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S08.E21: Secrets Revealed

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Previously unseen footage from Season 8 is featured. Included: a makeover for Kim; Peter and Cynthia's video-gate drama; and fiery moments from Kenya and Kim's sprawling showdown.

Peter and Cynthia's wedding is doomed as doomed can be.


Watching Phaedra licking her chops as she stared at the tacky (but very expensive) coffins turned my stomach.


Watching Kim put Kenya in her place without sinking to her lervel was a thing of beauty.

Porsha's advice to those students was laughable. I can only guess whoever set it up saw the name of a legacy and assumed Porsha would be of similar quality person.

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I really enjoyed this show.

Peter is an asshole. Noelle has more sense than Cynthia and Peter....loved her showing her disgust with his cheating and Cynthia fighting with Porsha.

Kenya and her laugh makes my ears bleed. She is so phony.

I was disappointed that Kandi's shower was in the break room where Todd works. Way too small.

Seeing how much Kenya is bothered by Kim, I almost want Kim to return. Kenya is hateful.

Sheree added nothing to this season.

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Watched the secrets revealed show and this is what I got from it.


As mentioned above Peter is a certified card carrying asswipe what needs to stay in Charlotte and have Phaedra bury him in a peach version of the those coffins she was looking at.


Speaking of the coffins, I have seen these on line and yes, they are just twelve kinds of tacky but it is what people are clammering for these days with over the top weddings.  I am actually surprised just how committed Phaedra is in the mortuary business.  But then again that is where one can make a HUGE profit.


I do hope people realize they are seeing only 5 minutes of what probably was an hour long speech that Porsha gave. and Bravo pulled only what they wanted to show of it.  It was way too disjointed to be the entire speech.


Kim is so set in her ways that no makeup intervention is going to work on her.  Probably the foot massage and nails by be her baby steps to pampering herself.


Sheree is on this show to spice it up by carrying that bone from one dog to the next.  It is truly none of her business to have gotten inserted into the Kenya/Kim feud.  First off Kim was right when she stated that she did have that conversation with Kenya and she did tell Kenya exactly how she felt.  For Sheree to meet with Kenya to double-team bully Kim is like grade-schoolers trying to bully their teacher.  Kim shut Kenya down quickly by just not wasting her time with either of them. 


That's the problem with Kenya.  She is so jealous and bitter that she just falls right into bratty kid mode anytime she doesn't get her way.


Noel is the bright light of the future.  She is wise beyond her years and her sad little mother should take heed of her daughter's words.


Almost forgot to mention the shower.  It was set up by Phaedra for Kandi and it was probably at Todd's work since there is no where else they could really go that she wouldn't just know.  And yes, Kandi knew exactly what was happening.  Still couldn't get over the fact that this party is probably the very last friendly thing Phaedra will ever do for her.

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Kenya should have focused on her dates with terrible men this season instead of going on a I HATE KIM campaign, because that date?!


First time since her mama locked the door on her that i've have any type of sympathy for her.


Not only was that man a creeper he was weird looking.  He almost gave me botched facelift vibes.  It was also one of the few times Kenya was beautiful and didn't ruin it by being hateful or annoying.

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I too enjoyed this show, how does this stuff end up on the cutting room floor?   I would have loved to see all of it in its original episode.


Noelle was on point, would Cynthia have been able to handle Porsha beyond that kick had security not stepped in?  I have to admit, I never even thought about that, but Noelle was right.  Cynthia even agreed.


I liked seeing Kenya go on this date more than the date that they showed with Matt, even though she looked like she wasn't into him(I forgot his name).   Also, Aunt Lori and Che telling her she's too picky.  These are the things they need to show during the season.


Porsha needs to work on her public speaking, there's some good money to be made in that field but she has to come better than that.  I agree that they may have chopped it up a bit but there's still room for improvement.


Kandi's baby show was nice but that room was too small.


Loved the intervention Phaedra and Porsha tried to give Kim; she looked like she was having fun but Kim does what works best for her and I ain't mad at her.

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kim makeover scene was made of win...and showed phaedra being likable as well.

I will say I can kind of see where kenya's coming from because kim does give off this superior air about her..but kenya being the one to call her on it probably wasn't smart due to her lack of credibility.

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Liked this one better than all three snoozy episodes of the reunion.  It's obvious that Kenya had gotten her panties in a bunch over Kim wwaaaayyyy before I thought she had.  What exactly IS her problem with Kim??


Seems the baby shower was KIND OF a surprise for Kandi but she even mentioned that she saw all the cars in the parking lot, so....


Noel is the smartest person in the Bailey/Thomas household.  This has to be Leon's effect on Noel.

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Will someone please tell Marlo the expression is "don't cry over SPILLED milk," not spoiled milk!

I'd tell her myself but she skeers me.


Liked this one better than all three snoozy episodes of the reunion.  It's obvious that Kenya had gotten her panties in a bunch over Kim wwaaaayyyy before I thought she had.  What exactly IS her problem with Kim??


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