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S15.E01: Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, Richard Ayoade and Kylie Minogue

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Russell Crowe may not have the greatest reputation but there is something about him that makes my knees weak.    

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I love Richard Ayoade. That was a pretty great episode, as usual.

One of the best things about this show is how it introduces someone like Richard Ayoade, to someone like me who doesn't know Brit TV stars.  I'm currently searching Netflix for anything Ayoade.

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I'm currently searching Netflix for anything Ayoade.

On Netflix you'll find the IT Crowd, which is great. Then you'll want to go to YouTube and look up Big Fat Quiz of the Year. He's in The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013, The Big Fat Quiz of the '00s, and The Big Fat Quiz of the '90s. Once you're finished with that, search YouTube for Was It Something I Said? He also hosted an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (s26e07).

I really love Richard Ayoade and I enjoyed watching him on this episode of Graham Norton. I also found Cameron Diaz very annoying, and I didn't like that she touched Richard's hair. It was awkward.

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Russell Crowe (and anyone else, Mark Whalberg especially) annoys me when they take over the red chair lever. It just ruins it for me. However, I thought it was so sweet to see how comfortable Crowe and Minogue were with each other the whole time. It almost made me like him, until he ruined it.

I usually like Cameron Diaz, but she came off as such a try hard. 

Ayoade was great as usual, if only a little held back by his shyness.

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Richard Ayoade is awesome!  I enjoyed him, but felt I didn't get enough of him.   


I mentioned in another post that I felt Russell Crowe was likeable when he was on with Amy Adams and Henry Cavill (hi, Henry, hi...) to promote Superman.  Clearly, it was a fluke.  I just genuinely disliked the way he portrays himself. 


Cameron Diaz did not help the matter.  What the heck was that conversation about pubic hair?!  You really want to talk about issues younger women have these days with their bodies, talk about the thigh gap or massive airbrushing.  I'm only intrigued by The Other Women because I like the idea of a story about women who become friends after figuring out they were all done wrong by Jamie Lannister; if it truly doesn't become about the women fighting over him, I like the concept.   It make make a good HBO movie while I'm folding laundry.


I did enjoy the weird wax museum segment.  Oy, some of those are terrible. 

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Looks like this season is finally airing up here in Canada.


Richard Ayoade is awesome!  I enjoyed him, but felt I didn't get enough of him.


I have no idea who this is, but I agree there wasn't enough time spent with him.  He did have some great one liners he got in periodically but it would have been nice to hear more from him.  


I don't follow Russell Crowe so have no idea how many/few talk shows he does, but he did say at one point that the red chair is the reason he does this show.  No surprise then that he takes over the lever.  I do like his voice and had no idea he is as old as he is until the clips were shown with himself and Kylie.


Speaking of Kylie, again, I know relatively little about her, but why was Russell making such a big deal out of some of the words she said?  I thought he was going to turn into a teenage boy when he talked about Kylie saying "orgasm".  It also seemed as if he wanted to cover her ears when Cameron starting her pubic hair discussion.  She's in the entertainment business - there's no way she is that innocent that she needs to be protected/coddled when these types of discussions come up.

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I just saw this episode on BBC-Canada.   I found the whole crew generally annoying, one of the two episodes I won't watch when it airs again.   The other being Chris Rock and Kristen Stewart and Whoever Else That Was.

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