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  1. Porsha and her wigs made the pages of Allure magazine! Here is the link Inside Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams's Wig Room
  2. I couldn't take my eyes off that mask. It was like her Butterface look. It was just pure resting funny!
  3. That should be The Vixon' not Asia I believe the queens preferred the Pit Crew to wheel them out.
  4. What gets me is that while Kandi threw herself a big party and tried to dog Porsha, Porsha had come there solely to support Kandi and never once mentioned that she was also being celebrated in the same Essence article as well and kept it to herself. https://www.essence.com/culture/black-girl-brilliance-celebs-side-hustles#1311551
  5. Yet she wasn't the worst in Snatch game either. Morgan was.
  6. Actually, Tyra Sanchez did very well during her season, winning multiple challenges. She may have had an aggressive nature but so did Raven who was downright nasty to other queens and nobody clocked her
  7. All of the queens of color have been dismissed or downright hated by so many fans. All you have to do is take a tour of facebook to feel the pulsating hatred of QoC to get the gist Bebe only won for her looks and Nina was the best Tyra was no worse than Raven in her season but she is the most hated queen in RPDR fandom Shangela was getting all kinds of hate when she was brought back in season 3 Jasmine, Chichi, Bob, Kennedy and Nina Bonina all have had hate thrown their way mostly over doing a better lipsync than the white queen she was up against. Bob still do get to
  8. Were vindictive as heck. Thorgy cannot ever let anything go which surprised me that she was the only one who voted for Shangela. The others seemed to purposely avoid choosing Shangela which I wonder was producer driven. It otherwise doesn't make any sense to not vote Shangie into the top two. That is why it felt rigged for Trixie to win just like it felt very contrived last season for Alaska to win.
  9. To me, it looked like there was a concerted effort to eliminate Shangela from the top two. if they were being fair, Shangela should have gotten more points. For Trixie to win a lip sync over Shangela, she would have had to work super hard but against Kennedy, well that was a massacre to say the least.
  10. There were 6 kinds of wrong with the outcome. Why waste the time with competitions if you are not going to choose the most deserving queen.. Why work that hard to win if you don't have a snowball's chance in the neither regions of Hell in winning. It was set up for Trixie to win from the start. I'll just watch the competitions and pass on the finales. Just not worth it if the fan favorite is always going to be the winner; no matter what. If this is how it's going to be in the future with both All Stars and the Regular RPDR competitions, then the queens really do not need to really try to com
  11. I am old enough to remember Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares, Match game and Bewitched (as uncle Arthur) and Ben was spot on. I googled Jennifer Lewis and watched some of her videos and Shangela was also spot on with looks and vocals The best, to me, was Aja with doing Crystal LaBeija as she totally had the look, mannerisms and vocals down perfect. As for the looks on the runway, my favs were Shangela doing Beyonce realness, Aja and her pink princess look and Bebe with her black flower gown I really liked the lipsync as well as that both won and both chose the
  12. However, I have googled, searched and tried to find any evidence of this and there is nothing out there other that Tamara Tattles who is saying Porsha is having tax problems. Please direct me to any new information as I can't find a thing other than what she went through right after her divorce. What I did find out was that another cast member started the financial problems rumor (the three different sites that mentioned it did not mention which cast member) and that they, too did not find any evidence of her being in any type of dire straights.
  13. She "repeatedly" denied it only when it backfired and she was getting negative feedback. Even with that, she continued to flirt with Apollo right up to the point he was going to court for fraud. It was then and only then that she started claiming she had nothing to do with Apollo. AND only after Apollo claimed they met up when he went out of town.
  14. I thought this was the best picture of Porsha I have seen. As for her businesses, she is actually doing well with them. The rumors of her being in debt isn't holding up. Apparently she was right after her divorce as she walked away asking for nothing but she has built herself a nifty little nest egg since.
  15. Apparently Phaedra was truthful about her divorce being final during the season. However, Apollo and his fiance are trying to milk as much money out of Phaedra as possible. He actually stopped the finalization, citing malicious intent because she filed for divorce while he was in prison. He and that girl are not only trying to get more money but also want Phaedra to pay all his court fees as well, as, he claims, "She has more than money to cover his expenses and he's struggling"
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