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  1. Steve Lund from "Bitten" and numerous Hallmark movies. Always nice to see him on my screen. Wendy Crewson has too many credits to list, but it's nice to see a Canadian actor who has had a long and varied career.
  2. Just found this thread and am currently watching the second episode of this season. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Frankie's hair is odd and doesn't look right. I'm certainly no fashion expert, so can't comment on the fashion side of things, but her hair just looks out of place and like it's in the wrong era. I don't mind her being a "modern" woman and will admit I do like the fact she does her own thing especially when it comes to the men in her life.
  3. I finally agree with Nigel about something. The props are getting ridiculous and more and more dangerous. That feeling of "wow, we agree" only lasted until the next act. They go from rope to kitchen utensils and are praised for that instead of being called out on it. I too want more dancing and less "mucking about" as someone else on another show is fond of saying. I like Emma and Sasha, but wasn't fond of the cha cha they choreographed. Just another example of dances that are unrecognizable at times.
  4. Could this elimination been more obvious? So who will be thrown under the bus next week? As for tonight's episode, well, are the judges watching the same thing I am? The bobbles, the non-chemistry between some couples, and generally I thought the praise was over the top for the majority of the routines.
  5. I liked the second episode, but am still very disappointed we didn't get a follow up to the "big reveal". These were definitely out of order and that's not a good thing.
  6. This is horrible. How can they do this to us? This entire season has been a shit show with episodes out of order with no continuity whatsoever. Is it any wonder people stopped watching this show?
  7. My theory on this is she knew he was the devil deep down in her soul and wasn't surprised to see his actual face. Or, it's been implied she's "special" in some manner, so maybe she's been seeing things like this her entire life but not realizing it. Means it's not as shocking to her as it might be to someone else. Lucifer couldn't put her under his "what do you really want" thing, so maybe whatever saves her from that, saves her from the shock and awe of his actual face?
  8. Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I can live with this ending. From everything written, I thought the cliff hanger was going to be really shocking and piss everyone off. I can only speak for myself, but I'm not as disappointed with this as I figured I'd be. I just wish, as so many others have, that this ending would have happened sooner so we could see the fallout from it.
  9. So did I. I'm sad for Dan. I liked Charlotte and didn't have a problem with her. Wonder how they'll solve this one? Amenadiel's wings are gorgeous! Can he come and go at will or will he now be stuck in heaven? Will this mean that Lucifer will figure out how to produce his actual face again so he can show it to Chloe?
  10. Definitely a weird episode. Trixie at the bachelorette? How can she be in the same room as Maze? Why is Maze at Chloe's party knowing what she's done to Trixie? Chloe getting married in three weeks?! WTF? I understand why she wanted to marry him, but not the time frame or the lack of introduction to Trixie. It looks like the introductions happened off screen given that Trixie was comfortable enough with him to go back home with him. I'm glad they didn't draw out the "we're getting married" thing, but honestly, to have it all end so fast, why even go there in the first place? Fille
  11. I still watch this show live, but it's not going to stay the way for much longer. This is unbelievable! Chloe would never act like this. As Cheshire Cat has stated ""Chloe is possessed or under a spell or something?" Or maybe this is a lesson for Lucifer that Chloe does have free choice and would pick him on her own volition? Chloe needs to return to her normal behaviour. I really hope all of this gets resolved before the last episode. I like Tom Welling, but this is ridiculous!
  12. Does anyone know if this is the last episode of the season? I was starting to wonder if we were going to be introduced to another celestial being, but in the end, everything fell into place. The ending was as expected, but getting there wasn't as I thought it would be. I found Pierce's reaction to be out of character. Just how magical is Chloe?
  13. Finished and it was okay. Not nearly as good as seasons 2-5, and bringing back the boys was useless. I was really looking forward to seeing them in action again and listening to their banter. Very disappointed in the little amount of time they had on screen. I will admit I like that the women aren't delicate shrinking violets. With the odd exception, the ones that Damien liked to pick up randomly, the women on here have kicked ass or at the very least held their own. I'd be willing to bet it's as much fun, if not more, for the women to have these roles as it is for all the guys.
  14. Just finished episode one so who knows how the rest will go, but it feels like it's a remake with different actors. Instead of waiting 20 years to reboot, it's only been a few years. The Australian playing an American - check. The dialogue would have fit right in with the original. The guy picking up a random woman and having sex with her - check. No condom used - check. The boss who is a woman - check. So much identical but with different actors. I kept waiting for the two guys to morph into Sully and Philip. The action scenes reminded me of the original as well. They are well d
  15. She got new dresses for the Olympics. She went back to the original one for the short, but I didn't get a good look at the other one. If it's sparkly, then it's the new one for the long as well.
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