things up or he's going to get injured in the line of duty.

I also worry about Grace. That little girl is headed for some big, bad trouble.

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Grace is turning into a mini-Jackie. Just wondering how long before she a) gets kicked out of school, b) gets knocked up, c) gets arrested, or d) overdoses.

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Geez, a lot of the reactions to the show is about having Roman back?

Well least they could have done is to have her take her top off again.


Not sure where the show is going.  Jackie is back to using full time and now that her supplier is busted, she's going to have to find other sources and hide the fact that she's using.


There better be a different wrinkle to all this ...

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Well there are two ways this could go-- either Jackie could act out the dynamic of addiction where relapses turn out to be exponentially worse versions of the original addiction, or this could be a legitimate 'slip", where her sponsor (thank God she has one) gets her back in the saddle and she starts working program more seriously.
The mere presence of a sponsor in the situation gives one hope...

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